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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Nipple clips

The old song goes: "You always hurt the one you love......". So it's not surprising that we kinky folk can rave about how we love nipples...............and then turn around and torture them for fun. Now I've seen some crazy shit done to these perky nubs, but for the purpose of today's post, I am only going to show clip/clamp/clothespin types of 'torture'.

Very nice.

Now if you look around, you'll see a lot of ladies don't seem too bothered by a bit of pinch on their nips. Just look at this perky thing:

You have to wonder if using one's nipples for a place to keep those extra clothespins on laundry day was just practicality.....or something more? Whatever the reason, she doesn't seem to be too distressed by her twin adornments.

And this Amazon is just way too smug for a person in a submissive role.

Here's a look that seems to be saying, "I got problem." On one hand I just love her.......but I feel a little taunted by her expression? I can't help but think that if I was Topping this athletic beauty that  I'd just smile back at her, take the string from her mouth, yank hard.......and then fetch my set of vise grips? 

But nipple clamp stoicism is not universal. While some ladies seem to hardly notice them, others obviously do. They certainly seem to have gotten her attention:

Now there's an 'oh my'-face if  I ever saw one. Either the cameraman is doing a really funny trick, or this buxom cutie has just learned about what happens when something hard and unyielding latches onto something soft and sensitive?

Other clamped cuties are a bit more reflective.....

Is that a look of endurance......or ecstasy? Either way, she's beautiful in her submission, and not nearly as immune to what she's feeling as those previous cuties.

As someone who can appreciate pain, I find these previous photos cute but just a little disappointing. After all, I may not want to see these lovelies damaged......but a little obvious discomfort might be more appropriate. And this next one is a nice combination of beauty, composition, and just the right touch of 'ouch':

Great alternative use for chopsticks. And when you're done can order up some sushi!

But it wouldn't be a complete exploration of "nipple torture" if there wasn't some obvious torture. So let's conclude with this one where the poor gal is the victim of her own overly-generous breast size:

Yeah, she is definitely feeling it. I'll bet she's wishing she was an A-cup about now.


  1. I love the last 3 pics. The one woman you labelled endurance the look on her face is one of such concentration I love it.

    1. Thanks, Anna. I appreciate your comment on a post that did not seem to resonate well with my usual crowd.