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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tail lights

A while back I posted a question on another forum with regard to a condition I seem to have that has not been discussed much: I have (and have had for quite some time) a somewhat semi-permanent discoloration on the cheeks of my bottom directly corresponding to the spots most often struck during a spanking. It is like having 'spank spots' that just never seem to go away......even weeks after my last trip over a lap. 

Now I have seen many discussions and explanations of "rhino-butt" ( another condition I am familiar with) but never anything on having perpetual spank marks....which I refer to as "tail lights".

Anyway, by pure luck, Pheobz, a new member of the aforementioned forum (ODDL), happens to be a medical student ( in addition to being a female submissive)   and responded with this:

"Now I am not sure for how long you have had the bruises, but usually the blood under the skin should be reabsorbed in about 3 weeks or so. (But well in your case I guess you are constantly adding up to it, so we don't know where to count the 3 weeks from :)) )

Anyway, my guess is that it is possible that you have a condition called "Hemosiderin staining".

This is when red blood cells break down in tissue and cells called Macrophages come to take up their contents. As you know, there is iron in the RBCs, when haemoglobin breaks, its iron content is released and turns into a storage form called hemosiderin, which has a yellowish brown colour and causes the discolouration.
This is a semi-permanent condition.

It takes a very long time for the body to clean up and metabolise the hemosiderin; so it can go away with time. But sometimes the cleaning up process takes so much time that part of it becomes permanent.

This happens with many surgeries and there are some topical creams that speed up the metabolising process, I suppose they are OTC so you can search for them.
There is also laser-therapy for more severe cases.

Apart from that, a better scenario is that it is just a hyper-pigmentation that might go away with bleaching creams (these wouldn't work on the hemosiderin thing as it is so deep). 
I cannot tell for sure, first because I'm not a doctor yet:D and second because I don't know how long you have had this for and also I don't know how it looks and even if I did, again I wouldn't be able to distinguish because of the first reason mentioned :D

If it wasn't embarrassing I would suggest consulting with a dermatologist.

And I would also recommend lessening the trauma to that area and giving it a rest (although I understand that might not be possible :D) "

Now I have to admit, this is the most plausible explanation for my condition, as it seems to describe it perfectly. So, "thanks, Pheobz"!  As for treatment? It seems futile to me. I am not going to stop having trauma to this area.....and wouldn't be happy for long if it did stop. And the spots don't hurt. The worst thing is that anyone seeing my bottom.....even LONG after my last spanking......would have a pretty clear idea of what Rosa and I are into. 


  1. It's nice to have an answer, even if you can't or won't be able to do anything about it.

    I know that having Anomic Aphasia and not knowing what it was caused me LOTS of frustration. I always wanted to scream "I'm not stupid!"

    1. Hi dear. Wow, I had to look that one up......and given how articulate you come across here and on other forums, I never would have guessed you suffered from such a malady.

    2. Typing is easy. I know what I want to say, so I do it slowly, and I will sometimes ask if someone is around. I went YEARS without knowing what was wrong with me, and poor Stitch went crazy trying to figure out what I meant. Pointing helps, or if you listen to the entire sentence, you can usually figure it out. What's difficult for Stitch is that he's gotten so used to weird stuff coming out of my mouth that when I say it correctly, he tries doing what he thinks I want instead of what I really want.

    3. Well you seem to be doing fine. And I learned something new!

  2. Good to have an explanation... maybe therapy should only be provided higher and lower than the tail lights.
    bottoms up

    1. Yes, Red, that's how I feel. I am happy with my explanation and now will proceed to do absolutely nothing about it. LOL

      (Not sure about targeting outside the tail light zone, though. I have a small, 'guy-butt' and outside that zone feels so weird and terrible. Just hit a few inches up and my nerves read the blow like my lower back was struck. Good thought though!)