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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tumblr milestone

So I recently got a congratulatory notice from Tumblr informing me that "Caption Hell"   has reached 100 posts! Woo-fucking-hoo.  Given recent events I am beginning to wonder if I'd get more positive feedback over there if my Tumblr featured swastikas and white hoods instead of quips to pathetic captions? Given the paucity of 'likes' I get, I am thinking that maybe too many visitors out there actually like crappy captions and resent me making fun of them. Oh well, too bad. I'm not going to stop. Even without positive feedback I still find the process therapeutic.


And speaking of therapy.....or those in need of other news, Kathy Griffin has publicly retracted her apology over her decapitated Trump photo...........three months later! She even went on a tirade over the fuss given the glaring disparity between the gravity of one cheesy photo from a meager entertainer and the endless offences committed by the President of the United States....who never apologizes for anything. Hmmm. That sounds familiar. Maybe if Kathy read "Collected Submissions" she might have retracted her lame-ass apology the next day? 

She also went on to claim that Trump has systematically destroyed her career. Now I'm no fan of Mr. Trump, but let's look at some facts, Kathy:
1: Trump has never done anything systematically.
2: You never had much of a career to begin with
3: You've done plenty on your own to destroy whatever career you did have.

Anything you do now just looks like desperation. 


And on a lighter note, in looking for fodder for "Caption Hell", I came across this:

Who am I to deny this perky cutie her dream? You gotta love a gal with simple goals.


  1. Someone should of told Kathy to decapitate her own online pic instead of the Donald's. It might of got her a laugh at least.That's what I do and It works for me .

    1. Self-deprecating humor is the often the best, but I can see why someone would want to do terrible things to a Trump effigy. I myself have made a life-sized "Medieval Trump" for my RenFaire guests to bash with real weapons.

      Only if someone posted a photo and I got criticized for it, not only would I not apologize, but I'd use the opportunity to express my feelings even further.

    2. DAN: Sorry, my friend, in correcting a spelling error and placement issue on my initial comment, I learned that if you delete a comment, it also deletes the replies to it. So, thankfully I had a copy of your reply in my email, so here it is:

      DAN: If I posted something that, in hindsight, really was inappropriate, I would take it down and apologize. The problem is Griffin clearly isn't sorry and never was. So, she was pandering when she put it up, pandering when she apologized, and now pandering again. It all comes off as just pathetic bids for attention.

    3. Dan: I suppose if I made an error I too would make amends, and I agree that her apology was not for what she did but to appease those reacting strongly against it. In a case like that it is best to stand one's ground.

      I'm not sure if these are bids for attention or indications of her unraveling. She doesn't seem balanced right now, although I don't have much to compare it to.

    4. ANNA: Rather than spanking you for your glaring error, I will correct you: It's should have or should've but NEVER should of!

      Speaking of nazis, I'm a bit of a spelling, grammar, and punctuation nazi. I don't apologize or retract my statements very often.

    5. Merry, my lovely grammar nazi, easy on the guests, dear. I am so happy to get comments from people who stay on topic that I'm quite willing to overlook a 'should of' or two.

      Now, if you ever track down the multi-named king of non seXquiturs who continually plagues Blogger, you can spank HIM until he passes out! (Dan will no doubt agree.) ;-)

    6. Agreed!

      I was feeling feisty this morning. I hope I didn't frighten our guest.

    7. I hope not, yet I doubt she'd be easily intimidated. Anna seems pretty tough and confident. She has a great blog of her own as well......linked in my list.

  2. Speaking of expressing my feelings: Kathy Griffin is a cunt in both senses of the word. Fuck her! No, you first. I insist...

    1. We do not censor comments here based on agreement, only relevance to the topic, and your comment is certainly relevant. Angry....but relevant.

      Honestly, I don't like her and never have, but I would probably not use 'cunt' to describe her. Not because of the volatility of the word, but because I'm not sure it's accurate in her case. I think Dan is more on-target with "pathetic".

      As for me fucking her at your insistence? As the host of this blog, decorum would dictate that my guests should go first. It's just good manners. ;-)

      (actually, she looks like if someone did try to fuck her right now....even gently....she'd break into jittery little pieces.)

    2. smuccatelli: I believe you meant to write "Unfuck her"

      The following sentence will explain:
      Unfuck Kathy Griffith. She's not worth fucking in the first place!

      Doesn't that express your feelings better?

    3. Not really. I meant, of course, in the generic metaphorical sense. As for me, I wouldn't fuck her with someones elses' dick. Anyone elses' dick.
      Your comment reminds me of the old Lenny Bruce standup routine, where he uses "fuck you" as a term of expressing affection or wishes for a positive outcome: "Fuck you, Mom. Fuck you, Dad..."

  3. Kathy should read you. Apologizing for her work of "art" was just WRONG. Taking it back now is just stupid.

    1. Honey.....EVERYONE should read me. LOL The world would be a better place. ;-)

    2. Yes x 999,999,999,999,999,999,,999,999,999,999,999.999.999,999,999 ad infinitum!