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Monday, May 8, 2017

Spanking Sunday

Following the fun of Naked Gardening Day, Sunday took on a different personality: that of the perennially chastised 'husband'. In total, I was spanked 3 times with the prospect of a fourth that did not happen due to Rosa falling asleep.....but who knows? There's no 'statute of limitations' on spankings here!

A familiar position.

The day started with a morning spanking that was crisp and decisive, though not harsh. It was given because I had reacted in my typical OCD way on Saturday when Rosa was hungry and wanted lunch right in the middle of some errands we were running. I did feed her, but not after making her feel bad for having asked. Anyway, she took care of that pretty emphatically and I ended up feeling contrite and compliant.  I then made her breakfast and the day started well enough.. but not before another spanking with more of a "set the tone" intention. This one was a little more playful and resulted in some fooling around and an O for Rosa.

Unfortunately that lovely 'tone' disappeared not too long after we started our day and began to clean up a boat we are donating. It was a messy, unpleasant job made worse by things going wrong and chilly, intermittent drizzle. We both ended up cranky and snapping at each other......unfortunately I snapped more frequently and have more substantial consequences for doing so. Hence, spanking #3!

So today I'm a bit tender again,  but really can't complain since everything I got made sense. And on another note, there was a big part of me that appreciated getting spanked for things ROSA HERSELF wanted to spank me for. Every major punishment I've received recently has come at the recommendation of Ana or from Marta & Nickki. It had actually been a while since Rosa decreed her own punishment.....and maybe that backlog is why I ended up getting three in one day? Or maybe I'm just a naughty boy?


  1. There are a few times going to church is not what I wish to do, especially if prior to my wife has given me a spanking. She always wait until she calms down, those few times where it is not until Sunday morning, that I dread the most. I must stand naked in the kitchen, she scolds me like a child. When the spanking is finally given, I'm a mess and dance around the room. To insure I remember the spanking, she gives me a bath as I squirm in the tub. At church those hard seats do not help matters and after services I hear my wife explain why I was squirming as if they did not know. We always invite her mother over for Sunday dinner, a widow, she hears about the spanking first and then other happenings. That evening I must get in my pajamas early, we watch some TV and then I'm taken to bed early and she pulls down my pajamas bottom and I get another spanking to insure I better behave. Stan

    1. See, Stan? MORE proof that church is not good for people! Rosa and I are both atheists, so hard church pews are not something I have to worry about. I think you should consider giving it up as well. It might make you feel better on those punishment days at the very least.