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Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Story from FRANCO

Recently the illustrator, Franco, visited the blog and subsequently communicated with me via e-mail regarding a story he had written revolving around his trademark theme of older women disciplining younger men. I told him that when he was happy with the piece I would post it here for its debut. In the next few posts I will be posting installments of the story (since it seems "Blogger" doesn't like long posts). So without further ado, here is "Part 1" of Franco's "A Devious Woman" accompanied by an illustration he created for the piece:

This story is total fiction, occurring between those of adult age, regardless of skill sets. The intention is to share and explore another venue that can occur within the confines of the act called spanking.  It also makes the case that people are people and that women can possess similar twists and turns in sexual fetishes as me.

A Devious Woman

Alberta Bennington watched through the crack in the bedroom door.  She watched intently, delighted, as her plan came to life right in front of her. In a few minutes she would act.  Like an actor waiting in the wings for her cue, she would enter and then enact her scene, and what a scene it would be.

Who was she watching?  Spinster Governess, Alberta Bennington, a seasoned matron, firmly in her sixties was fixated on Ronald Romero her current charge.  Alberta was hired shortly after Ronald’s father passed away a few years ago.  Since then it was her self, Ronald, and the young, widow Romero in the big, house.  Mrs. Romero was involved in running her husbands successful software business as well as being quite a social gadabout.  This was another long weekend out of town leaving Ronald at home with Miss “Benny” as Ronald referred to her. Governess Bennington was not one to kid with as “Benny” was all business, the consummate, professional, governess, with a dominant personality determined to keep Ronald on the straight and narrow.  “Benny” was a formidable woman.  Tall, yet firmly built she was quite capable of taking care of things, and keeping them in order.  However if young, Mrs. Romero realized the inner workings of her trusted governess, if she had any inkling of this older, woman’s most secret desires and motivations, would she dismiss her?  Or, did Mrs. Romero value her freedom to live as a single, professional woman leaving her son in the hands of her competent Governess without any quandary or concern?  We’ll never know, but for now she was completely fine with leaving all of Ronald’s care with Governess Alberta Bennington. 

At Eighteen years, Ronald was more of a fourteen year old emotionally.  While he has the good looks of both parents, he more favored his father’s Latin side. Despite his five feet, eight inch frame, he possessed the athletic, muscular build of a jock. His big blue eyes were a remarkable compliment to his black hair.  But the most noticeable feature on Ronald was his posterior.  It was, truly amazing, fitting descriptions such as; big, yet solid, muscular and yet dimpled, even somewhat chiseled, and boy did it protrude.  It was such a prodigious posterior that it presented a challenge to find pants that fit the contrast of his small waist and ample ass. This was a great fascination to the old governess, but this wasn’t the first time and young man had haunted her.  “Benny” has been mesmerized by male bottoms all of her life and this kid’s bottom was no exception. who would ever imagine a mature woman having such a thing for young, men’s bottoms? Poor, innocent and inexperienced Ronald was the perfect, blank, palette for her to paint a masterpiece. 

For quite sometime “Benny” saw evidence that the boy was masturbating, usually up in his room when he got home after school.  So she spied.  The very act of spying, being the voyeur in secret was very exciting for her.  It always was. There was a time when Miss Benny,  was quite young, and learned much from watching, undetected in secret.  Her Grandmother’s voice came back to her:
“Most men are boys.  Boys are always naughty. No matter how young or old, they need their bottoms warmed”.

 She agreed with Grandma.  Surely such undesirable behavior warranted punishment. Yes sir, she would show him what being keyed up was all about.  This beautiful, yet filthy young man needed a good lesson, possibly many lessons to correct his errant habit.  Now, to set the stage, an intervention of sorts, for the sake of duty, you understand. 

Miss Benny placed a playboy in a short stack of sports and car magazines.  She told him that they were found in the garage and that unless he wanted to read them she would throw them out.  When he gladly took them to read, she anticipated step two.  Now to wait for the opportunity and she didn’t have to wait long.  The very next afternoon, after coming home from school, he did discover the playboy and it became very special to him. 

Alberta Bennington crept up the stairs, and found that his door was not completely closed; she was able to see through the door opening, and see him clearly abusing himself.  He still had on his white briefs.  It appeared that he just pulled his organs out of the side and was going at it.  Alberta was impressed by what filled his hand.  It was a big soldier with a very large and impressive helmet.  While he pumped himself in usual fashion with one hand, the other held the magazine, he worked with small gasps.  She watched the sight transfixed and at the same time her mind went back to her Grandmother, Forsythia Bennington, and the large sunny, bedroom with the big closet.

(Time travel music, blurry vision)

Young Alberta, just into puberty was in a very cool place, which soon became a favorite and secure vantage point. Here, she learned, and was taught, by example, the pleasures and skills of her Grandmother.  She knew what was going to happen and she was waiting, sitting on the floor in the dark of Gran’s large closet grateful for that slight opening in the door.  Her heart pounded as Granny came in, a large woman, yet neat, precise, with erect posture.  Grandmother had always extended her self to Alberta warmly, but who was always warning her as to the folly of men, and how they are nothing but naughty, little boys who needed a good spanking.  Even the word, spanking, tickled Alberta inside.

As Granny seated her self primly near the closet, she spread the white hand towel across her generous lap.  There was a knock on the door.  Alberta’s heart pounded harder as Donald came in wearing shorts, red high top sneakers and a sweat soaked wife beater.  Donald was the young man who cut the lawns, tilled Grandma’s garden and even painted the shed, Grandma’s Handyman.  He was a big boy, to Alberta, as he was in his first year at university, yet here he was, for all his masculinity and muscle, acting sheepish and demure.  Alberta had heard these sessions before, and enjoyed listening outside the bedroom door, now she was going to get a catbird seat to the action.

Grandmother lectured sternly wagging a finger at him, his head hung down.  Alberta couldn’t recall any wrong doing that occurred during the day, but, Gran talked as though there was a big sin committed.  Taking his hand the old woman pulled him towards her. Now, Alberta had a clear view of him from the back, head to toe.  He was a beautiful, young man, so handsome and well built and she saw how he filled out the seat of his shorts.  Oh Gosh!  Grandmother brashly  pulled them down, his white, briefs too! His bare, posterior seem to blossom out of its clothed confinement.

As He stepped out of his clothes Gran directed him.
“Stand there!  Hands at your side, Donald!”
Donald obeyed, but standing at more of an angle than before.  Alberta gasped as she saw his privates saluting Grandmother.  The big organ stood straight out in front of the young man, the big head looked near bursting and it throbbed as if pointing to it’s tormentor, pointing and bouncing as if in great, male, defiance!.

She took him by the arm.  “Come here boy!”

Donald stepped forward and then went down, as he was guided over the woman’s lap. Alberta will remember that sight forever.  Without any entanglement of pants or briefs, he took a wide stance and then went over as Grandma guided him.  Soon his ass was higher than his head.  Poor Donald was riding his erection as it rode over the crest of Grandmother, Forsythia’s knee.

Oh Mrs. Bennington!  Oh! Oh, My God!” Donald’s exclamation sounded horse. 

Grandmother adjusted him a little more forward and his red high tops left the ground.  Alberta noted the angle, and the method of attaining it.  She saw how Donald was not just laying over her lap, but up and over that knee. His big round, posterior was up in the air, displayed, splayed and presented.  To Alberta it looked delicious. His entire body was fully supported over Grandmother’s generous lap, with his thighs, those beautiful thighs with their light sprinkling of brown hair spread wide as if to deliberately give Alberta a show.  She saw his most secret places now on display totally breathtaking.

Alberta was fortunate to watch that spanking that day.  In fact she was privy to witness a few more from her secret vantage point.  Sometimes she wondered if Grandmother knew she was in there watching, as the point of view she always had seemed consistently available to her.  Grandma always slapped briskly and brightly with a sharp deliberate manner, stinging up the young man.  His responses and dulcet baritone bouncing off her chiding lectures was a symphony that was as fascinating as the action. The clear line of site to be able to look up between such wide spread twitching thighs and, then crowned by those big boy cheeks was too much for her to handle.  Alberta’s hands went down to a wonderful, secret, place.

Grandma liked to bounce Donald.  It was a little movement, but it was important, she bounced the boy up and down like one would bounce a baby on the lap. He had vocal reactions to both the slaps and the intended method of frottage. As Alberta watched she fingered her self.  She didn’t realize that she wasn’t the only one in the room masturbating.  Grandma was busy masturbating Donald as she spanked him, and the old lady was pleasuring her self as well.  While the defined behavior would be classified as a spanking, Grandmother’s unique and added features were of a great and pleasurable irritation to the lad’s over-sized, and over-excited glands. 

(to be continued)


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Rick: Your comment raised a valid question BUT also included what I call a "non seXquitur". Therefore I deleted the comment and reposted your question here....along with my response:

      "Great story, but I wonder if it is really fiction and similar event happen in real life.---Rick"

      Rick, I believe Franco's art and stories ARE indeed influenced heavily by an actual event from his past..................but then I suppose I should let him answer that for himself.

    2. Thank's for your reply. Rick

    3. Not an problem, Rick. I think when Franco sees your question, he will probably answer it in more detail.

  2. Dear Rick, To be totally honest, yes, the events in the story are related to an experience (s), in my past. The story is fiction, so are the images I make, and they are, it seems, hopelessly locked into that delightful "itch" that was lit in my bottom many years ago.


  3. Rick,
    I was curious as to what prompted your question. Did you have or witness similar experiences? I chose not to go into detail on the blog, but can if interest.