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Monday, June 12, 2017

CHappy Day

Other than the facts that I am male............and this lady obviously isn't, and that I don't smoke............the similarity of this photo and how I spent yesterday is pretty striking. Oh, and speaking of striking, that is one more big difference. From morning until night, my butt never looked as pristine and unmarked as hers!

It wasn't meant as a serious punishment day, but more of one of those playful romps that STILL carried the reminder of who is in charge and who gets their butt beaten. And since it was a hot and sunny day, much of my time, and Rosa's was spent outside in the garden! I wrote before on how my one neighbor recently installed a high privacy fence and how that fact could lead to days like yesterday, so it wasn't a huge surprise that after giving Rosa a nice 'on demand' morning O (one-sided), my day centered around being 'on call' for whatever she wanted and to bend over whenever she wanted!

None of the frequent spankings were overly harsh and some were actually pretty merciful, but a couple had me yelping and hopping! I got it with our lighter punishment paddle first.....right after breakfast........... and then whenever we transitioned from one thing to another, we'd take a 'spank-break' and I'd get another dose with our large, nasty, kitchen wooden spoon. Then I would be back outside on display. 

In all honesty, there actually still is/was a possibility of being seen. Although the yard is fairly surrounded by either fence or lush greenery, any of our neighbors who decided to purposely look our way from any upper-floor windows could feasibly catch a glimpse. But other than snicker, what could really be said? I was only exposed in the same way any woman in a high-backed swimsuit would be.......and I was in my own yard.

The only people with an easy view from their kitchen window......if they wanted.....are our 'neighbors-in-the-know' Marta & Wally. And I don't think even they saw anything. If Marta did, she definitely would have called to tease me and my phone never rang. Besides, both have seen me in a similar state on several nothing new there.

The spankings themselves, as I said, all took place inside.......mostly at Rosa's prompting, but a couple of times I teased her into another round here and there. At my suggestion, we even experimented with a homemade "loopy johnny" that was very painful.......even though Rosa was really only flicking it. We agreed that this new weapon would be very effective for a genuine punishment if used with any force at all.

Just before ending our day inside with a movie, I got the last installment with the spoon. And Rosa being Rosa used the opportunity to make that spanking the hardest and most intense of them all. A stingy, but ultimately fun day!


  1. I'm a little jealous. There haven't been any shenanigans like that here in a long time.

    1. Well then time to make stuff happen! You only live once!

  2. I reactivated my collarspace profile. We'll see what happens. Neither Shilo or Stitch have been in the mood for fun lately, but I've noticed in the past that having other men around will "force" their interests.

    1. Ah, a little competition, huh? Well, good luck in the hunt.

    2. Thank you! Also, my boyfriend is picking me up for an overnighter at his place on Friday. I'm looking forward to it.