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Monday, July 24, 2017

Open DD

A few weeks back, Dan (of the Disciplined Husbands Forum) posted a subject near and dear to my heart: "Passing It On".....which dealt with how people felt about letting their adult kids be aware of the benefits of a DD lifestyle. Considering how strongly I feel about this, it might have seemed strange that I never commented. Well, there was a reason. In looking at some of the early responses I just felt compelled to approach Ana, who comments and contributes here when her schedule allows, and ask her to please reply to Dan's topic......even though she had never commented on Dan's forum before.

I lifted this cute retro image directly from Dan's post. I love the yellow.

Unfortunately, while she agreed, Ana was also in the midst of writing reports for her credited trip to the Amazon, and then started doing practice sessions for her upcoming DATs. Days slipped by with me almost pestering her to a point of annoyance until the entire week went by and it was too late. I felt that my own feelings have been expressed many times.....but who better to tell people what living in an open FLR-DD household meant for the kids there, than her? So without her post, I just remained silent.

But as time went on, my thought that such information from Ana's perspective could actually be of real help to anyone 'on the fence' grew more insistent and I asked her if she would consider just writing an essay on it for this blog. Ultimately, between persistence and bribery, I got her to write a rather revealing essay and followed it up with some interview questions. I also got to talk privately with my youngest stepson, whom I will refer to by his nickname, 'Osito', who also answered some of the more sticky points. So over the next couple of posts I will be exploring the issue of living a DD lifestyle in full knowledge of a household................from the perspective of the kids in one.....though they are hardly 'kids' anymore.

If anyone new here would like some background on our household beforehand, I refer you to the 'featured post' Background, linked in the right margin in web view. Ana and I are set to go over her essay one more time for revisions and clarity and then I will be posting it, perhaps as early as tomorrow.


  1. I WAS wondering why there wasn't a peep from you, considering what little I do know about you in that department, but I figured you were busy. Perhaps Dan might even provide links once it's done. so anyone wondering would get a clearer view.

    1. I suppose I could link it. I just didn't want to presume.

      Actually, I was dying to respond, but when you get right down to it, who is more convincing: an adult with a personal theory, or someone who lived through it? Coincidentally, A new person to the ODDL forum, Michelle, just today admitted that she grew up in a DD household that 'tried' to keep things'secret'......but she just found it confusing and would have preferred having known.

      Stay tuned for the next two installments. They should be quite enlightening......especially the short section from 'Osito' since he is not 'into' the whole DD/spank-thing, but has no problem with it. You can probably guess Ana's take on it. LOL

    2. I didn't mean for YOU to link it, I meant maybe Dan would do a quick revisit on it and make your links known.

    3. Ooops. I misunderstood.

      Well, that would be up to Dan.

    4. Sorry, I've traveling non-stop on business for three weeks and have paid so little attention to my own blog that I'm using topics like: "Give me a list of your top DD resources," which requires virtually no interaction at all. Will try to catch up on this blog, others and my own over the weekend.

    5. Dan: Have a safe and productive trip and I'll 'see' you when you're settled. All the best!-----KDP