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Friday, June 2, 2017

Carmen Sandiego

Apparently Carmen Sandiego must be a dominant female into spanking.........and the only one left unattached. I just read another account from a person frustrated by their inability to find a compatible spanking partner and it rekindled an annoyance I feel when hearing these assertions. While these complaints are widespread there's a frustrating illogic to them. Apparently (apart from seeking out paid professionals) there are:

1: Dominant people of both genders who can't find partners to spank
2: Submissive people of both genders who can't find anyone to take charge of them

See the problem? Now, if you ONLY heard from ONE group.......say for the sake of this blog, submissive men who can't find dominant women.......there would be evidence for genuine frustration. But that just isn't the case. I have known several frustrated female dominants who have bemoaned their loneliness as well. So........WTF?

Speaking personally, once I realized during my early dating career that finding even the best girl wasn't going to be satisfying unless she was also a bit kinky, I vowed to only date kinky girls. It just made sense. I mean if I hated smoking, why would I date a smoker, right? And plenty of people reject others based on that. Why is spanking different? Of course I knew this criteria was going to limit the field, quite a bit, but hey......given my other dating criteria, spanking might be more prevalent than some of the other, even less common, qualities I look for. And while assigning criteria of any kind DOES narrow the field, given the number of people in the world, IT'S STILL A PRETTY BIG FUCKING FIELD TO START WITH.

Anyway, you've seen what I look like (maybe more than you wanted to see, LOL ) and I'm not the best looking male on the planet......and never have been. I'm CERTAINLY not the RICHEST! BUT.......from the time I turned 19, I have always managed, one way or another, to find a compatible ........(or at least compatible until the relationship ended, and lots of vanilla relationships end too)..........partner.

And I've found them EVERYWHERE, from carefully seeking people online, to quite a few (actually the majority) right under my nose......people no one would suspect were kinky: people from school, work, immediate circle of friends, etc. So when I hear how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find a dominant female willing to whack a butt............I can't help but wonder: why have I been so lucky?

Over the next few blog posts, I'm going to explore this question.......and perhaps in doing so, share information that hopefully helps those readers who are experiencing the loneliness and frustration of living without something they find important or necessary. I'm not saying I have all the answers, or that my posts will magically solve all problems, but maybe something somewhere might click with a reader and help to a degree?

The one thing these posts won't solve is the frustration of an existing relationship with a vanilla. If someone decided to partner up with an incompatible person, knowing they were incompatible, AND has no desire to end that relationship, other than suggest all the things already written ALL OVER the Internet, I can't help you. Sorry.

(Stay tuned for PART 2)


  1. Add to it that some people are shy and/or don't know how to ask for what they want or desire. I'm always open to meeting people who enjoy spankings, but finding someone who desires to be spanked by ME? That's a tall order!

    1. And yet you managed to do so......with more than one partner as well. You are a success story. If "tall orders" can be filled, I truly believe that many others can be as well.

    2. Please erase that. I'm so sorry!

    3. As I was saying; I could always use more.

    4. The privilege of the polyamorous. 😜

      (BTW, did I miss something with that deleted post? You can e-mail me if you want. I was away from my computer all day.)

    5. It has a picture of me when I was 7. Some people get their panties twisted because it's a child's picture on an adult blog.

    6. Oh! I get it. Thanks for the explanation. I've seen so many childhood photo avatars that I never made the connection to something objectionable.

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  3. I definitely hear from a lot of men who bemoan being unable to find a partner who is into giving DD-oriented spankings and from men who can't convince their partners to do it. I have personally never heard from a female spanker who can't find a willing partner.

    I also don't see vanilla as necessarily a permanent state of mind. My wife was pretty vanilla when I brought her the subject of DD, and she quickly got into it. So, I think it depends on just how hard-wired the vanilla side is, and I never underestimate my own ability to corrupt anyone!

    1. I would say I have known a few, but they are more rare.

      I like your corruption ability! Though I think it may be more than that. Stay tuned 👍.