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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Added privacy

My other neighbors  (not Marta & Wally) have just finished putting up a privacy fence which nearly totally blocks any view into our yard. Living in a populated, suburban area has sometimes limited some of the backyard 'adventures' that Rosa and I would have liked to engage in........but never fully prevented all of them! 

Now, however, one huge hindrance seems to have been removed. Granted, we would still have to be careful. There are other angles of limited visibility here and there.......but these could be worked around with some effort and planning. As such, Rosa and I have already joked and speculated about what this new privacy might lead to on the non-vanilla spectrum. 

1: skinny-dipping will be much easier than it's been previously.....though we have engaged in it prior to this fence.

2: next year's "Naked Gardening Day" may take on a whole new dimension, and perhaps not be strictly limited to just one Saturday in May!

3: Keeping my "post-punishment chaps" on even when venturing outside is a new and strong possibility.

If any of you have any other ideas you'd like to suggest.......we are all ears!


  1. I really love my new place, but I do miss the pool and the privacy. Still, having less responsibility is nice, and curtains allow me to run around nakies most of the time.

    For you, I vote outdoor spankings just for fun.

    1. Every place is a trade-off of something for something else. It took me a while to get used to this place and there are ups and downs.

      As for those outdoor spankings? Hmmmm. Maybe with a switch? Sound carries and Rosa is not light-handed with our paddles! Naturally if something like this happens, readers here will soon find out.

  2. Oh lord, thank goodness you guys get chance to be as adventurous as you want! I'll be on the opposite locations from y'all those days ha

    1. As well you should be. You are an innocent and wholesome angel with no business partaking in such ribald tomfoolery 😂

      ( 👹..... I am surprised that you didn't add a crazy suggestion of your own!😜)