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Friday, April 21, 2017

So, WTF?

Remember the old Bugs & Daffy cartoon where every time Daffy came onstage the audience went silent and crickets began chirping? Well, it might be a little too cold and early for crickets, but I could swear I can sort of hear them.

So what's up, gang? Other than Merry, it doesn't seem like anything posted has prompted much interest......and there's been a good variety of humor and personal anecdote. Granted there hasn't been much specifically on spanking......but doesn't a 100% focus on spanking alone get boring after a while?

And while there are serious elements to "Collected Submissions" my goal from the start has always been to deliver things wrapped in some humor and sarcasm so as to entertain while sharing information. But you know how  local stand-up comedians  always seem to perform in front of that perennial 'brick wall' backdrop? Well I feel like I'm performing from BEHIND the wall and I can't tell whether the audience is laughing, booing, or have all gone home. My daily 'hits' look decent when I track them through Blogger, so it seems like people are coming here. But 'sheesh' how about a little noise to let me know there's life out there?

Not only has the blog been desolate, but the new Tumblr "Caption Hell" (which only requires a click of a 'like' button to the short quips) has only attracted Merry and Ana! 

I know not everyone is going to find EVERYTHING funny......but something somewhere should prompt SOMEONE to snicker. So what's the deal? 


  1. Sorry, I have just been totally buried at work and barely keeping up with responding to anything on my own blog. And, it was pretty dead on mine too. Picked up a little bit this week, finally. I think a big part of the slow down really is Spring Break related. Funny how those things have a pretty big impact when aggregated across all potential viewers and commenters.

    1. You might be right. Rosa keeps telling me that forums and blogs are a dying interest...... rapidly being supplanted by Instagram, Twitter and other 'immediate gratification' outlets requiring far less thought and input than a written response to a longer article or post.

      But that's why I was baffled by the lack of 'likes' on the Tumblr. It seems even short snarky quips about kinky captions aren't scoring with anyone. But maybe the average kinky Tumblr aficionado is looking for images to jerk off to and not snicker at?

      A long time forum "At Her Feet" (which I even had linked here) is closed or in the process of closing due to lack of participation. And as you said....your own participation rate is down. And look at how dead ODDL has been!

      And I can't even be too harsh on the anonymous online community when my real life readers like Ana and Nickki haven't had time to comment.......even on posts about them! I can't tell you how disappointing THAT is!

      Maybe Rosa is right and in this short-attention-span society we have, blogs and forums are facing the same MySpace-like fate awaiting everything eventually?

    2. I finally gave up on ODDL, but it was kind of a self-inflicted wound on their part. When they started banning people left and right, it got below critical mass for any real discussion.

      Rosa could be right, though I don't have a way to judge, not being a twitter or Instagram user. I don't really have a desire too either. I recently dropped out of a DD Facebook group, primarily because Facebook kept dicking with me by asking for identify verification, which I won't do. But, instead of figuring out to fuck Facebook's process, I gave up because the rapid-fire Facebook exchanges just took too damn much time and attention.

      It may also be that there is just too much content out there for people to choose from, so it's not that blogs are passe but that they are a victim of their own popularity.

      It's also hard to hit the kinky sweet spot -- not edgy enough and it doesn't attract people. Too edgy and it offends as many people as it attracts.

      But, honestly, I really do think seasonality has a lot to do with it. I travel a lot for business, and the airports were insane the last few weeks. When people are traveling, dealing with kids, entertaining guests, blog traffic is bound to drop.

    3. All good points (as usual).

      I think ODDL might have gone too far in banning......but some definitely had to go or the place would be 'bully central'. Right now, it's the fact that the owners just had a kid coupled with the 'regulars' not participating as much as they used to that has kept it quiet.

      Your point on blend is well taken. When I started this blog I knew there were a already established places like yours for what I see as a kind of online support group for people genuinely practicing DD (with or without Mothers in Law).And there were TONS of "this is my life" blogs. So I intentionally made "Collected Submissions" something a bit different............a little anecdotal, but mostly trying to cull the internet and world at large for thoughts and issues to knock around.

      I knew from the start that I was targeting a subset of a subset.......I just didn't realize how small a subset that would end up being.

      However, if your seasonal theory is correct, a turnaround is on the horizon. In the meantime i'm just going to keep on keeping on, though I am not committed to daily posts anymore. Every couple of days or so is fine with me.

    4. On the subset of a subset issue, what you are experiencing is why I always keep an open mind about whether there really are that many F/m-oriented DD couples out there. Every once in a while someone on my blog speculates that there are lots of us out there but most of them are in the closet, but I have my doubts. At the very least, I don't see much evidence of it. I'm sure the number is substantial, but do I think it is even 1 in 10? Not remotely. 1 in a 100 couples? I really doubt it is anywhere close to that high. 1 in 1000? Maybe, though my guess that is still too high.

      Some subset of those spend significant time looking for DD-related content. Some subset of those will think your blog is appropriate in terms of edginess, etc. And some are just looking for spanking porn, so if yours isn't porno enough, they look once and don't come back Of those who are interested, some much smaller subset of those take the time to comment. It's also interesting to me that the number of commenters does not go up proportionally to the number of viewers. According to Google, I've had 1600 page views today. And, two commenters. A year ago with half that number of page views, I probably would have had -- two commenters.

    5. Wow, that is something I myself have been thinking about a lot lately. I truly wonder if even the most adventurous of people are willing to really pursue this lifestyle fully. Even WITH the opportunity. A lot of people seem to be confined to a self-imposed isolation from living their desires. And I just don't get why. You only live once.

      That commenting ratio is something you've mentioned before and I have seen evidence of it myself. It's an interesting phenomenon that defies logic but seems real nonetheless.

      As someone who enjoys a good conversation, debate, or even a friendly mock-fest, I am befuddled by the shrinking numbers of people who enjoy the same. But it is a reality. And like you, sometimes it's not just about hoping more people join in, but wondering where past, semi-frequent commenters disappeared to?

  2. It's easy for me to tell you to not be discouraged, I rarely get feedback on my blogs at all.


    1. Well, we always have each other.;-)

    2. Very true, and I enjoy your feedback, whether I agree or not.

  3. Hi gang .... I believe that things go in cycles and the amount of interest that any of us garner is directly related to the amount of time we spend interacting with each other, the anonymous ones out there and our dedicated readers. As such, when life begins to dictate the amount of time and attention you can actually put toward the effort of coming up with content and replying to everything else, it can seem like all of a sudden nobody likes us anymore.

    I appreciate those of you that are here and of course many others. I'll try to do better by engaging more!

    1. Hi, sub hub! Welcome to Collected Submissions!

      As with Dan, your points are well-taken as well. I can understand outside issues influencing participation, however, when you can see Blogger tracking a few hundred visitors in a day, you begin to feel like the party host who is swamped with guests who only came for the free food and drink. In my real life, guests who behave that way are rarely invited back. In my home and, to a lesser but still significant degree, here, I expect interaction in exchange for hospitality and conversational entertainment. Not every one of those many visitors are ALL to swamped with work to manage a comment here and there. I mean they are here because they have time to cruise the Internet after all, so they must have some time?

      Anyway, I hope you enjoy your visits here and please feel free to throw in your thoughts and feedback where applicable.

      (Say, BTW, how do you feel a mutual link? I have no problem adding you to my list since I do like your blog. Let me know.)

  4. I also do think that posting regularly encourages followers, but it may depend on the extent to which it is has a particular theme. For example, I know that on Saturday Hermione will ask a spanko question, but I also know on Friday she will have her Friday Fail posting, which is often pretty damn funny. So, she's likely to get a visit from me twice a week. I've thought about adding some mid-week posting to mine, but honestly I'm pretty tapped out on how much time I can spend on that one aspect of my life. If anything, I would be more likely to do some totally different blog that went in an entirely different direction. But, there is nothing else that I'm really interested in enough right now to do that. I have thought about doing something like ODDL, but the time and upkeep it would take to keep it up are more than I care to take on right now.

    1. One last one on this topic -- I also sometimes drop by but do not comment if I feel my version of the lifestyle isn't really compatible with the blogger's theme, and I don't want to detract. So, Hermione is again an example. Her masthead says upfront that she is into spanking, but of the fun, erotic kind. We don't do erotic spankings. So, almost every comment I might make is going to start with, "We don't do erotic and all my spankings are for discipline, but . . ." I think that is going to get really old over time and detract from the erotic-themed nature of her blog. So, I post in response to more generic questions, or when her topic is expressly related to discipline or punishment spankings. Otherwise I stop by, appreciate the discussion, but don't say anything.

    2. That makes sense and is far more considerate than what some commenters will do by responding to any topic with some non seXquitur about their own past adventures.....even if there is no correlation whatsoever with the topic. But then tend to think and behave rationally. ;-)

      And in that vein, I can see how some of my recent topics might not resonate with you. And I'm cool with that.

  5. I also get lots of visits but few comments at my blog.
    Hopefully visitors enjoy and share the stories and other material.
    It's a labour of love unfortunately.
    I do enjoy your blog , art and stories.
    My favorite stories are 'the arrangement' and ' schoolgirl'.Looking forward to reading more in the same vein.
    Love those spanking piggies also.
    Keep the faith!

    1. Thanks, "Glen". Keep visiting! I'll have to check your place out.

      (Would you like to do a mutual link? Let me know.)

    2. I already have a link to your site on my blog. Yes a mutual link would be great.

    3. Done! you are now linked here.

      (Oh, Glen.....I just went to check the link and see that you have me as "J.D. Pierre", it's "K.D.".Also would you mind linking the blog here as well as the art and story website? It might help traffic.) Thanks!

    4. Done.Let me know if the description is good.

    5. Perfect! Thanks! I'll be visiting!