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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Private Playtime

After all those posts about being open with our DD, it might seem odd to admit that when it comes to "playtime", we are just as private as anyone else. And with three kids in the house......all with different schedules of work, school, and social life, it has gotten harder to find alone time where we can play out in the open. If we do 'play', it is often restricted to a locked bedroom. But this past Saturday the fates aligned in such a way that a mutual mood to have some BDSM-type fun, coincided with all three kids being out of the house, leaving other locations available for our use.

The day didn't start with playtime, however. Instead it began with a semi-serious spanking over tuna salad. Yes, tuna salad. And since this was 'technically' a "kitchen offence", that's where I got it: bent over our counter, bare butt up and out, and Rosa swinging the huge, nasty wooden spoon we keep on the wall in there. OUCH! And after Rosa was finished with that, we spent a bit of time working in the garden weeding.................with me in my cheek-exposing chaps advertising to the birds and bees what just happened! 

But the most interesting bit of fun was when we decided to come inside and play a simple BDSM game. The premise was that of me doing 'laps' around our dining room table on all fours. To make this more challenging, I had 5 plastic clothespins clipped onto the corona of my penis, each sporting a 3 oz. lead fishing weight:

This old 'self-portrait' is a marker sketch I did many years ago depicting a situation similar to the one  I experienced Saturday......except the drawing also shows a  black scrotal enclosure that I was not wearing that day, otherwise this is exactly how I looked as I ran my laps.

Thus 'handicapped', I began my awkward trek around the table, weighted clips swaying and bouncing off my thighs, and then would stop at the end of the lap, bend to kiss Rosa's sandal-clad toes several times before turning to the 'track' again awaiting her signal to start the next lap. Rosa used this short 'rest' to spank my butt with that long, wooden spoon we keep on our kitchen wall. Sometimes I'd get 10 solid whacks, sometimes 20, and sometimes something in between. None were lightly administered and each stung mightily.

As simple as these conditions were, what made the 'game' interesting was how many laps Rosa had me do. I didn't count them, but there were definitely more than I expected and they began to have an odd effect on me. The more sore I got and the more tired, the more I began to feel 'submissively desperate'. After the spanks, I'd start the next lap feeling like I was 'getting away' only to reach the halfway point and know that now I was heading back for more. And as the exercise progressed I found my toe-kisses becoming more fervent. When informed that I was beginning my last lap, I was not disappointed but a bit relieved, even though I thoroughly 'enjoyed' the game. Naturally Rosa's last round of concluding spanks made my eyes go wide and left my bottom glowing.

Shortly after our 'game', our house slowly repopulated with family, but we both felt we made the most out of our private time. That evening I was treated to a long-awaited 'O' behind locked doors. But even that was done in a deliciously submissive way. Rather than focus on me and deliver some sort of direct attention to get me off, like a hand job or tease, Rosa merely relaxed curled up on her side lazily on our bed watching TV, while I got to tongue her gorgeous bottom. I felt like she was emphasizing our roles by only giving me her ass......but otherwise ignoring me. It was kind of sexy. I was so horny that this activity alone almost was enough to trigger an explosion....but only "almost". My groin still required some additional stimulation.

Sometimes I think Namio Harukawa spent some time peeking through our bedroom window.

Often when we do this 'treat' Rosa will help me along with her feet, since the position automatically results in them being right near my crotch. But Saturday was a bit different in that she would only sort of hold me with them, yet added no movement or teasing to 'help' stimulate me at all. Instead I had to 'work' for my 'O' by desperately undulating against them as I tongued her butt. 

As I did this I found myself mentally fluctuating between two very different mindsets. In one moment I'd close my eyes and be enveloped in a foggy cloud of horny passion for this 'treat' and chance for release and then, some need to alter position or change my approach would temporarily dispel that cozy fog and I'd find myself renewing my efforts with a clear, embarrassing awareness of what I was actually doing. I'd clearly see Rosa's curvy cheeks looming on each side of my face as my tongue probed her snug little hole reminding me of exactly where I was. And as I found myself pressing my privates against her stationary feet hoping to get closer to orgasm, I pictured myself as a horny puppy humping someone's leg. It was deliciously demeaning to think of what my desires and role had led me to: a butt-licking, foot-frotting mess of submissive desperation....... and ironically, that in turn led me back to the fuzzy feeling of passion. Back and forth I went like this, and considering the extremely frustrated state I was in, it was just enough to get me where I finally was allowed to go. And boy was that "O" welcome when it finally came!

All in all? One helluva day!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, dear. I have to agree. But man was it long overdue! I can't remember the last time we had the house to ourselves and also had a mutual desire to 'play'.

  2. Your method of doing laps sounds very "fun".
    I love your description of your "deliciously demeaning" efforts to achieve an "O". I presume that most men would not understand, but I can certainly appreciate the joyful descent to a position of butt licking, foot-frotting mess of submissive desperation.

    1. Thank you, Bill. Yes, getting an 'O'this way is probably not for everyone, but given your positive feedback, it is not like I'm the only one who'd appreciate it.

      Let's just say it's an 'acquired taste' and leave it at that. ;-)

  3. I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in having to spend considerable amounts of time with my face between a strong woman's ass cheeks, providing a most intimate service. That act of deference surely reinforces and demonstrates the power dynamic of a couple, doesn't it? And Namio provides the most delightful illustrations of this form of worship!

  4. Nothing more enjoyable than having a submissive give me attention like that. Lucky Rosa.

    1. Thanks, Anna, but to be completely honest, I felt pretty darned lucky too. ;-)