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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Lady Marta: Disciplinarian

Two of my favorite ladies, Ladies Marta & Nickki, having some fun.

Various photos are still trickling in. I thought for sure someone snapped a shot of me getting swatted by "Lady Marta" in the stocks.....but Rosa told me that she doesn't think anyone caught that. However, yesterday I got this shot of Lady Marta giving Lady Nickki a nice swat! (I love both of their costumes too!)

Throughout the day, various guests always seem to find a way to get a few smacks from my neighbor. And when I plan out the Quest for the Holy Grail, the first "trial" is an archery task wherein a plastic apple must be shot off the head of William the Younger using up to 8 arrows. The team being tested must appoint both an archer and a "hostage" who is then imprisoned in the stocks. For every arrow that misses....Lady Marta delivers a swat to the hostage. If all 8 miss, she adds a penalty of an extra 4, a little harder than the first 8, for an even dozen. So at the very least, Marta gets to whack one member of each team a bit. 

There are other challenges and dares that sometimes result in a trip to Lady Marta's stocks as well. As for me? I announced at the beginning of the faire that since I had escaped Lady Marta last year, anyone could come up and ring a bell we have in the yard to give the go ahead for me to 'get it' from Lady Marta to make up for it. As soon as I said it, Rosa strode right up and rang the bell, and Lady Marta gleefully delivered several good swats......only she insisted on using the nasty wooden spoon with my name on it instead of the milder leather slapper!

I didn't get a lot of swats, but the ones she gave me definitely stung! Hopefully I'll get a shot from someone at some point showing Lady Marta dealing out her 'justice' to someone actually in the stocks. I know a lot of shots were taken of different guests at different times, but I don't know who has what. And in conclusion I wanted to add this year's shot of me and Lady Rosa: