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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Handing it over

It's been a couple of days since the 'Hard 333'............and my behind is still  noticeably discolored. (Sorry, no pictures this'll have to take my word for it). The actual spank-pain has subsided but there is this residual tenderness at times that definitely acts as a reminder of what transpired. Anyway, today's post is not about my marked bottom but about the act of being the one to 'fetch' and hand over the implement that will be used for a spanking.

An expression of consent and worry.............I know THAT feeling!

Strangely, while this topic is often discussed among practitioners of DD, it is a VERY under-represented scene in spanking imagery......whether photographed or drawn. I managed to find a few......even though a couple are depictions of impending juvenile correction (Sorry to those who don't like those.....but it is what it is.) I have a old drawing of an older boy handing a hairbrush to an older woman who could be an aunt or mother......but I never finished it. Perhaps this will be my incentive to revisit it and clean it up for presentation here?

An odd 'juvenile scene' strangely drawn.....but still capturing that moment of reluctant acceptance.

I'm not sure about you and your situation, but personally I can only recall one set of circumstances where Rosa does not have me bring her the implement of correction......or at least put it out in a handy spot........and that is when she has decided to punish me before she leaves for work. Other than that, I routinely ask which implement she wants and then retrieve it and either hand it to her directly or place it next to her within reach, before crawling across her lap.

The only difference between me and her (besides age & gender, LOL) is that I am usually naked at the moment of 'handing it over'.

While one could easily dismiss this practice as merely polite or utilitarian, it is far more nuanced than that! Bringing the instrument of one's own correction and handing it to the person who is about to use it, implies a acceptance of the upcoming chastisement and signals consent in a way that merely bending over cannot. And then there is the embarrassment:

Despite the youthfulness of the subjects (and the odd 'composite-photo-re-touch' aesthetic), there is something oddly charming about this image for me that would be lost if not for the girl fetching the paddle herself.

Just like the young lady above, there is an undeniable  embarrassment about PROVIDING one's disciplinarian with the precise tool they want to redden one's bottom! As you pick the thing up, you KNOW what the implement is capable it will it has felt in the past. You can appreciate a paddle's sturdiness, a switch's whippiness, or the flexible avoirdupois of a strap or tawse, just by holding it.

In the case of the 'switch', it is not uncommon for the miscreant to have to find, cut, clean, and present their own arsenal of switch branches:

I've been in this situation as well...........though not recently. Maybe this is something to suggest to Rosa??????

I have had to do this in the past, and it takes all of those nuances of 'handing it over' and amplifies them. Not only are you providing the instrument(s) of correction, but selecting and preparing them for use. When selecting, you KNOW you can't just pick some wispy twig and think that will suffice. A confident disciplinarian who sends their victim out to the woods, is NOT expecting them to return with inadequate branches! find yourself hunting for the ones that will be the best for the task at hand, knowing that task is to inflict a corrective dose of sting to one's own rear. You search out trees (often birch) with young, straight 'suckers' shooting out from their base, knowing they will hurt and not easily break.  It is a humbling process.

(If anyone here has access to better examples of "handing it over'.....especially if the images are FLR/Femdom in nature, please send them to me! I will save them and use them for a follow-up at some point, if I get enough. Thanks!)


  1. I have several photos that sort of deal with the topic but you'd hate them. They're captioned. :-) But, you're right. For something that is very prevalent, it doesn't seem to get depicted very often in spanking drawings and photos.

    I do not get asked to bring an implement, though that may start happening soon. As things stand, it is my responsibility to bring the suitcase in which all the implements are kept to the place where I am spanked. She then chooses whatever she wants as she goes along.

    But, this theme does carry some powerful memories for me. When I was a fairly young kid, I had a friend whose father owned a clothing store. He was a very strict father. When he decided one of his kids needed to get spanked, he would make them go into the store and choose the belt with which they were going to get spanked from the rack of belts that were for sale. They would have to choose the belt, walk back and bring it to him in a back room of the store and whip them with it. Then return it to the rack. We all thought it was terrifying and that he was a total dick. But, I still remember it close to 40 years later.

    1. Your opening statement had me laughing! However, I feel the need to point out that I don't hate ALL captions.....just the stupid ones. Which, admittedly, comprise a pretty fair percentage. ;-)

      I think the thoughts in bringing the suitcase are probably very similar and maybe even the same as handing over a single implement. The main point; providing the instrument(s) of your own correction, is still there. So I think you are having the same experience if the the exact same activity.

      As for that strict father's policy? It seems too thought out for it not to be intentionally cruel. But what I want to know is: afterwards, did he sell the chosen belt as 'used'? I keep thinking that the kid would be walking down the street one day and recognize the belt on someone. (Hey know where that belt's been?) Or grow up with a phobia about Dept. Store belt racks?

    2. I'm not sure the suitcase has the same effect. Hauling a whole suitcase from one room to another seems more like a functional exercise. Bringing the precise tool she is going to use to blister your bottom seems more intimidating and ritualistic somehow.

      I agree that his behavior showed some intentional cruelty. As I said, we all thought he was a dick.

    3. OK, I see your point on the suitcase. A lot of our perceptions are personal. Maybe you can suggest the 'handing over' idea?

  2. While I normally favor moderation in most aspects of life, "implement retrieval" is where I believe in utilizing one of two extremes (which are exclusive to one another):

    1) The Spankee must retrieve the implement, give it to the spanker while looking him/her in the eye, kiss the implement after its use, and return the implement to its proper place afterwards.

    2) Spankee is not allowed to touch the implement, which is a spankable offense itself. The only "contact" with the implement should be between the 'business end' of the implement and the bare bottom of the spankee.

    What do you think - 1 or 2?

    Carl H

    1. I can see the power of both options and l think the appeal for me would be in whichever one the disciplinarian favors.
      Out of curiosity.....which option do you use?