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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


As much as I love the taste of a good beer or cocktail, I must admit that the presentation of the drink is almost as important to me. I tend to shun plastic cups for drinks......unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. Even as a guest, I will request a glass and promise that if I should break it, I'll buy the hosts an entire new set. (I hardly ever break glasses.)

Look at this beautiful drink:

A pre-Prohibition classic, "The Last Word" served in a nice, weighty, hand-blown glass and garnished with sour cherries.

Would this 1920's favorite really be the same in a red plastic cup? Or consider this James Bond classic:

The Vesper Martini from "Casino Royale"  (also made here and served in an entirely different glass with lemon twist garnish,)

Can anyone imagine 007 sipping this from a Mason jar? No, presentation may not be everything but it is important. We have a wide array of glasses in our collection.....stemmed and unstemmed, from wide-mouthed to narrow, and from heavy glass to paper-thin crystal................and each has its purpose.  

The glass can define a drink. From a recent past post, you saw the little surprise 'treat' Rosa had left me one morning.  Considering the contents, you have to admit the oversized brandy snifter elevates the beverage to a new level.

A lot classier and more appealing than a specimen cup!

However, as extreme as this example might seem, sometimes 'presentation' can be taken even in this fantastic photo I stumbled across recently:

I am not a huge champagne fan......unless it's in a French 75........but this lovely lady has me rethinking that!  

I've sidled up to a lot of bar-tops in my day.......but this one has an appeal unlike any other! The others have usually been glass or brass............but this one is ass! No matter how fastidious the bar keep and no matter how delicious the drink......I have NEVER considered lapping up any spilled drops from a bar surface before.......but I'd make an exception here. 

It's all in the presentation


  1. Oh god, your lovely lady has a "Kim Kardashian" pose.
    You have a talent for presentation my friend.

    1. I try not to think of any Kardashians when admiring a woman for fear of quickly losing interest. ;-)

      Thanks for the compliment. I do try....and I think I do get it right more times than not. (I'm not sure how well received me trying that last pose would be though? Besides, I don't have enough butt to manage that shelf-like surface!)