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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Caption Hell

I added some new posts to my Tumblr  "Caption Hell" (click name to visit) today. I have to admit having a Tumblr like this one helps me channel a lot of the annoyance that builds up in me after a morning of scouting blogs for images and ideas for posts. The thing that surprises me a bit is that the thing doesn't seem to resonate with anyone else. I would think someone somewhere would chuckle at one of the quips or comments and tap the like button? Oh, well, at least having it is free.......................and therapeutic for me.

I was also wondering in this day of cell phone surfing, how many of my daily visitors do so through a phone rather than a laptop? The reason I ask is that unless a visitor clicks "view web version" things like the links in my right margin, poll questions, or even the rules for posting comments............. don't appear. A visitor can only see those things in the web version. Maybe that explains some things ...............but who knows?


  1. I had been using my phone, but now that I'm set up for internet, I've answered your poll.

    1. Cool, thanks, Merry. I suspect the majority of visitors use a phone and consequently miss a lot that is located in side margins.

  2. I actually went to your tumblr, pretty entertaining, too bad I don't go to Tumblr as much as I did. LOVEE the profile pic.The laptop os definitely so much better than the phone. The phone can not send the comments through sometimes :/

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I try to make my annoyance at certain captions into something entertaining.....while getting the irritation out of my system.

      The profile clown looks like something from our Halloween decor.

      As for phones vs. laptops? It seems like there are several disparities between their capabilities.