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Friday, July 7, 2017


Remember 'elite' and 'elitist' may sound the same, but they mean different things.

"ELITE". I've been hearing this word a lot lately, and interestingly, it is never used as a compliment. Why is that? When did 'elite' become a bad thing? It used to mean 'the best of the best'.....a real distinction. So how did that one time honor suddenly become derisive? 

Like a new entry in Orwellian "Newspeak", to be elite now means to be an out-of-touch snob, mired in an intellectualism that obscures common sense. But frankly, that is just manipulation. What better way to capture the hearts of the stupid than to make intelligence a liability? It reminds one of how the 'smart kid' always got mocked by the jocks back in school. Now we've retained a playground mentality into adulthood.

I would think that no matter what one's views are, there is always something to be learned from listening to others. And if you are going to listen to someone, would it not make sense to hear from the best and brightest of that group? Even opponents of a group should appreciate debating with those who bring the most to the podium. But, no. Now it is easier to denigrate talent, expertise,and  intelligence than it is to take it on in a fair fight.

And 'elite' need not refer only to intellect. Any true expert is the elite member of any group. (I personally find it amusing that some of the very same voices who use 'elite' as a dig for some, fawn over military 'elites' Navy they were minor gods.) And if you want further irony, look at the net worth of the loudest voices decrying those other 'elites'. It's a stark lesson in hypocrisy. But as our country grows dumber, what better way to get the subliterate, science-fearing masses on your side than to pretend to be just as 'plain, regular folk' as they are? (even when you clearly are not).


  1. Replies
    1. I thought you might have more to say.

    2. Don't worry. I think your Blog is Very Elite.

      I know you are making a serious point. But since I don't have anything suitably intellectual to contribute......I get a bit silly.... It's one of my Elite Character deficiencies.

      BUT, but, butt, us men who get discipline spankings from their wives are pretty "elite". How many wish for an crave it versus how many actually live it? ...Elite!

    3. It's been quite a week for me as you know, so that was all I could muster.

      People are foolish, some more than others. I watch and cringe. You know what makes me cringe the most? Not our president, although he's got me cringing daily. No, it's the people who are foolish and stupid enough to believe him. Now, THAT'S scary!

    4. Tomy, you are allowed humorous departures as long as they pertain and entertain.....and yours does. ;-)

    5. Merry: Ah there's a more Merry-like comment. And you know I am with you on this one.

    6. I know we are in agreement, but I also know that you know how my week has gone.

  2. Well said K.D. When I was growing up, ignorance (not to be confused with mental incapacity)was something to be hidden and ashamed of. Now, it is worn and displayed as a badge of honor.

    1. Thank you, Strap51 (and welcome to Collected Submissions).

      Yes, that is it exactly. It was the same for me. What has been going on now for a while is depressing, and in some ways amazing too. (though not in a good way)