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Monday, September 11, 2017


Well the 2017 RenFaire has ended and other than some minor (and I mean minor ) hitches, it was a rousing success! I even managed to participate much more this year, rather than spend all of my 'party time' coordinating events. And, as promised, I got pictures this year. For the sake of this post, I will just share the shots of the unpopulated shire.....before guests arrived and partook of the various offerings. Here are a few highlights:

One overview of the entrance to the "Villa Alava".

Beneath the shaded arbor, a crest depicting Rosa's actual family crest coupled with my invented family crest, based on my last name.

Another crest.....that of my daughter.....and her husband.

Our museum of 'artifacts' from the neighboring and perpetually feuding shires of  Ochershire and Azurton.

The gaming area, for dueling in various forms!

The Royal Throne, crown, and scepter. But before sitting upon it, you must prove yourself worthy.....

....and pull forth the sword from the stone and anvil.

And for those in need of chastisement.....Lady Marta's Stocks. You can see her leather slapper hanging from the one side. (the axe is for very serious offences and fortunately has never had to be used. Makes a nice warning though.)

The Arthurian-themed cups of Grail tasks.

Our tennis ball-firing mangonel.

And our Torvald Drumpf effigy that one could do battle with and or otherwise abuse. (He is shown here post-party with the broken fragments of his chest plate about his feet.)

Besides Torvald, the only other participant who probably did not have a good time was poor William Tell the Younger.

In my next post I will show some of the events as they unfolded with our guests......(with some of the faces obscured for polite anonymity). 


  1. I wonder how that'll throne would feel on you after a good roast ;)

    1. Eh, it's padded. Besides, as you well know, not much of that nature has been going on lately anyway......and the spanks from the party were more fun and in too small a number to count as a good roasting. So your question will remain a mystery to solved another time. Maybe next year?

  2. You guys put all this together in your BACKYARD? Nice. Must be a lot of work though. I'm guessing a good time was had by all and I trust there was plenty of liquid refreshment, as appropriate for a "faire".

    1. Yes, this is just a backyard affair. (I like the size of my yard for most things......except this party. I wish I had room enough for knights on horseback!)

      We had a lot of no-shows this year, but those who came said the smaller crowd made for a more fun day. As for refreshment, I had a cooler split between Voodoo Ranger 8 Hop Ale, and Long Trail's 'Green Blaze' IPA. In spouted glass jugs, I made a vodka/cucumber/basil/white cranberry cocktail, and a fresh, sweet, peach sangria.

  3. Dude, you have more energy than I would know what to do with.


    1. It's funny you say that, because one of the guests said something very similar. All I know is that energy gets things done......and drives my loved ones crazy.

      And thanks.