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Friday, August 25, 2017

My new favorite photo

Between celebrating Rosa's birthday last week and getting things ready for the upcoming RenFaire, things of a DD nature have been a bit sparse around here. That's not such a bad thing though, and I am not in any crazed state of need for attention.....but it does explain why the more recent posts have gone off in directions other than DD or spanking in general. And variety is a good thing.

One photo that I came across recently in my search for blog topics has just intrigued the HELL out of me:

Easily my favorite photo of the year so far!

There are many reasons I love this image:

#1: It is happening in a public place

#2: They 'seem' opposed to being models on an assignment.....even though someone is obviously photographing them and the dominant woman is not wearing panties (which would suggest this was planned)

#3: It depicts one of my favorite activities.....and between two women!

and #4: I can't look at it without trying to figure out the actual circumstances surrounding the public licking.....or imagining myself in the submissive lady's place.

One thing that the internet has taught me is that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. I would be disheartened, though not surprised, to learn that this was indeed a planned production with professional models.....but I have hope it isn't.

My ideal and plausible scenario is that the submissive woman became in some way obligated to perform this task in public......whether as a lost bet, a dare, or perhaps a punishment or act of submission. Though agreed to beforehand, the couple and friends were just waiting for the right moment, and then, the dominant lady just informed her submissive to get licking as another friend immortalized her public act of deference.

Another possibility is that the submissive, perhaps after a few drinks, offered to do this service and the dominant woman took her up on it......again having another friend capture the moment on a cell phone. If this was the case though, I'd expect to see her panties pulled down but still visible. Although she could have slid them off from under her skirt and put them out of sight.

So.......who knows? Regardless, I still love it! Even if it was more contrived than my ideal speculations, there are a few facts that don't change, namely, that the submissive is still willingly licking someone's butthole in a public bar and having that captured in a photo. Even if she was paid for her efforts, SHE is still the one who went home with the taste of ass in her mouth...........and who has her very visible face all over the internet as the girl who licks butts in bars! Try working that into a resume!


  1. It IS a compelling pic but no different, really, than a pic of someone getting fucked or blown or eaten in public, whether by a same-sex partner or an opposite sex one. Or, for that matter, spanked, especially exposed, in public. Besides, ALL her face (or the "lickee's") is not visible. Plausible deniability at least... ;-)

    1. Hmmmm, I don't know. I don't see your first three examples as anything like a spanking or (as in the photo) a butt licking. One set of activities you might almost expect to see at a wild bar and with no real consequence of embarrassment to the participants. It's just crazy hot sex. But the alternative activities are unexpected and rooted in one-sided embarrassment. I see them as quite different.

      You are right about plausible deniability though.....but then again this is can get photographed face-on with your hand in the cookie jar and STILL turn around and deny it was you. "Fake news!" ;-)

      (Maybe I should do a post on sex in public?)

    2. Perhaps because there's so much pornography available on the 'net these days, it's less of a public embarrassment than a spanking or ass-licking in public pic? What about a pic of a girl pissing in a guy's mouth (with both readily identifiable) or a girl getting fucked by a dog. I would think that those would be rooted in one-sided embarrassment. But the chick eating the other one's ass could also be something that you might expect to see at a wild bar, maybe even with some guys jerking off to it while watching. I think it all depends on your point of view. Something to think about: what if the anilingual enthusiast ISN'T embarrassed about it. Maybe she's an exhibitionist.

      And yes, you SHOULD do a post on sex in public. ;-)

    3. Your 'sex with a dog' remark reminded me of the great 'woman fucked b a horse' scene in "40-year-old Virgin! LOL You make some good points though.

  2. All I can think about is I'd like to sample the rest of the appetizers at that restaurant!