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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Stupid Kathy

There are many worlds within our world, the art world, the world of politics, religion, the world of comedy, and countless more. In the "comedy world" there are only two laws: Thou shalt be funny. & Know thy audience. Posing with a bloody head can be funny if done right. (I think maybe if Griffin did a shot with the head in her bed spoofing the 'horse head scene' in the Godfather, it might have gotten a chuckle.) But instead, Kathy forgot who she was ( a semi-lame, mainstream comedian ) and decided to make a political/art statement. 

A stark statement, but not funny.

She also forgot her audience and as such, made herself a mess. And then? She apologized for it. 

Oh Kathy, Kathy, Kathy. An artist doesn't apologize. Even a comedian doesn't apologize. If you didn't get a laugh, you learn and move on, and if you do get a Stephen Colbert's 'cock-holster' don't have to just go on being funny.

And Kathy, think of the person you were denigrating. Does he apologize? For anything? EVER?? No, my dear, you fucked up and then compounded it by apologizing. You should have just sucked it up. Said that you were NOT making a comic commentary, but a dark, political one.....and that you stand by it. You would still have lost the New Year's gig, but let's face was pretty lame-ass shit. I was at a party and it was on the TV and I wanted to shoot myself. So consider yourself lucky to be free of it. And apologizing didn't get it back for you anyway.

But no, you apologized for offending a person who is destroying the country and who has the nerve to feign outrage at your photo. His kids were disturbed? At least his kids will have healthcare and good meals going forward, while he will take that away from millions of others. But that's OK. That's not nearly as bad as a photo with fake blood and a dummy head. THAT should have been your response, not "I'm sorry, I went too far." Apologizing wasn't going to win back the people you offended, but doing so only made you look desperate and weak to those who might have appreciated the sentiment behind your photo. (Edited to add a link to a Bill Maher rant that Dan brought to my attention, that mirrors what I've said here. click for video Thanks, Dan!)

So in conclusion, Kathy, going forward decide which world you want to be in....the comedic one or the art one. In the art world you can make the "Piss Christ" (see link) and not only get away with it but be famous for it, (even though you won't be invited to host an award show or whatever). But in the comedy world you'd better know your audience.....and be funny. Right now the only thing funny about the decapitation photo is Trump and Melania's public reaction to it. (Really, Melania? Like you don't wish it was YOU  holding that head......for real?)


  1. She was a "D" list celebrity at best

    1. If she did this boldly and defiantly......and NOT as comedy (since it's not funny) and turned it into a metaphor for political could have elevated her status. And yes, she still would have lost her lame gigs......but that is the price of art. AND she would not had to apologize for it. (Oh and I'm well aware that "Mary P = Merry". ;-) )

  2. I would note, I think Colbert apologized too. But, he did so because his comment set off a storm in the LGBT community. Bill Maher had this segment a few weeks ago entitled "Stop Apologizing" that I think sums it up well. Let's ALL stop with the fake outrage and phony hysterics.

    1. I don't see all of Maher's stuff, and I definitely missed that one.....but it was so good I may link it in a follow-up. Thanks.

      I saw Colbert's response.....which falls in the category of the "non-apology/apology" and merely stated that he might have chosen a better term than "cock-holster". I saw the routine and watched the term result in the audience roaring with I think he need not be too concerned. And I am ENORMOUSLY suspicious that the supposed 'slight' to LGBT-folk was anything more than an excuse for right-wing, Trump-supporting, and likely LGBT-hating critics to attack Colbert on something. I have more LGBT friends than Madonna (LOL, well maybe not that many) and in case anyone isn't aware, LGBT people are like anyone else and joke about things that would make 'cock-holster' sound tame. Colbert was not attacking Gays. He was attacking Trump. And if Putin was a woman, he'd just as likely have said, 'carpet-cleaner'.

      I agree about the fake outrage. TIME FOR SOME GENUINE OUTRAGE!