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Friday, May 26, 2017

Reversals again!

I recently visited JP's site again and found some cute reversal art.....and realized I was in error when I first posted information here (Public Display) and assumed the artist was female. The artist is not a woman and his name is Jean-Philippe Cors (website here).

Here are a few nice reversals I discovered within the large body of mostly F/f work:

Being led upstairs by, I believe a younger sibling.

A nice "after" pose with all the contrasts on display!

Another with a slightly different expression on the younger, smaller disciplinarian.

This may be a reversal.....or very age-similar peers. Love the smug expression on the seated reader.

And whether intended as a reversal or not.....I just love this one!


  1. With marriage today or just dating, this must be happening.

    1. Oh I am sure! Rosa is much younger than me.

      (PS, please attach a fake name next time so we know who you are)

  2. love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you, Explorer! They are kind of neat.