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Friday, July 14, 2017

Captions & Quotes

Today I am going to celebrate the fact that my Tumblr, "Caption Hell" .......

has managed to exist for quite some time without gathering more than a tiny handful of "likes" from just two people. In this day of the easy and almost reflexive use of  "hitting the like button"  for just about anything on social media, and the sheer amount of inane things that gather "likes" like televangelists gather the gullible, it is truly a testament to "Caption Hell's" apparent unlikeability to have escaped this fate! And that deserves recognition!

Since "Caption Hell" is all about online captions, quotes, and stupidity, I have decided that it's only appropriate to render this tribute in the form of Googled tidbits from the Internet. So without further ado:

We could ALL use a bit more fun in our lives. But when I cruise the Internet looking to be entertained or titillated, I sometimes encounter things so maddening that sometimes.......

And because.....

I needed to react. I tried prayer........

.....but it didn't work. (No wonder I'm an atheist.) So I thought.....

...and as a direct result, I created "Caption Hell" as a fun, coping mechanism. Now some might argue:

....and that may be true, but......

(and by "you" I don't mean YOU ).....unless of course, you are one of the people whose captioned image has been chosen for comment on "Caption Hell". In which case.....

.....but, if......

And considering the alternative, be grateful for snarkiness:

So in conclusion, here's a toast to the Amazingly Unlikeable 'Caption Hell'..... 


  1. Is sarcasm an Elite trait? Was that sarcastic? or was it elite?

    1. "Is sarcasm an Elite trait?" -----only if done really, really well.

      "Was that sarcastic? or was it elite?"----only you would know for sure, but perhaps a bit of both? ;-)

  2. This is great! I really got a good laugh, kudos for your cleverness ;)
    -> "���� ""❤️"

    1. Thanks, Little Monster! I also appreciate your help in gathering quotes! .....and of course commenting!