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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

3 Coins in a Fountain......

.....all "tails"!  If you recall, or need to revisit my September 12, 2016 post: "Skinny Dipping", you'll see that there is a bit of a history regarding the desire of our friends Nickki & Jean to go skinny-dipping with us. And, it finally happened!

The story begins on Sunday when we attended a birthday party for Nickki (Happy Birthday, Nickki!) at their home. Jean was very proud and excited with their new pool, but to be honest, the weather has been weird in NJ lately, going from hot to chilly. As a result the pool was very inviting....but cold. Jean again suggested a skinny-dip later on when it got dark, and Rosa and I agreed. 

In the meantime, we had not brought swimsuits, but the ladies loaned one of theirs to Rosa and she went in during the warmer part of the day. Seeing the girls in the pool made me realize something pretty quickly: given that this was one of those very popular non-permanent frame pools and Jean was reluctant to add more water because she didn't want to make the water even colder than it was, the resulting depth for a 6'3" guy like meant meant that if I stood, the water would be up to my upper thigh. If I skinny-dipped, I'd either have to kneel, or pretty much end up standing out in the open naked.

As it was, the water was perfect for midday sunning in rafts, but I wondered how this was going to work out for the event to come. Well, eventually the sun set and Jean was ready. She was like a kid and her enthusiasm was infectious. However, the night got chilly and both Nickki and my Rosa announced they were not going to go in. However, I had not yet been in the pool and I felt like I had promised Jean all day that I would do this, so I said I'd still join her.

Without a suit to slip off in the pool, I had to strip under a towel, but given the style of ladder, once I got to the pool itself, there wasn't much to do except remove the towel and climb in naked. Jean had just entered the same way, so I was not doing anything different than my hostess, so.....Nickki and Rosa got to look on as we two brave fools went in.

The water was freezing! And sure enough, it was up to my thighs. Thus I now found myself in a momentary dilemma of either continuing to just stand there fully exposed, or kneel into the chilly water. I knelt. Within mere minutes I started to shake uncontrollably. This wasn't just me preferring a different temperature, this was my body saying: 'this water is too cold for you, doofus, get the fuck out!'

Jean saw me shivering and mercifully said I should probably just get out, and I did, providing the same spectacle in reverse.......only this time I'm sure my privates....which are not massive under the best of conditions...... must have now looked like a cashew and two acorns. I went inside to dress with Nickki and Jean soon followed.

However, the story does not end there. The very next day, on an open invitation from Rosa, Jean and Nickki told us they'd be dropping by for a swim in our pool. And they did!

It was still sunny out, being about 5:00, but because our yard is so private, Nickki just surprised everyone by stripping off her swimsuit shortly after entering the water. Rosa and Jean were playing pool volleyball and being a bold sort of guy, I joined Nickki by slipping mine off as well. It did not take long before both Jean and Rosa did the same. And then there I was......on a Monday bright daylight......swimming with THREE NAKED WOMEN.....each representing a different ethnicity! Talk about a charmed life!

At one point the girls posed for this cute, butt-flashing 'buddy shot'. (just click the image for a larger view) I just tweaked it a bit with some cropping (for anonymity) and enhanced the shot with a filter. For the record, from left to right:  Rosa, Jean, & Nickki.


  1. You lucky guy...although you must have required great restraint !Personally I would not have been able to resist giving all 3 of those delectable bottoms a good spank. For me there is some sort of connection between pools and spanking...

    1. Hi Glen! Well, as much as I love these ladies, as the resident sub I would not share your impulse.....especially since Rosa regularly spanks me and Nickki has "spanking rights". Jean is just a tough, lovable vanilla. So had you been there, as a friend I would have cautioned you against doing any smacking. The consequences would have been interesting to say the least! LOL

      I once had a group of online friends who I felt very close with. One day I had this crazy thought about a spanking game for a pool and could not shake the imagery! As a result, I wrote "Pool Fantasy" as a multi-part story wherein I incorporated the friends from the forum into a fantasy day at a big, public, kinky pool party. It can be seen and read at the main website. I think you in particular would love it!

    2. I believe in equal spanking rights for all so those bottoms would have been fair game to me. As for the would be worth it!

    3. Fair enough......but it would be interesting to see this play out. ;-)

    4. I agree. As a spanking story writer , situations like this intrigue me. What do you think might happen after I gave those 3 cute bottoms a few good smacks? I can think of a few interesting scenarios.....

    5. Well to be honest, these scenarios NEVER play out in real life the way we would want them to in a story. Like I said in my first reply, knowing these particular ladies, they would be the LEAST receptive women I know to being smacked like you suggested. Even if they knew you I would doubt you'd be very popular afterwards. Jean in particular, being a very tough Italian, street-wise, Lesbian vanilla, who is EXTREMELY overprotective of both her partner Nickki and my Rosa, would probably come at you hard......and not for a spanking, and then you'd have a real fight on your hands instead of a play adventure.

      Nickki, would probably react very aggressively as well....but 'maybe' she'd take it better......but ONLY if she knew you REALLY WELL.

      My Rosa might be the only one who would be happy to just have the tables turned on you. But boy you would pay dearly. LOL!

      And this is the thing about most spanking stories and captioned photos out there: they just are not believable. And yet I have had some unbelievable adventures in my I know stuff CAN happen......but they follow a different path than what a lot of people think of in their imaginations. While this unsolicited skinny-dip smacking reads like a classic spanking story just would rarely if ever play out that way.

      Now, if you were here and I introduced you and you confessed to being a male sub, MAYBE Nickki and Rosa might have some fun with you.....but Jean? Never.

  2. Sounds like you're not as lucky as I thought you were KD!

    1. Oh well. Just being honest. I am sure all of us wish things would work out like we'd want........but how often does that happen?

      Still I have no complaints. Just think of all the guys for whom no adventures come true.

  3. So true...they sure are 3 cute bottoms....thanks for sharing the pic.