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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Pet peeve or just weird?

There are a lot of things in spanking photos that can drive me crazy........or at least prompt me to shake my head. I've covered some of them before, but today I'm gong to concentrate on one that I REALLY would love an answer to: what's up with those shoes on an otherwise naked spankee?

Look at these heels! Could the disciplinarian not just have waited the extra minute for these to be removed? But take a gander at the Top. She's not dressed in fetish or glam.....and yet check out those red pumps! Somebody on this shoot is into heels!

It's bad enough that standard porn shots do this all of the time, but spanking shots too? And it's not just the glam shots either. Even relatively average ladies in seemingly domestic settings engage in this:

I guess these boots are made for spanking?

And it's not just a youth-thing! Mature victims keep those shoes on as well.......

Sometimes I think the photographers use shoes as a sort of 'partial costume' to remind the viewer "who" the victim is. A good example of this is the punished "schoolgirl". And here's a whole line-up:
On one hand, everyone wants to see those nubile cuties all nice and naked.....BUT we also have to keep that 'schoolgirl' image going, so what better way than to let them keep their uniform socks and shoes on? ( Don't those shoes just utterly convince you that these are girls in a school? LOL)

But shoes are not always a uniform or clue. So why are they there after everything else has been stripped off? And it doesn't matter who the spanker is. They can be male......

He probably couldn't figure out how to get them off.

....or female:
"Owww, but black goes with everything!"

"I'll know you've had enough when those fall off."

...or more maternal:

"Those are my pumps, young lady...........and I'm going to keep spanking you until you 
give them back to me!"

Hell, sometimes the spanker can even be in full 'Domme regalia' and their victim's shoes are still staying put:

This shot is a bit silly on more levels than just shoe-wearing.....but if you are shooting for 'ridiculous', you may as well add shoes (and socks) to the list.

But the best is when both spanker and spankee are naked....or nearly naked.....and those damned shoes are still on!

Shots like this just make me laugh!

So what is up with this? OK, it's not 100%......but as you can see, it's frequent enough to have to be intentional. Do people find this sexy? Do the models have ugly feet that need to be hidden? Did the model initially remove her shoes only to have everyone on the shoot think someone opened a bag of Dorito's? What the hell is it? I realize this is not a new thing:
This trend goes back a bit for sure. (And don't you just love the rifle stock visible in the upper right corner? You don't see that anymore. I guess she's lucky she's just being hand-spanked!)

Maybe it's the shoes themselves. I've always heard that women love shoes. Perhaps even naked women still can't resist shoes?

It seems that this young lady can't. 

The ONLY time you don't see shoes on an otherwise naked spankee, seems to be when that victim is male! And here I thought it was women who were more prone to wanting to go around barefoot?


  1. I agree that the whole "fuck me" heels are a bit much, but I will also confess to running around the dungeon with only my boots or shoes on. I don't like my feet to get dirty.

    1. Well hell...... that's just being practical 😜👣

    2. Yeah. Practical. Unfortunately, practical isn't sexy.

  2. Never got the shoe thing much, but I figured it was sort of an homage to the BDSM folks (in addition to the whole spanking/paddling/caning thing). It seems to be very common, no matter how practical the shoes might be (or not be). A friend who writes a lot of F/x spanking fiction points out that, in an over-the-knee spanking, resulting kicking from the spankee might well, as a practical matter, cause injury to the spanker.

    As for me, my pet peeve is the plethora of tattoos on supposedly young, innocent schoolgirls (or daughters, or nieces, etc.) or on some of the "respectable" spankers, especially older ones in Victorian-era clothing or 1950s Eisenhower era scenarios. Very unrealistic to say the least. When I see a "schoolgirl" with a "tramp stamp" getting caned by a teacher with a full-sleeve arm tat, it just ruins the fantasy, AFAIC...

    1. You mean sticking a gal in white knee-socks and black patent leather shoes doesn't magically override her tattoos? LOL. I'm sure the paunchy, pony-tailed producers of these videos would be shocked to hear that (sarcasm).

      When I hear from folks like you, who agree the shoe thing is nonsensical, I truly wonder who the target audience is? Not us obviously. ;-)