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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Modern Art & More

Well it's been a busy few days with more coming up. But a few things occurred worth mentioning, so here's a brief breakdown of the more noteworthy developments.

We took things a bit more easily this weekend and avoided any major entertaining. This led to Rosa and I having a sort of extended opportunity to indulge our lifestyle leanings that began on Friday night with a non-play punishment and a follow-up punishment on Saturday morning. 

However, once the punishment was over, things took a decidedly more playful turn even while remaining very rooted in our respective roles. Rosa demanded an O for herself and got it, while we discussed the relative benefits or pitfalls of extending my denial period a bit longer. Going back, the frequency of my permitted releases was sparse.....usually one per month, sometimes one after two weeks, and sometimes two months or more. In these instances the denial served to keep me in a very humbled and dedicated frame of mind.

But when we went through "The Great Stress" we found that going too long without an O for me, just made me very depressed and irritable. Since the idea behind our chastity is primarily control rather than strict denial, We fell into a pattern of O's for me every one to two weeks.....and rarely any longer.

Now that the stress period is over, I am finding I can handle longer periods again, and that's what we discussed. As a result, my chaste period is going to be longer than it has been in recent days......and I'm fine with that, even being the one to assure Rosa that doing so should be beneficial for us both. She likes keeping me denied......but she also wants me to be in a healthy frame of mind as well. Anyway, no O for me this weekend with the prospect of one anytime soon being unlikely. I did get a prolonged tease though which was sweet torture!

Rosa also delivered ALL 618 smacks of Ana's "Father's Day Slip" on Saturday, in two installments. For a playful penalty, Rosa was unusually harsh in its administration. While she did elect to use our somewhat lighter paddle, the spanks themselves were very forceful. (When I asked her about that later, Rosa admitted to using my bottom as an outlet for some internal frustrations she was channeling.)

On Sunday we had a bit more privacy than usual, and Rosa instructed me to wear my chaps for a good part of the day, both inside and out in the backyard, since she observed, "I'm sure your bottom is still nice and red from yesterday." (And she was right)

I also texted my Little Monster a few times to let her know that I had gotten her 618 and how hard they were, which amused her. And when she did come home from her outing, she made a devilishly left-handed compliment about the necklace I was wearing which features a stylized hematite padlock charm. She said she really liked it and that "it suits you". A petite devil, that Ana!

Sunday evening Marta and Wally invited us for dinner to celebrate Marta's official retirement. That too was a great time.

Then, yesterday Ana & I had a "step" Father/Daughter Day and went to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. A familiar haunt for me, but something new for her. I felt like her private art professor as I explained one thing after another, and we had another great time.

This was Ana's favorite piece, and I can't say I blame her even though there were many more there to my liking as well.

The trip in also gave us ample opportunity to discuss a myriad of topics.............of course including some lifestyle issues. One thing we discussed was her comment/reply to Merry about me possibly misbehaving intentionally. It was a good talk.

My son dropped by for dinner as well, and gave me my Father's Day gift which had just recently arrived: a Mezco DAREDEVIL!

worth the wait!


All-in-all, a good couple of days...........even if I am a tender-bottomed and sexually frustrated mushball!


  1. Hmmmm Thought I commented here..... about art?

    1. I think it was something about how I used to ride the subway to go to the Museum of Modern art when I was a kid. Probably not all that interesting.

      My "in-the-moment" situation is much more Disciplinary and relevant anyway. Got into some BIG trouble over the weekend. Too big. And I know I'm gonna be crying pretty soon.

    2. I hope you survived your ordeal. Coincidentally I got punished this weekend as well.....for two things, one of which was not nearly as serious as the other....but Rosa dealt with both!

      The Modern has its appeal but it does not give the bang-for-your-buck that the Metropolitan does!

    3. Yes, I survived. But the "impressions" of the whole experience are very freshly present.

      Actually, my previously mentioned blog entry was about how when I was like 9 or 10 years old I used to take the D Train from the Bronx into Manhattan and spend whole days at the Natural History Museum. It was free and I was never bored for a second.

    4. Certainly not a bad way to spend a day! I used to go there at least once a year with my family and always had a great time.

  2. I don't have much to add to say on this one, other than I love the action figure! Though, I'm more of a Wolverine guy myself.

    1. Mezco has a Wolverine. It's a bit pricey.....but they do an excellent job. The figure is poseable but it is not all mere molded plastic. The costumes are a doll.

      Don't feel bad about commenting. I don't feel much like it myself lately.

  3. I have boxes of Action Figures in the garage. Lots of GI Joe, a big Godzilla, and assorted other who-knows-what.

    Doubt any of it is actually valuable collectibles. But I do use them occasionally.

    1. Depending on what it is and what is currently 'hot' could have something of value. For example, the old He-Man figures can fetch a decent price even if out of their box. Just look around on eBay for reference.