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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Modern Art & More

Well it's been a busy few days with more coming up. But a few things occurred worth mentioning, so here's a brief breakdown of the more noteworthy developments.

We took things a bit more easily this weekend and avoided any major entertaining. This led to Rosa and I having a sort of extended opportunity to indulge our lifestyle leanings that began on Friday night with a non-play punishment and a follow-up punishment on Saturday morning. 

However, once the punishment was over, things took a decidedly more playful turn even while remaining very rooted in our respective roles. Rosa demanded an O for herself and got it, while we discussed the relative benefits or pitfalls of extending my denial period a bit longer. Going back, the frequency of my permitted releases was sparse.....usually one per month, sometimes one after two weeks, and sometimes two months or more. In these instances the denial served to keep me in a very humbled and dedicated frame of mind.

But when we went through "The Great Stress" we found that going too long without an O for me, just made me very depressed and irritable. Since the idea behind our chastity is primarily control rather than strict denial, We fell into a pattern of O's for me every one to two weeks.....and rarely any longer.

Now that the stress period is over, I am finding I can handle longer periods again, and that's what we discussed. As a result, my chaste period is going to be longer than it has been in recent days......and I'm fine with that, even being the one to assure Rosa that doing so should be beneficial for us both. She likes keeping me denied......but she also wants me to be in a healthy frame of mind as well. Anyway, no O for me this weekend with the prospect of one anytime soon being unlikely. I did get a prolonged tease though which was sweet torture!

Rosa also delivered ALL 618 smacks of Ana's "Father's Day Slip" on Saturday, in two installments. For a playful penalty, Rosa was unusually harsh in its administration. While she did elect to use our somewhat lighter paddle, the spanks themselves were very forceful. (When I asked her about that later, Rosa admitted to using my bottom as an outlet for some internal frustrations she was channeling.)

On Sunday we had a bit more privacy than usual, and Rosa instructed me to wear my chaps for a good part of the day, both inside and out in the backyard, since she observed, "I'm sure your bottom is still nice and red from yesterday." (And she was right)

I also texted my Little Monster a few times to let her know that I had gotten her 618 and how hard they were, which amused her. And when she did come home from her outing, she made a devilishly left-handed compliment about the necklace I was wearing which features a stylized hematite padlock charm. She said she really liked it and that "it suits you". A petite devil, that Ana!

Sunday evening Marta and Wally invited us for dinner to celebrate Marta's official retirement. That too was a great time.

Then, yesterday Ana & I had a "step" Father/Daughter Day and went to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. A familiar haunt for me, but something new for her. I felt like her private art professor as I explained one thing after another, and we had another great time.

This was Ana's favorite piece, and I can't say I blame her even though there were many more there to my liking as well.

The trip in also gave us ample opportunity to discuss a myriad of topics.............of course including some lifestyle issues. One thing we discussed was her comment/reply to Merry about me possibly misbehaving intentionally. It was a good talk.

My son dropped by for dinner as well, and gave me my Father's Day gift which had just recently arrived: a Mezco DAREDEVIL!

worth the wait!


All-in-all, a good couple of days...........even if I am a tender-bottomed and sexually frustrated mushball!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Devious Woman (conclusion)

(Part 2)

In the end, (no pun intended) there were three very breathless people in that room when the spanking was finally over, but the most affected was poor Donald, and poor Donald would come back for more.

As the memory of Donald’s big, angry, red, posterior was quickly replaced by Ronald’s bedside activity, Alberta felt fueled. (Thanks Grandmother). He was so enthralled in his wickedness he didn’t realize the door was not completely closed. There he was, the handsome, little, stinker naked, except for a pair of worn, skimpy white briefs, sitting there and feverishly stroking himself.  Judging by his breathing and the tumescence of his organ he was close.  It was time to act!

Governess, Alberta Bennington flung the door inward and boldly stepped into the room.  Ronald cried out in surprise, a real white, hot, surprise, the magazine fell to the floor, hands fled to cover his lap.

“Well now, How naughty! Stand up! Just look at you!  And What do you think you're doing?

“No! Wait, I didn’t know it was there, no please I didn’t mean to do it, I’m so embarrassed, Please Miss Benny!”

She cut him off, with a wave of her hand.  Now she was standing closer, near the foot of his bed, hands on hips looking deliberately at the erection he was trying to cover up.

My Goodness!  Look at what you’ve done to yourself.  And you are old enough to know better, or are you?  Acting like a bad, little boy, a naughty, wicked boy! Yes, I think I should deal with you!”

Ronald wasn’t sure what she meant, in fact he had no idea what she was about to do. He stood, quickly working his erection back into his briefs as best he could, but his damn, penis would not cooperate. With new boldness at this intrusion of his private time he was going to tell Benny that he was not a kid anymore and she had no right coming into his room like this, but before he could make his big boy speech she grabbed him by the ear.  He yelled a quick expletive as he was pulled towards her.  Swiftly and smoothly she guided him painfully to where she sat in a chair by the foot of the bed. Benny brought him to her right side.

“Yes I really think, I’m going to teach you something new boy!  I’ll show you what happens to boys with big, naughty bottoms!”

With guidance from his ear she handily she turned him over her lap, while at the same time grabbing waist band of his briefs and jamming them up giving him quite the nuclear wedge.

Not only were his Amazon butt cheeks effectively bared, but his jewel pouch was tucked up tight. Now his good sized erection was pressed against his belly with the big glands proudly sticking out over the top of the waistband. Then over he went!

With his hands on the carpet, his ass high in the air and feet off the ground by inches she had him where she wanted him. She was aware of his erection, pressed against her thigh.  “Good going Alberta!”  She told herself.  She gloated over the tightly tucked fabric insinuated deeply between those insane posterior cheeks.  She held the moment feeling the victory, and the rush of control as it washed over her.

Suddenly, the memory of her Grandmother’s expression came back to her.  Was it haughtiness?  Or was it arrogance?  Or, maybe Grandmother was feeling that delicious rush of control as well, and how could she not.  Apparently she was able to contain beneath her authoritarian mask the thrills that raged within her.  Abruptly she snapped to the present as her own pupil fidgeted on her lap.

He was full of questions, and pleadings. Was this unknown territory?  Is it possible that he was never, ever spanked?  How could he be so clueless?  His entreaties whined out like some kind of song as he tried to look back and establish eye contact with his governess.

Miss Benny smirked.  Gently, she worked more of his underwear up higher, wedging it deeper into the divide between those two meaty, protruding posterior cheeks, she finally had him and his devilish and divine posterior up in the air, defying gravity, defying her.

“Poor Ronald, you have so much to learn.”

Now she began spanking him and as the slaps made contact she said again.

Oh, this was good.  She felt his entire weight on her lap.  This narrow, perch she established displayed his fundament, and kept him and his beloved posterior in the perfect place of lewd display and accurate reception.  She slapped!  Oh did she slap, with a brisk cadence, unbroken, purposeful, and perfect in rhythm with an amazing staccato quality.  Ronald’s posterior quaked with each sharp report. And as the drama got up to speed, his entreaties had real panic in them.  There was no defiance; there was no anger or outrage on his part, but a wide eyed amazement of being so completely, helpless.

“You’ve brought this on your self young man.  So sunk in error!  You must understand that I mean you only good!”

It was then that our righteous governess began to employ the bouncing; that delicious, little movement that really began his first lesson in yin and yang.  As with Donald it tickled, it lightly rubbed.  Poor boys, their equipment is so obvious, what can they do about it. What can they do about that one little spot behind their glands that seems to put them in a state no matter what is happening to their bottom?  Grandmother’s duplicity was genius. As with Donald and now with Ronald, that little, hot, spot was held captive against the thigh, unable to be removed from the slight, rhythmic attention it was receiving.  At the same time, major commotion was occurring across that big ass.  As she continued the purposeful cadence, he was looking back at her with big, blue, eyes.

Now possibly more skilled than her Grandma she reveled in the pleasure she took from Ronald, and the new pleasures and sensations she was inflicting.  Just like her Grandmother, no wonder Donald came back for more.

Now, her boy was whimpering, not from extreme pain, but from the battle of sensations, and she knew it, she authored it, and was carrying it out perfectly, and like Donald his sounds were a sweet symphony of helpless amazement, For Ronald this was a reaction to a place he’d never been before.  He clenched and unclenched his amazing ass and his perfectly formed legs were held wide, he could not escape the precise cascade of slaps nor that crazy building pleasure against his penis.  She felt the dampness soaking through his briefs and his erection felt like hot steel against the apex of her thigh.

Grunts and gasps replaced the words in his mouth and his fingers dug into the carpet.  Ronald rolled his posterior up and out as best he could.  It was clear now that the overheated lad had a different relationship to those slaps.  He wasn’t the only one feeling that building of sexual tension.  Benny was breathing in an excited manner, yet still contained. And like Grandma, the bouncing served her as well as it served Ronald, proving the adage that less is more.  She was getting close to exploding herself, but she must maintain.

Ronald had much more urgency to his noise, his need was apparent and she was afraid that she would arrive before him.  Oh, it all felt so good to her, but this devilish boy, this wicked boy and his bottom that she could just eat up, she had to keep slapping, she had to keep control.

With breathless moans and gasps his legs opened to their widest and locked in place.  His toes pointed downward and the muscles in his legs shown in tensed relief.

“Naughty, wicked Boy!”  Stated almost as hiss

Poor Ronald.  Some time earlier he was simply trying to get off in private, now what the hell was happening?  He’d never been spanked before.  It stung, for sure, and it humiliated him.  But slowly it changed, having Miss Benny see him like this seemed good, and then the heat, the tingling and the tickling.  That tickling grew stronger and deeper, and the slaps from Benny encouraged him, coaxed him to a final point.

Benny was feeling that deep, strong tickling in her parts, it was going to be a hard come.
She took in the sight of he arched, proffered posterior, that big, red, bouncing, male, posterior, and hot pleasure rolled between her legs and burst into her brain.  At the same time Ronald began to gasp and yelp and she felt that hot poker buck and spasm violently against her thigh.  Yes that surface that provided such minimal movement was now harvesting a violent reaction.  Clenching with each spasm it seemed his anus would suck his briefs up inside.   A hard, deep, white, hot orgasm exploded in the boys head.  Sensations to a depth of degree and intensity he had not experienced before. As she breathed hard and tried to recover she spanked the last remnants of the nuclear orgasm out of him.  Feeling the hot wet on her lap, she realized how copious was  his climax.  For now, this ride was over.  He relaxed, his legs still parted open.

She did herself and Grandmother proud.  His posterior cheeks were a deep, even, angry red.  Now she traced her fingers down the cotton edges into the valley, then going further below, letting them peek inside providing light, feathery touches to his tight balls, her index finger exploring with skill.

“So, Young, Man.  If ever I catch you doing this again.  We’ll do this all over.  And next time, the briefs come off. Understand?

Meanwhile her finger continued its journey around his drawn up nuts, under them, then following upwards feeling the still swollen state of his perineum.
Sometime this week, he had to get the newest issue of Playboy.

------------------------------------------the end---------------------------------------

Thanks again, Franco! I hope everyone enjoyed your efforts!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Story from FRANCO

Recently the illustrator, Franco, visited the blog and subsequently communicated with me via e-mail regarding a story he had written revolving around his trademark theme of older women disciplining younger men. I told him that when he was happy with the piece I would post it here for its debut. In the next few posts I will be posting installments of the story (since it seems "Blogger" doesn't like long posts). So without further ado, here is "Part 1" of Franco's "A Devious Woman" accompanied by an illustration he created for the piece:

This story is total fiction, occurring between those of adult age, regardless of skill sets. The intention is to share and explore another venue that can occur within the confines of the act called spanking.  It also makes the case that people are people and that women can possess similar twists and turns in sexual fetishes as me.

A Devious Woman

Alberta Bennington watched through the crack in the bedroom door.  She watched intently, delighted, as her plan came to life right in front of her. In a few minutes she would act.  Like an actor waiting in the wings for her cue, she would enter and then enact her scene, and what a scene it would be.

Who was she watching?  Spinster Governess, Alberta Bennington, a seasoned matron, firmly in her sixties was fixated on Ronald Romero her current charge.  Alberta was hired shortly after Ronald’s father passed away a few years ago.  Since then it was her self, Ronald, and the young, widow Romero in the big, house.  Mrs. Romero was involved in running her husbands successful software business as well as being quite a social gadabout.  This was another long weekend out of town leaving Ronald at home with Miss “Benny” as Ronald referred to her. Governess Bennington was not one to kid with as “Benny” was all business, the consummate, professional, governess, with a dominant personality determined to keep Ronald on the straight and narrow.  “Benny” was a formidable woman.  Tall, yet firmly built she was quite capable of taking care of things, and keeping them in order.  However if young, Mrs. Romero realized the inner workings of her trusted governess, if she had any inkling of this older, woman’s most secret desires and motivations, would she dismiss her?  Or, did Mrs. Romero value her freedom to live as a single, professional woman leaving her son in the hands of her competent Governess without any quandary or concern?  We’ll never know, but for now she was completely fine with leaving all of Ronald’s care with Governess Alberta Bennington. 

At Eighteen years, Ronald was more of a fourteen year old emotionally.  While he has the good looks of both parents, he more favored his father’s Latin side. Despite his five feet, eight inch frame, he possessed the athletic, muscular build of a jock. His big blue eyes were a remarkable compliment to his black hair.  But the most noticeable feature on Ronald was his posterior.  It was, truly amazing, fitting descriptions such as; big, yet solid, muscular and yet dimpled, even somewhat chiseled, and boy did it protrude.  It was such a prodigious posterior that it presented a challenge to find pants that fit the contrast of his small waist and ample ass. This was a great fascination to the old governess, but this wasn’t the first time and young man had haunted her.  “Benny” has been mesmerized by male bottoms all of her life and this kid’s bottom was no exception. who would ever imagine a mature woman having such a thing for young, men’s bottoms? Poor, innocent and inexperienced Ronald was the perfect, blank, palette for her to paint a masterpiece. 

For quite sometime “Benny” saw evidence that the boy was masturbating, usually up in his room when he got home after school.  So she spied.  The very act of spying, being the voyeur in secret was very exciting for her.  It always was. There was a time when Miss Benny,  was quite young, and learned much from watching, undetected in secret.  Her Grandmother’s voice came back to her:
“Most men are boys.  Boys are always naughty. No matter how young or old, they need their bottoms warmed”.

 She agreed with Grandma.  Surely such undesirable behavior warranted punishment. Yes sir, she would show him what being keyed up was all about.  This beautiful, yet filthy young man needed a good lesson, possibly many lessons to correct his errant habit.  Now, to set the stage, an intervention of sorts, for the sake of duty, you understand. 

Miss Benny placed a playboy in a short stack of sports and car magazines.  She told him that they were found in the garage and that unless he wanted to read them she would throw them out.  When he gladly took them to read, she anticipated step two.  Now to wait for the opportunity and she didn’t have to wait long.  The very next afternoon, after coming home from school, he did discover the playboy and it became very special to him. 

Alberta Bennington crept up the stairs, and found that his door was not completely closed; she was able to see through the door opening, and see him clearly abusing himself.  He still had on his white briefs.  It appeared that he just pulled his organs out of the side and was going at it.  Alberta was impressed by what filled his hand.  It was a big soldier with a very large and impressive helmet.  While he pumped himself in usual fashion with one hand, the other held the magazine, he worked with small gasps.  She watched the sight transfixed and at the same time her mind went back to her Grandmother, Forsythia Bennington, and the large sunny, bedroom with the big closet.

(Time travel music, blurry vision)

Young Alberta, just into puberty was in a very cool place, which soon became a favorite and secure vantage point. Here, she learned, and was taught, by example, the pleasures and skills of her Grandmother.  She knew what was going to happen and she was waiting, sitting on the floor in the dark of Gran’s large closet grateful for that slight opening in the door.  Her heart pounded as Granny came in, a large woman, yet neat, precise, with erect posture.  Grandmother had always extended her self to Alberta warmly, but who was always warning her as to the folly of men, and how they are nothing but naughty, little boys who needed a good spanking.  Even the word, spanking, tickled Alberta inside.

As Granny seated her self primly near the closet, she spread the white hand towel across her generous lap.  There was a knock on the door.  Alberta’s heart pounded harder as Donald came in wearing shorts, red high top sneakers and a sweat soaked wife beater.  Donald was the young man who cut the lawns, tilled Grandma’s garden and even painted the shed, Grandma’s Handyman.  He was a big boy, to Alberta, as he was in his first year at university, yet here he was, for all his masculinity and muscle, acting sheepish and demure.  Alberta had heard these sessions before, and enjoyed listening outside the bedroom door, now she was going to get a catbird seat to the action.

Grandmother lectured sternly wagging a finger at him, his head hung down.  Alberta couldn’t recall any wrong doing that occurred during the day, but, Gran talked as though there was a big sin committed.  Taking his hand the old woman pulled him towards her. Now, Alberta had a clear view of him from the back, head to toe.  He was a beautiful, young man, so handsome and well built and she saw how he filled out the seat of his shorts.  Oh Gosh!  Grandmother brashly  pulled them down, his white, briefs too! His bare, posterior seem to blossom out of its clothed confinement.

As He stepped out of his clothes Gran directed him.
“Stand there!  Hands at your side, Donald!”
Donald obeyed, but standing at more of an angle than before.  Alberta gasped as she saw his privates saluting Grandmother.  The big organ stood straight out in front of the young man, the big head looked near bursting and it throbbed as if pointing to it’s tormentor, pointing and bouncing as if in great, male, defiance!.

She took him by the arm.  “Come here boy!”

Donald stepped forward and then went down, as he was guided over the woman’s lap. Alberta will remember that sight forever.  Without any entanglement of pants or briefs, he took a wide stance and then went over as Grandma guided him.  Soon his ass was higher than his head.  Poor Donald was riding his erection as it rode over the crest of Grandmother, Forsythia’s knee.

Oh Mrs. Bennington!  Oh! Oh, My God!” Donald’s exclamation sounded horse. 

Grandmother adjusted him a little more forward and his red high tops left the ground.  Alberta noted the angle, and the method of attaining it.  She saw how Donald was not just laying over her lap, but up and over that knee. His big round, posterior was up in the air, displayed, splayed and presented.  To Alberta it looked delicious. His entire body was fully supported over Grandmother’s generous lap, with his thighs, those beautiful thighs with their light sprinkling of brown hair spread wide as if to deliberately give Alberta a show.  She saw his most secret places now on display totally breathtaking.

Alberta was fortunate to watch that spanking that day.  In fact she was privy to witness a few more from her secret vantage point.  Sometimes she wondered if Grandmother knew she was in there watching, as the point of view she always had seemed consistently available to her.  Grandma always slapped briskly and brightly with a sharp deliberate manner, stinging up the young man.  His responses and dulcet baritone bouncing off her chiding lectures was a symphony that was as fascinating as the action. The clear line of site to be able to look up between such wide spread twitching thighs and, then crowned by those big boy cheeks was too much for her to handle.  Alberta’s hands went down to a wonderful, secret, place.

Grandma liked to bounce Donald.  It was a little movement, but it was important, she bounced the boy up and down like one would bounce a baby on the lap. He had vocal reactions to both the slaps and the intended method of frottage. As Alberta watched she fingered her self.  She didn’t realize that she wasn’t the only one in the room masturbating.  Grandma was busy masturbating Donald as she spanked him, and the old lady was pleasuring her self as well.  While the defined behavior would be classified as a spanking, Grandmother’s unique and added features were of a great and pleasurable irritation to the lad’s over-sized, and over-excited glands. 

(to be continued)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Keeping it simple

Well, what a whirlwind! Father's Day ended up being a 2-day long party, and immediately after, a combination of projects and household calamities sucked up all of my time and energy.  However, if I looked for a cohesive lesson or theme to the last few days, it would have to be: sometimes the simplest things are best.

Not only did we benefit from minimizing our hosting efforts and just focusing on a few, select treats, but when confronted with the most elusive, and stubborn drain clog I've ever encountered, I also discovered that you don't always need a fancy weapon to get the job done. Sometimes all you need is a club!

I recently purchased this very economical two-ball flail on E-bay. It was 'OK' in its original state, but I bought it with the idea of doing some tweaking.

Here's what became of that initial purchase: TWO single flails, both upgraded with better chain, and fancier handles. THIS was my other project I had been working on.

Flails are a version of a simple agricultural tool that made their way into the Medieval arsenal. They may not be as fancy as a multi-folded sword, but they got the job done, perhaps not elegantly........but efficiently.

So when I went to Home Depot today to find something to upgrade a very old motorized drain router that wasn't getting at my vicious clog, I expected to drop a couple hundred bucks. But when I saw a particular item and considered the problem I was having with that demon clog, I decided to go with simple brute force. Instead of a fancy new mechanized drain snake of medium diameter, I bought a hefty 1/2" thick, manual snake for under $30. And? It worked like a charm. In fact I am convinced that if I had purchased a $200 tool, I would have run into the same issues I was having with my old one. This job simply called for muscle.

Similarly, when Ana handed me my "Father's Day" discipline slip (after Father's Day), she opted to only write her chosen amount: 618 (since Father's Day was 6/18) and leave the spanking details to her mother's whim. I haven't gotten them yet because of the parties and drain issue, but Rosa has seen the slip. It's just a matter of time and mood now. And Ana had her usual fun with the high amount......yet still managed to enjoy keeping things simple without making a slew of extra conditions.

And that's ALSO how our talk went about the 'zero tolerance' policy going forward. On one hand, Ana was thoroughly sold on ramping things up. (She really enjoys power......and predicaments that affect me) However, her only concern was that the 'zero tolerance' aspect sounded as if she didn't have a choice but was obligated to act on every issue......regardless of how she felt about it. She thought that could get tedious. I assured her that she need not be concerned and that she would ALWAYS retain the ability to choose to act, or not act, based on her own feelings and not be a slave to circumstance. I explained that all I really meant by 'zero tolerance' is that I would have no easy 'out' if she decided that even what I thought might be a minor outburst, resulted in her writing out a discipline slip. 

Once she saw what this new policy really meant, she was happily on board. As a result, even as I worked on the demon clog, and had to bark orders to Rosa, Ana, and her brother................I was careful to try to stay civil. Frenetic maybe.....but without the nastiness I am prone to. With our new policy in with BOTH Rosa and Ana, any impatient and rude remark is sufficient grounds for a trip across Rosa's lap!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Regretted impatience

Timing is one of irony's wickedest weapons. 

A mere couple of days ago I was thinking about how my Little Monster was going to finally be home from her Amazon excursion, and in thinking about her and the upcoming Father's Day, I had one of those playful thoughts that we enjoy here in addition to our more serious DD. I told her I would be willing to accept a Discipline Slip from her upon her return as a sort of "Father's Day Reminder to Behave", and said even though there wasn't any punishment due me, she could use a slip anyway and I'd go along with it. It was a sort of 'Welcome Home' & 'Happy Father's Day' combo for people who like to play with power and authority. I sent her the idea in an email so she could see it when she got back.

Later that same day, Rosa and I were discussing our DD program when she admitted that she is still having difficulty being as strict as she used to be due to her feeling that I am still putting up a resistance that erodes her confidence to take action. I thought about this and realized she was right. The long period of crippling stress described in other posts has left some scars that are blocking my past openness to her authority. But I don't really like it either. So I told Rosa that she was correct, but that I hoped she could accept my word that despite how I may be acting in the moment, deep down I DO want her to take charge when necessary. 

I reminded her of how she used to take me in hand to the room for discipline when she felt it was called for, even as I blubbered excuses. Still, I never really refused a punishment unless it was a very traumatic and complex issue...........and even then, after some talk and cooling down, most of the time the punishment still took place eventually. She knew that was true and so I assured her she could go back to that. The stress period is over so it's time to return to 'our normal'. She agreed.

The next day I shared these serious thoughts with Ana (who had just returned from her Amazon trip) via a second email following the 'fun one' and asked if she thought she'd want to also ramp things up from her end to help expedite my transition from being resistant to being more vulnerable.....and subsequently more cautious. She already has the authority to issue "Discipline Slips" but does so judiciously and infrequently. My proposal to her was the same as the one to Rosa: when it comes to impatient snipping, there'd be no tolerance.

My thought at the time was that if both Rosa AND Ana felt free to deal with things decisively, each would bolster the confidence of the other. Ana told me she had not opened the emails yet but would do so later in the evening. She had no idea what they said and I only told her that one was something 'fun' and the other more along the serious aspect of our respective roles and that I would be waiting for her response to each.

Then last night happened. Without going into a lot of boring detail, all I can say is that a mix of unrelated but irritating events leading up to the late part of the evening put me in a less than mellow state of mind. Then, just as I wanted to go to the bathroom to get ready for bed, Ana popped in just ahead of me. I knocked and said I needed the room and she said she'd be out shortly. So I sat and waited in the adjoining room. 

Now in my mind I'm thinking about how a couple months ago I spent time, money, and a lot of work to renovate what is considered 'the kids' bathroom' (since it's next to their rooms) into a genuine thing of beauty. It's ten times as nice as ours. And yet, here I was waiting to use the one Rosa and I use. In a short time Ana emerged and announced the room was now free and like something out of a comic movie, AS I'm getting up to go in, my stepson comes bounding up the stairs, pops open the door and starts to dive into the open bathroom ahead of me! And? I lost it!

I yelled at the confused kid, who had no idea I was waiting......because (as it turns out) my youngest stepson was showering in their bathroom and taking forever. So Ana and her brother were just using what they thought was the open one to do the same thing I was waiting to do. Rosa heard me and was upset. Ana heard me and said it wasn't fair because her brother had no way of knowing I was waiting, and he was hurt that he got yelled at for just trying to go to the bathroom.

I went to bed upset as well, still wondering why no one was using the newly renovated bathroom and how all of a sudden I was the bad guy, and was just seconds away from sending a follow-up email to Ana retracting my offer in the previous email. But I decided to sleep on it. And I did decide that I would apologize to my stepson today since I did realize he got caught unaware.

So here I am this morning. Rosa has already called me from work to tell me how upset she is and that she wants me to definitely apologize to her son. (Which I told her I had already planned to do.) And I explained what exactly happened that made me flip out, and that's when I found out about the downstairs bathroom having been locked and in use when Ana and her brother came to use ours. She didn't say anything about consequences at first but texted me later saying I am to wear a particularly nasty punishment plug for the whole day and I would be definitely spanked later as well. She also said I would be taking over my stepson's table-setting chores for one week and I should tell him that.

I also saw a reply from Ana which briefly stated that she liked the idea of both the Father's Day Slip and a 'zero tolerance' approach and that we would discuss that in more detail tomorrow morning during her weekly pedicure. I also texted with her briefly, since she is out at a museum today, mostly about when she'd be back, but I mentioned the email and she reaffirmed her wish to proceed with such a policy after more discussion tomorrow. So there's no backing out of that.

Now, I don't know for sure what WILL happen as a result of all this. There is definitely a strong likelihood that I could end up with not only the proscribed punishment from Rosa, and the Welcome Home/Father's Day slip, but maybe even another punishment one from Ana, but I'll probably only know for sure as things develop. For now, it's time to start my uncomfortable day.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Part 5

Playing Pygmalion never works in the end.......just look at Pygmalion! So when an interested female expresses a willingness to be the domme to your sub.......but doesn't quite fully know how..............don't try to force her into the rigid mold of your fantasy. Sure you can give her ideas, but I would recommend doing three things that worked very well for me:

1: Even while giving input, advice, and suggestions, keep encouraging her to go with her own ideas.

2: Avoid criticizing the actions she does initiate on her own.......unless of course, they cross a hard limit for you or are in and of themselves.....dangerous.

3: Give positive feedback! Let her know what she's doing that is working and you are her willing subject.

If you want her to take the lead, keep in mind she is venturing into uncharted territory and does not already know the route. Let her explore her own paths without being subjected to the nagging of a backseat driver.

If something isn't quite working for you, try letting her know what she's doing that works better instead of targeting what she's doing that doesn't. It's subtle but important. The last thing you want is to have her become frustrated that she's supposed to be a boss, but ends up being the incompetent boss with a perpetually disgruntled employee.

And that's pretty much my advice in edited form. The basic takeaway is that you have one life, and in order to make the most of it, you should work towards the things you want. What is the point otherwise?

A clever reminder from the late B.Kliban that life is indeed short.

Life is full of possibilities! Why starve yourself when satisfaction.....and perhaps even just within reach? You just have to get up off your ass and reach for it.

Monday, June 12, 2017

CHappy Day

Other than the facts that I am male............and this lady obviously isn't, and that I don't smoke............the similarity of this photo and how I spent yesterday is pretty striking. Oh, and speaking of striking, that is one more big difference. From morning until night, my butt never looked as pristine and unmarked as hers!

It wasn't meant as a serious punishment day, but more of one of those playful romps that STILL carried the reminder of who is in charge and who gets their butt beaten. And since it was a hot and sunny day, much of my time, and Rosa's was spent outside in the garden! I wrote before on how my one neighbor recently installed a high privacy fence and how that fact could lead to days like yesterday, so it wasn't a huge surprise that after giving Rosa a nice 'on demand' morning O (one-sided), my day centered around being 'on call' for whatever she wanted and to bend over whenever she wanted!

None of the frequent spankings were overly harsh and some were actually pretty merciful, but a couple had me yelping and hopping! I got it with our lighter punishment paddle first.....right after breakfast........... and then whenever we transitioned from one thing to another, we'd take a 'spank-break' and I'd get another dose with our large, nasty, kitchen wooden spoon. Then I would be back outside on display. 

In all honesty, there actually still is/was a possibility of being seen. Although the yard is fairly surrounded by either fence or lush greenery, any of our neighbors who decided to purposely look our way from any upper-floor windows could feasibly catch a glimpse. But other than snicker, what could really be said? I was only exposed in the same way any woman in a high-backed swimsuit would be.......and I was in my own yard.

The only people with an easy view from their kitchen window......if they wanted.....are our 'neighbors-in-the-know' Marta & Wally. And I don't think even they saw anything. If Marta did, she definitely would have called to tease me and my phone never rang. Besides, both have seen me in a similar state on several nothing new there.

The spankings themselves, as I said, all took place inside.......mostly at Rosa's prompting, but a couple of times I teased her into another round here and there. At my suggestion, we even experimented with a homemade "loopy johnny" that was very painful.......even though Rosa was really only flicking it. We agreed that this new weapon would be very effective for a genuine punishment if used with any force at all.

Just before ending our day inside with a movie, I got the last installment with the spoon. And Rosa being Rosa used the opportunity to make that spanking the hardest and most intense of them all. A stingy, but ultimately fun day!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Important point

I am interrupting the next installment in order to share something Merry sent me. It deals with married men who are seeking discipline and........are not being honest about it. 

Ah, but why hang around with a dishonest masochist?

I am posting pretty much what Merry wrote with only minor editing to fit the format of a blog post: 

I don't know if you plan on covering it, but there's something I encounter on a regular basis, and it's becoming an issue for me.

Married or otherwise attached 'monogamous' men:

I have no personal objections to providing discipline to them, but I do object to the fact that they often hide it from their partner/spouse and expect me to be secretive about it. I understand that not all women are willing or able to provide discipline, but by approaching me (or other women) they are putting us in danger.

I don't believe in having a sexual relationship with a submissive unless it's been negotiated, and that takes time, so that's not a worry, but what if she gets suspicious and follows him or has him followed?  It can be dangerous. 

Hiding such an important aspect of one's life isn't healthy. I can't force a man to do the right thing, but I have morals (don't laugh!) and if I can't ensure my safety and the safety of my Household, what am I supposed to do?

If he can't be honest, should I charge him? I believe a relationship should be give and take, and my question is always if I'm spanking/disciplining/Dominating him, what am I getting out of it? What is he doing for me? Is he washing the car, taking me out for lunch, helping with the housework, running errands? Is that unrealistic of me?

Sorry for dumping on you, but I think you probably have a better understanding of this than most of the men I encounter.

I'm a person with feelings, not a fetish dispensing machine, and I often feel like I'm being used.

I don't expect answers from you,but my hope is that maybe you could remind your readers that hiding things is selfish and dangerous.

Pretty much says it all. Thanks, Merry!

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Part 4: So, you went out, looked for clues, and found a female candidate you like who also seems to like you. You think she could fall into a Femdom role, but so far you have mostly discussed vanilla topics with only an occasional joke or playful innuendo about D/s or spanking. And while you have gone out together a few times, essentially you've both been on your best behavior, just trying to make a good impression........but the gorilla in the room is still sitting there scratching. What's next? Well at some point, to get anywhere close to where you want to be, you are going to have to be honest.

more classic Kliban.

Now everyone is different, but in my case, I have used a similar approach each time I have 'come out' to a woman......and though it was nerve-wracking every time, for some reason, each confession led to experimentation rather than tearful rejection. I don't know if it's because over the course of those initial dates, I successfully 'vetted' these ladies for possessing the inclination, or if it was my approach, or a combination of both, but the success rate, by the time I got to this stage has been 100%.

That does not mean that some candidates did not make it to this round. In that regard, there were enough clues in those first dates to convince me it was pointless to go further. And if my 'confession' at this point, would have led to confused rejection................I was always prepared that it would mark the end of the matter how much I liked them otherwise. I was not going to 'settle' on this point, because for me, it was just too important.  

So, what did I say? Well, my natural nervousness actually helped. When these ladies saw my genuine expression as I cautiously told them that I had something important to tell them, they seemed intrigued by what secret could be so powerful so as to affect me so profoundly. They were by this time already caring, and now they were curious.

I started out slowly and euphemistically, hinting at the 'dark side' in me. Then as they reassured me, I went into more detail. It pays to have put serious thought into who you are, why you may be this way, and what it means in how you wish to live. If you can't explain it clearly, work on it until you can. It makes a difference.

In the case of the women I am discussing, not one of the people I've had kinky relationships with, who came from my vanilla circles, had any previous experience. I was their 'kinky first'. And this is where it helped that they were naturally curious, adventurous, and relatively free of traditional conditioning. In fact, all came across as somewhat resentful of past unfairness or mistreatment stemming from a society traditionally controlled by men. When I expressed my desire to let them 'be the boss', they seemed like they had been waiting all of their lives for just such a chance. And THAT I believe, is what made all the difference! Somehow, by accident, luck, or some hidden ability to detect this trait......I had managed to stumble upon women who inwardly harbored some resentment towards traditional male dominance.

In each case, once I had come clean as to who I was deep down, their reaction was along the lines of, "I'm fine with what you are telling me, but how does it translate to what we do? I've never done this before, so what does it mean for me and what do you need from me?"  And in Part 5 we will discuss just how to answer that VERY important question.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


No, not:
("IT, the Terror from Beyond Space" was actually the inspiration for "Alien".) 

I'm talking about that quality you need to be attuned to if you are going to hunt for your kinky soul-mate out in the regular, vanilla world. In Part 2 we discussed looking online. Now in Part 3 we are going to get off those laptops and out into the real world. 

In order to find the hidden tigress in a herd of demure does, you need to be able to spot the stripes. Unfortunately I can't explain this fully except that you need to be perceptive and look for clues. The women I am talking about are not going to make it easy for you by parading around in leather bustiers, slapping crops on the bar top to get the bartender's attention. They are going to look like everyone else.

But it does help to look at a certain kind of woman......and I don't mean appearance.

In fact, I would recommend purging yourself of appearance prejudices. Your quarry is rare to begin with, arbitrary restrictions on your part aren't going to do anything more than narrow the field even more or worse.............allow a gem to go unnoticed.

And ironically, you don't need to just focus on bossy or aggressive/assertive women. Some of these ladies might just as likely be looking for an Alpha to tame them! No, sometimes a tigress is curled up inside a quiet woman waiting for the cage door to be unlocked. You DO however need to focus on people who are open-minded and adventurous to some degree. A staunch traditionalist, even if kinky will end up wanting to be the sub, and unless that's what you are looking for, you will be out of luck.

Instead look for:

-a little bit of a wild side and a healthy lack of hang-ups

-non-traditional views/ independent thinking



-an 'edge' or 'dark side'. (not crucial......but helpful)

It helps to have "kink-dar" ............a radar for kinky people. I have been lucky enough to be born with this to a degree. I can usually 'sense' some quality in a woman that lets me know she's a possibility. I can almost smell it on them. Maybe you can too? It's not fool-proof, but it helps. Develop your instincts and trust them............unless they consistently prove to be wrong.

Then cleverly toss out bait and see if you get any hits. Mention something mildly kinky in jest. Watch her face more than you listen to her response. Use humor. And don't expect to unravel all of her mysteries in one night. Initially, just try to establish a connection with someone who has possibility while remembering that possibility is not a guarantee. And you can help things along by also euphemistically hinting at having a hidden little 'edge' of your own. If she is intrigued by that, you have a good chance. But if she tends to shy away from anything edgy, you might want to look elsewhere.

And I am not just saying to look for women at bars and clubs! Rather keep your eyes open ANYWHERE there are single ladies around. I will add though, that if you are looking in a particular place and consistently coming up dry...............try a new place!

And if things are going well, don't blow it by trying to prove what a good slave you'd be, but rather impress her on what a great catch you'd be. 

(stay tuned for Part 4)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Part 2: Lookin' for love..... all the wrong places.

In Parts 2 & 3, we will examine how to target the right women. Naturally the most direct way is via the Internet. Here the kinky women have already put themselves out there for what they are......making it easy to know what they like behind closed doors. However, I don't recommend the kinky dating sites. While I did meet some nice ladies this way, only two were dominant. And out of these two, I only ended up "playing casually" with one of them. The nicest ladies were both subs, and given my ability to switch, both were warm, fun, and even deeply satisfying ventures..........though temporary.

But to get to these few, I had to endure a LOT of CRAP! Pros are rampant and only interested in money, and others are just..............well...........a little bit (or a lot) crazy. Others still are just plain rude.

No, I think that the best way to meet kinky women  online is through participation on like-minded forums online. And again, just like the real world, you can't go in aggressively hunting. You just need to participate and see who is around and if you hit it off. I met at least three, solid, decent people this way. Under other circumstances, I could have definitely have ended up with one of them had not Rosa come along when she did. 

The same could be said for munches in the real world. It doesn't hurt to look into a few in your area. You never know. The mine could be tapped-out or still holding treasure waiting for the right person to find it.

But keep in mind, these ladies, if available, are still looking for decent guys. Don't try to seduce them with your most elaborate fantasy. Talk to them about what you do. Be interesting. Charm them with humor and flirt very lightly, if at all. Be patient. Kinky women online are BESIEGED by WEIRDOS constantly. Don't come across like another one!

We just talked about finding women in places where they have pretty much 'come out' as dominants. And while looking for a diamond in a jewelry shop makes more sense than searching for one in Toys R Us, my earlier mining analogy is a valid concern. The people who hit it big during the Gold Rush were usually the ones who got to a particular spot first. Most munches, clubs, and forums have been around a while and have been picked through by a lot of previous 'miners'.  In Part 3 we will discuss finding the dominant women who are out there hiding in plain sight.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Part 1: "Dateability"

This Kliban cartoon depicts how not to start off.

In a previous post I mentioned that I would explore the various issues and notions that prevent some from finding a compatibly kinky mate. But before getting into the more specific areas of finding a kinky partner, there is a first hurdle that has nothing to do with spanking or D/s. Before finding a kinky mate, ask yourself: "how dateable am I?"

Honestly, kink-aside,  what do you bring to the table? Do you possess a sense of romance, charm, humor, intelligence? And while no one can be everything to everyone, a person does need to have some quality besides their inclination to bend over, in order to get things started.

If you say, 'hey, in the vanilla world I do just fine. It's ONLY finding a kinky partner that eludes me,' then fine. Wait for part two. But if you say, 'honestly, I have always had difficulty dating,' then you must realize that taking things to the next step are going to be that much harder.

My advice would be to cultivate a persona that others would find interesting. Being a 'good guy' is a great first step, but in dating there is a lot of competition and you are already going to be at a disadvantage percentage-wise. So to be successful at finding that kinky match, you will need to be something more than that to start. 

I really can't go into ALL of the things necessary for successful dating, but there are plenty of resources for this online. Explore them and get confident that you can attract and intrigue a partner in general. If you are ultimately going to reveal a submissive side, let that notion be surprising to her. Have her think, "oh my! This guy is a tiger......and now he's offering to let ME tame him," rather than coming across right from the start as a wimpy person looking for a surrogate 'mommy'.

It's tricky, but ultimately neither of these alternatives will lead to success:

1: I'm so obsessed with kink that I tend to scare people off
2: I'm so afraid to reveal my kinky side, that my relationships never get to develop in that direction

There's a reason 'one-note' songs never make it into a collection of golden hits.

(Part 2, coming soon.)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The "N-word"

The irony of the events the events of this past week has stunned me. After writing my post on Kathy Griffin, Dan sent me a link to a Bill Maher rant that echoed my sentiments on the Griffin issue. The rant specifically dealt with the propensity to apologize for things that were never meant to do harm in the first place. And while I do recognize that each individual has the right to their own honest feelings, there is a part of me that is very focused on 'intent'. I can easily forgive almost anything if I can be convinced by sincere word or action that the offence was not intended.

That said, I feel compelled to point out the GLARING PROBLEMS surrounding the use of the dreaded "N-word". Words can be powerful weapons. The history of the N-word is ugly, violent, and persistent. If there ever was a single word worthy of banishment from the American lexicon, it would be this one. However, that is not what has happened. It is being used..........openly............a lot, and ironically by African Americans. (see link) The linked article gives a long history of the word and discusses how its use 'fits' (or doesn't) within Black Culture today.

The problem I have with this as a fairly unprejudiced 'White Male' is it calls into question whether it is the word itself or the intent of its usage that determines whether or not is is offensive. If it is the word itself that is unacceptable, then it should not be used......PERIOD. By ANYONE. Not in a song, video, movie, comedy routine, public conversation...........NOWHERE. And I'm OK with that! But, if it is not the word itself, then what exactly IS the source of offence? What makes using it so bad?

If the argument is one of intent, then accepting, "hey, I love you, man. You're my n-word," makes sense, and saying, "you worthless n-word, get out of here," remains offensive. But that would mean anyone saying these things would be either innocent or guilty......regardless of skin color, depending on which thing they said. But, as we have seen, that is not the case.

But if the criteria is NOT intent, but the color of the skin of the person saying it, do we not have an example of more racial prejudice in action? If Caucasians insisted that 'cracker' could not be uttered in any place at any time by anyone of color, but that whites could use it themselves......................what would be the reaction? Would that not be called RACISM? By that logic, one could argue that any African American who insists that the n-word can't be used by Whites at any time for any reason, but that Black people can, is a racist. Ironic, huh? I hate to say this, but the cure for racial prejudice is not more racial prejudice in reverse.

But it's not just the n-word. I had an uncomfortable moment at a party a couple of years ago with some of my friends who are homosexual, when we were joking about cigar smoking and I made a self-deprecating remark that I tended to only smoke "fag cigars". Now having spent a lot of time around homosexuals, I can vouch that term gets tossed about like nothing when describing something overly effeminate. And in trying to point out how my use of small, sweet cigars wrapped in flavored tobacco does not make me look as macho as the guy puffing the huge, stinky Cuban, I used the word 'fag' much as they do. I certainly did not say, "what are you fucking fags doing in my house? Get out now and take your abhorrent ways with you!" But it didn't matter. Somehow my remark got me a few disapproving looks......though no one made a big deal over it, mainly because I think they realized they'd have a pretty shaky and even laughable case in accusing me of being a homophobe. But the uncomfortable memory has stuck with me.

On the opposite end, there are women and the word "cunt". To their credit, women seem determined to rid the word from acceptable lexicon, BUT have not adopted using it among themselves (as far as I have been able to tell). For ME, that makes it much easier to accept that the word itself is the issue and that it just flat-out needs to be avoided. 

So this is my question to all those who unilaterally condemn a word, not for everyone, but for everyone but themselves: how am I supposed to take you seriously? 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Carmen Sandiego

Apparently Carmen Sandiego must be a dominant female into spanking.........and the only one left unattached. I just read another account from a person frustrated by their inability to find a compatible spanking partner and it rekindled an annoyance I feel when hearing these assertions. While these complaints are widespread there's a frustrating illogic to them. Apparently (apart from seeking out paid professionals) there are:

1: Dominant people of both genders who can't find partners to spank
2: Submissive people of both genders who can't find anyone to take charge of them

See the problem? Now, if you ONLY heard from ONE group.......say for the sake of this blog, submissive men who can't find dominant women.......there would be evidence for genuine frustration. But that just isn't the case. I have known several frustrated female dominants who have bemoaned their loneliness as well. So........WTF?

Speaking personally, once I realized during my early dating career that finding even the best girl wasn't going to be satisfying unless she was also a bit kinky, I vowed to only date kinky girls. It just made sense. I mean if I hated smoking, why would I date a smoker, right? And plenty of people reject others based on that. Why is spanking different? Of course I knew this criteria was going to limit the field, quite a bit, but hey......given my other dating criteria, spanking might be more prevalent than some of the other, even less common, qualities I look for. And while assigning criteria of any kind DOES narrow the field, given the number of people in the world, IT'S STILL A PRETTY BIG FUCKING FIELD TO START WITH.

Anyway, you've seen what I look like (maybe more than you wanted to see, LOL ) and I'm not the best looking male on the planet......and never have been. I'm CERTAINLY not the RICHEST! BUT.......from the time I turned 19, I have always managed, one way or another, to find a compatible ........(or at least compatible until the relationship ended, and lots of vanilla relationships end too)..........partner.

And I've found them EVERYWHERE, from carefully seeking people online, to quite a few (actually the majority) right under my nose......people no one would suspect were kinky: people from school, work, immediate circle of friends, etc. So when I hear how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find a dominant female willing to whack a butt............I can't help but wonder: why have I been so lucky?

Over the next few blog posts, I'm going to explore this question.......and perhaps in doing so, share information that hopefully helps those readers who are experiencing the loneliness and frustration of living without something they find important or necessary. I'm not saying I have all the answers, or that my posts will magically solve all problems, but maybe something somewhere might click with a reader and help to a degree?

The one thing these posts won't solve is the frustration of an existing relationship with a vanilla. If someone decided to partner up with an incompatible person, knowing they were incompatible, AND has no desire to end that relationship, other than suggest all the things already written ALL OVER the Internet, I can't help you. Sorry.

(Stay tuned for PART 2)