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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


In my last post I explained the mishap on Ana's "666" Punishment Slip for me having yelled at her when I thought she was being snippy with me and she was merely asking me for clarification.

This is Ana's actual slip........(with our real names taken out and pen names added in.) which has been sitting in the open on our dresser for ages!

She was pretty was I...........except she didn't do anything wrong while I did. At the time, Rosa, who heard the whole thing, elected to stay out of it, but when I sought her input, she had to admit that she thought Ana was yelled at unfairly. When Ana delivered the slip, neither Rosa nor I had any objection to honoring it despite the hefty number of spanks.

Anyway, readers here know what happened, and didn't happen, next.....until Sunday. And now I will continue with "Part 2".

After I received the first installment, I followed the set of rules I share with Ana and texted her to formally apologize again. She accepted the apology saying all was forgiven. However, there were still 333 smacks to go. Ana and I then talked a bit about this particular punishment. Ana is a a woman of few words and very playful.....but she feels things deeply and that means getting hurt more easily than her tough exterior lets on. She is very like her mother in that regard. Anyway, I sort of confessed to Ana that the first half of the punishment had a humbling effect on me and made me think that perhaps she would like if the second half was a full-out punishment.....with nothing held back? She immediately agreed that she would.

It was agreed that I would inform Rosa via a group text that it was Ana's wish that Rosa deliver the second half of the punishment "good and hard with the heavy paddle". I later asked Ana what she thought the outcome of the text would be. Ana is quite aware that Rosa's mindset at any given moment determines a lot of what happens next. Ana's reply was characteristically accurate and funny, "If she's in a good mood then your butt won't be"

Rosa fully appreciated the request and did exactly what was suggested. She was far less playful than she usually is when about to spank, and after I was across her lap, she asked me if I had anything to say. I admitted that I was a little nervous about getting a serious and hard spanking....but that I fully understood why this one needed to be significant so as to set everything right between me and Ana and was willing to accept it. 

Once I had my say, Rosa started in and spanked me so that I was wriggling, ouching, and struggling almost the entire time. It was probably only the last 1/3 of the punishment where I just surrendered and laid across her lap taking each spank without too much fuss. Rosa FULLY appreciates the distinctions between fun and serious, and understands that some issues require stricter consequences. Even if it is not her own issue, she can place herself in a sympathetic mindset with a wronged party and punish accordingly. Consequently..... she did not go easy on me. The entire spanking hurt plenty from start to finish and could in no way be interpreted as 'fun'.

I was then let up, whereupon I thanked Rosa and went off to take a shower. Once in the bathroom I took a few shots on my phone since I wanted to illustrate today's post with proof of what transpired..........even if they are not of the greatest quality:

Hot, swollen, and sore!

A closer view.....though a little dark......but I didn't want to wash out the red with a flash.

I noticed afterwards that my butt matched my sunburned neck......from working in the garden! My butt felt a LOT worse though and is naturally still plenty tender today.

After I got dressed, Rosa had some things to do, so I just relaxed and decided to text Ana about what had happened and how her Mom had taken her request VERY SERIOUSLY. She sounded pleased and teased me a lot. She even insisted that the perfect apology would be taking her to Rita's for a treat. Naturally I quipped that if all she had wanted was Rita's Ice, she could have just written that on her Discipline Slip and left off the 666 spanks. Her exact reply was: "Nahhhh it's no fun like that!"

And when I joked that maybe Rita's was a great idea so we could both get I could sit on mine, she replied, "It wouldn't be cold enough for your hot bottom"

So as you can see, my Little Monster is a real joker. When Rosa found out Ana was getting a treat, she insisted on one for herself as well. And, given my delicate position with these you think I'm going to deny either of them ANYTHING?!?!

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  1. Your bottom has a lovely purplish pink tone. It's nice to know that Shilo isn't the only one who takes selfies of his bottom.

    1. Why thank you! (I think?...LOL). As for the selfie aspect....I don't do it every time.....but I thought this particular 'event' was significant enough to warrant immortalization......especially since I had intended to blog about it.

      And while I'm not in as good shape as I was in my 20's or 30's.....I don't think I'm too bad for 57 (from behind at least...LOL). Besides, I think an actual selfie lends credence to the posts here. Although I suppose a clever poser could fake those as well.

      I guess it doesn't matter. People will either believe what I say or dismiss it as butt, however, knows those sore patches were not Photo-shopped in. (ouch) And I know that they came from Rosa and not my own hand.

  2. Well this evidence does make me feel better! I'm just an innocent monster! I never mean any harm, you on the other hand are a DEVIL CHEEKY MONSTER!�� Wuahahaha but the wait was worth it for moi! Also Rita's was fun!

    1. The only thing innocent about YOU is your appearance.....even as you do the most devilish things!

      But like I said......THIS punishment was deserved, so I'm glad you are pleased with the "end results" (pun intended).