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Friday, June 23, 2017

Devious Woman (conclusion)

(Part 2)

In the end, (no pun intended) there were three very breathless people in that room when the spanking was finally over, but the most affected was poor Donald, and poor Donald would come back for more.

As the memory of Donald’s big, angry, red, posterior was quickly replaced by Ronald’s bedside activity, Alberta felt fueled. (Thanks Grandmother). He was so enthralled in his wickedness he didn’t realize the door was not completely closed. There he was, the handsome, little, stinker naked, except for a pair of worn, skimpy white briefs, sitting there and feverishly stroking himself.  Judging by his breathing and the tumescence of his organ he was close.  It was time to act!

Governess, Alberta Bennington flung the door inward and boldly stepped into the room.  Ronald cried out in surprise, a real white, hot, surprise, the magazine fell to the floor, hands fled to cover his lap.

“Well now, How naughty! Stand up! Just look at you!  And What do you think you're doing?

“No! Wait, I didn’t know it was there, no please I didn’t mean to do it, I’m so embarrassed, Please Miss Benny!”

She cut him off, with a wave of her hand.  Now she was standing closer, near the foot of his bed, hands on hips looking deliberately at the erection he was trying to cover up.

My Goodness!  Look at what you’ve done to yourself.  And you are old enough to know better, or are you?  Acting like a bad, little boy, a naughty, wicked boy! Yes, I think I should deal with you!”

Ronald wasn’t sure what she meant, in fact he had no idea what she was about to do. He stood, quickly working his erection back into his briefs as best he could, but his damn, penis would not cooperate. With new boldness at this intrusion of his private time he was going to tell Benny that he was not a kid anymore and she had no right coming into his room like this, but before he could make his big boy speech she grabbed him by the ear.  He yelled a quick expletive as he was pulled towards her.  Swiftly and smoothly she guided him painfully to where she sat in a chair by the foot of the bed. Benny brought him to her right side.

“Yes I really think, I’m going to teach you something new boy!  I’ll show you what happens to boys with big, naughty bottoms!”

With guidance from his ear she handily she turned him over her lap, while at the same time grabbing waist band of his briefs and jamming them up giving him quite the nuclear wedge.

Not only were his Amazon butt cheeks effectively bared, but his jewel pouch was tucked up tight. Now his good sized erection was pressed against his belly with the big glands proudly sticking out over the top of the waistband. Then over he went!

With his hands on the carpet, his ass high in the air and feet off the ground by inches she had him where she wanted him. She was aware of his erection, pressed against her thigh.  “Good going Alberta!”  She told herself.  She gloated over the tightly tucked fabric insinuated deeply between those insane posterior cheeks.  She held the moment feeling the victory, and the rush of control as it washed over her.

Suddenly, the memory of her Grandmother’s expression came back to her.  Was it haughtiness?  Or was it arrogance?  Or, maybe Grandmother was feeling that delicious rush of control as well, and how could she not.  Apparently she was able to contain beneath her authoritarian mask the thrills that raged within her.  Abruptly she snapped to the present as her own pupil fidgeted on her lap.

He was full of questions, and pleadings. Was this unknown territory?  Is it possible that he was never, ever spanked?  How could he be so clueless?  His entreaties whined out like some kind of song as he tried to look back and establish eye contact with his governess.

Miss Benny smirked.  Gently, she worked more of his underwear up higher, wedging it deeper into the divide between those two meaty, protruding posterior cheeks, she finally had him and his devilish and divine posterior up in the air, defying gravity, defying her.

“Poor Ronald, you have so much to learn.”

Now she began spanking him and as the slaps made contact she said again.

Oh, this was good.  She felt his entire weight on her lap.  This narrow, perch she established displayed his fundament, and kept him and his beloved posterior in the perfect place of lewd display and accurate reception.  She slapped!  Oh did she slap, with a brisk cadence, unbroken, purposeful, and perfect in rhythm with an amazing staccato quality.  Ronald’s posterior quaked with each sharp report. And as the drama got up to speed, his entreaties had real panic in them.  There was no defiance; there was no anger or outrage on his part, but a wide eyed amazement of being so completely, helpless.

“You’ve brought this on your self young man.  So sunk in error!  You must understand that I mean you only good!”

It was then that our righteous governess began to employ the bouncing; that delicious, little movement that really began his first lesson in yin and yang.  As with Donald it tickled, it lightly rubbed.  Poor boys, their equipment is so obvious, what can they do about it. What can they do about that one little spot behind their glands that seems to put them in a state no matter what is happening to their bottom?  Grandmother’s duplicity was genius. As with Donald and now with Ronald, that little, hot, spot was held captive against the thigh, unable to be removed from the slight, rhythmic attention it was receiving.  At the same time, major commotion was occurring across that big ass.  As she continued the purposeful cadence, he was looking back at her with big, blue, eyes.

Now possibly more skilled than her Grandma she reveled in the pleasure she took from Ronald, and the new pleasures and sensations she was inflicting.  Just like her Grandmother, no wonder Donald came back for more.

Now, her boy was whimpering, not from extreme pain, but from the battle of sensations, and she knew it, she authored it, and was carrying it out perfectly, and like Donald his sounds were a sweet symphony of helpless amazement, For Ronald this was a reaction to a place he’d never been before.  He clenched and unclenched his amazing ass and his perfectly formed legs were held wide, he could not escape the precise cascade of slaps nor that crazy building pleasure against his penis.  She felt the dampness soaking through his briefs and his erection felt like hot steel against the apex of her thigh.

Grunts and gasps replaced the words in his mouth and his fingers dug into the carpet.  Ronald rolled his posterior up and out as best he could.  It was clear now that the overheated lad had a different relationship to those slaps.  He wasn’t the only one feeling that building of sexual tension.  Benny was breathing in an excited manner, yet still contained. And like Grandma, the bouncing served her as well as it served Ronald, proving the adage that less is more.  She was getting close to exploding herself, but she must maintain.

Ronald had much more urgency to his noise, his need was apparent and she was afraid that she would arrive before him.  Oh, it all felt so good to her, but this devilish boy, this wicked boy and his bottom that she could just eat up, she had to keep slapping, she had to keep control.

With breathless moans and gasps his legs opened to their widest and locked in place.  His toes pointed downward and the muscles in his legs shown in tensed relief.

“Naughty, wicked Boy!”  Stated almost as hiss

Poor Ronald.  Some time earlier he was simply trying to get off in private, now what the hell was happening?  He’d never been spanked before.  It stung, for sure, and it humiliated him.  But slowly it changed, having Miss Benny see him like this seemed good, and then the heat, the tingling and the tickling.  That tickling grew stronger and deeper, and the slaps from Benny encouraged him, coaxed him to a final point.

Benny was feeling that deep, strong tickling in her parts, it was going to be a hard come.
She took in the sight of he arched, proffered posterior, that big, red, bouncing, male, posterior, and hot pleasure rolled between her legs and burst into her brain.  At the same time Ronald began to gasp and yelp and she felt that hot poker buck and spasm violently against her thigh.  Yes that surface that provided such minimal movement was now harvesting a violent reaction.  Clenching with each spasm it seemed his anus would suck his briefs up inside.   A hard, deep, white, hot orgasm exploded in the boys head.  Sensations to a depth of degree and intensity he had not experienced before. As she breathed hard and tried to recover she spanked the last remnants of the nuclear orgasm out of him.  Feeling the hot wet on her lap, she realized how copious was  his climax.  For now, this ride was over.  He relaxed, his legs still parted open.

She did herself and Grandmother proud.  His posterior cheeks were a deep, even, angry red.  Now she traced her fingers down the cotton edges into the valley, then going further below, letting them peek inside providing light, feathery touches to his tight balls, her index finger exploring with skill.

“So, Young, Man.  If ever I catch you doing this again.  We’ll do this all over.  And next time, the briefs come off. Understand?

Meanwhile her finger continued its journey around his drawn up nuts, under them, then following upwards feeling the still swollen state of his perineum.
Sometime this week, he had to get the newest issue of Playboy.

------------------------------------------the end---------------------------------------

Thanks again, Franco! I hope everyone enjoyed your efforts!


  1. I told Shilo to come check this out. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Great idea! I know Shilo is a Franco-fan. He's the perfect audience for this.