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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It's Black & White

After two sequential posts with socio-politcal themes, it's time to return to some good old depraved kink! But since "race" has featured so prominently recently, why not take a nice lighthearted, but sexy look at some images invalidating "White Supremacy" as some cultural 'given'. In fact, let's look at some nice D/s power imbalances where people of color clearly have the upper hand over their very willing and lighter-skinned brothers and sisters:

The grinning young lady on the left may be the "chef", but at least she's not the main course! What I really love about this image is the lack of any restraining devices on the dually-penetrated victim. She may not be having as much fun as her tormentor, but she isn't exactly struggling to escape either, indicating a clear acceptance of her subordinate role.

Turning away from artwork....where anything can happen merely by drawing it, let's look at some images with real people in them:

Hmmm, another nice F/f  pairing, and it's even CFNF as well. Again, no restraints that I see. It sure seems like the bent young lady willingly accepts her partner's authority. And it looks like her disciplinarian is showing her that with a little help from a paddle she too can be a person of 'color'. I just love this picture.......well, except for those socks and boots. Just imagine this scene exactly as is.....with bare feet for Miss Pinkbottom, and regular shoes or sneakers for Ms. Paddleworth.

And it's not only white females that willingly yield to the power of a dark-skinned dominant woman:
This guy seems to accept that skin color does not determine who is subordinate to whom. I know I sure feel that way............. 

If my dear friend Nickki ever orders me across her lap, all she's going to hear from me is "yes, Ma'am."  (and probably a lot of 'ouches' once she gets going LOL!) Interesting thing about skin color and race, I don't think submitting to someone like Nickki is about anything other than personality. I just think she'd be an amazing disciplinarian given the chance. And yet, I am not completely blind to who she is ethnically either.  And to be honest, I'm not sure how that factors in for me? If it does at all, it's subtle, and definitely not a negative. I wonder if it would make any difference to her?

And finally, for anyone familiar with the phrase 'Black Power', here are a few little scenes that just really drive that point home pretty emphatically:

We start off slowly with a little act of deference.....

..... then open up more than just our hearts and minds......

.......until, whether girl........

......or guy,  we finally and fully pay respect to those 'Ladies in Charge' ! It is a matter of  dominance & submission.....role, not race!


  1. Remember those adolescent jokes; "what'" black and white and red all over"? a blushing zebra, a newspaper, and now........... that guy who is getting the paddle from the African American woman.

    I know Groan - Dumb Pun - but I just put in a serious, heavy entry in another spot. So I had to counterbalance it with this. :)

    1. I love bad puns. And attempting some balance while turning "white supremacy' on its (spanked) ass, is why I did this post in the first place. So keep the bad puns coming.