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Monday, September 25, 2017

Thinking is good

The stereotype of the jock has always accentuated brawn over brain. And yet, while teased over not knowing the most basic things about science, history, math, literature, art, or music, no one can deny that sports fans actually do possess sufficient intelligence to memorize the most obscure stats, facts, and game strategies. So it's not that jocks or sports fans are stupid.....they just choose to focus their minds on the minutia related to balls of various shapes, sizes, and colors rather than other things.

It is because of this that I actually appreciate the most recent "anthem" controversy. For me, it has made something of no interest (sports) interesting.....and it has forced people who rarely think beyond "who should be traded for whom" or "who ran for the most yards in 1973" or "pass me another Coors light" to ponder some important issues. And that is a good thing.

(I figured given the nature of this blog, I should at least toss in some visual that incorporates discipline. And this may well be the first time I've posted a M/m image. LOL)

It doesn't really matter where a person stands on this most recent issue... a protest against violent racism, particularly within law enforcement in a country that touts equality, because the controversy is no longer about that single issue. Now it encompasses several:

-Should a paid athlete be allowed to use their own public sporting event to highlight a political issue?

-Are simpler political statements OK (like wearing a ribbon or emblem)......but not ones that revolve around flags/anthems? Or are flags and anthems the ideal place to focus attention on things that may be wrong in the country?

-How free should "free speech" be?

-Is 'patriotism' supporting one's country no matter what? or acknowledging the bad and trying to change it?

-Should a president make the sort of commentary Trump has made about this issue?

-From the 'Trump perspective' this really about the anthem and kneeling, or is this a tactic of diversion......or of division? Worse, is it merely about disrupting an organization he personally doesn't like?

-Are we a hopelessly divided country, separated by race, ideology, and wealth?

Personally, I have a view on all of these, but expressing that view is not what this post is about. Instead, I am just happy to see the tailgate crowd finally thinking and talking about something important. Thinking is good. Thanks, Donald. 


  1. I have a few on most of the above, and as a libertarian-leaning guy my starting position is the more speech the better. It occurred to me that there is something even more interesting than the specific questions above. My guess is that more people than not agree that what the players are doing IS disrespectful, and more than a little pointless and self-indulgent in this particular context. Just a guess, but when you get away from the coasts, I am fairly confident I'm right about how this was playing two weeks ago. As exemplified by the fact that there was no outcry that Colin Kaepernick was basically being blackballed for taking a knee. Then, along comes our President, and suddenly the same NFL owners and players who really didn't support Kaepernick a week ago are publicly staring down a president who, in terms of social position and experience (Trump owned a pro football team -- and unsurprisingly ran it into the ground, like most of his other endeavors) they have much in common with. My larger point is, think about how reviled and divisive this President is, that with one speech virtually the entirety of the NFL owners club and many players just did a complete 180 degree turn on this issue.

    1. He certainly has a way with people 🙄.

      I think I may go ahead and address the issues I listed.....just for clarity and closure.

      I agree that the issue would have just been a curiosity or footnote to the game prior to Trump, but now that it has escalated it does raise questions that may not have come up otherwise.

  2. KD- I've gotten to "know you" a bit from being a long time reader of Dan's (awesome) Disciplined Hub blog. You always have great comments and input there!! So guess I'm branching out into the broader spank pool w new blogs.

    There has been one question/comment I have found a bit fascinating isn't being allowed to be introduced into the broader public discourse on this. I'd suggest we need to take a step back from the emotions that all the external agendas are intentionally stirring into this frenzy and look at the objective fact set of what's transpiring. Everyone agrees we are blessed by having our right to protest!!! I applaud individuals that put themselves out there to help address or correct societal wrongs. However, I don't have the unfettered right to do that ....AT WORK! These guys are on the clock when they walk on the field. What would happen to any of us if we decided to repeatedly "take a knee" during the opening comments of client meetings??? How has everyone lost sight of the fact that we....the people who buy tickets and pay for television are the client .....and the team owners run a business populated by, like any other business, employees...the players. At this stage of their lives, given the standing (pardon the pun) they have achieved in society I can appreciate how challenging it is for them to acknowledge to themselves.....THEY'RE EMPLOYEES. I just can't believe the masses aren't asking ......"why do NFL football players believe they are a better or different breed of employee than the rest of working society? What entitles them to decide unilaterally and individually how they are going to comport themselves in the workplace?"

    1. Thank you for the compliment and for commenting, Darren.....and welcome!

      Actually, if you just read my blog post from yesterday (where I actually give my views of the points listed in this post) you'll see that I address precisely that issue. And I believe I addressed it very close to what your points are here.

      (Also as a usual practice, I usually inform newcomers here to view this blog in "web view". You will see at the top right margin links to my website (which is full of stories and art) and my Tumblr (which is a sarcastic outlet for my frustration with the fake images and corny captions I routinely encounter when cruising for topics and images). Please take a look around!)

  3. That's so great THANK YOU....and my apologies....I hadn't seen your follow up from yesterday. Will definitely check it out.