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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Part 5

Playing Pygmalion never works in the end.......just look at Pygmalion! So when an interested female expresses a willingness to be the domme to your sub.......but doesn't quite fully know how..............don't try to force her into the rigid mold of your fantasy. Sure you can give her ideas, but I would recommend doing three things that worked very well for me:

1: Even while giving input, advice, and suggestions, keep encouraging her to go with her own ideas.

2: Avoid criticizing the actions she does initiate on her own.......unless of course, they cross a hard limit for you or are in and of themselves.....dangerous.

3: Give positive feedback! Let her know what she's doing that is working and you are her willing subject.

If you want her to take the lead, keep in mind she is venturing into uncharted territory and does not already know the route. Let her explore her own paths without being subjected to the nagging of a backseat driver.

If something isn't quite working for you, try letting her know what she's doing that works better instead of targeting what she's doing that doesn't. It's subtle but important. The last thing you want is to have her become frustrated that she's supposed to be a boss, but ends up being the incompetent boss with a perpetually disgruntled employee.

And that's pretty much my advice in edited form. The basic takeaway is that you have one life, and in order to make the most of it, you should work towards the things you want. What is the point otherwise?

A clever reminder from the late B.Kliban that life is indeed short.

Life is full of possibilities! Why starve yourself when satisfaction.....and perhaps even just within reach? You just have to get up off your ass and reach for it.

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