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Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Hilda

In the 1950's, illustrator Duane Bryers created an iconic American pin-up character named "Hilda". I first encountered Hilda on Hermione's blog, but once introduced, I searched her out many times on my own. Plump, cheerful, and accident-prone, Hilda has charmed me more than any other illustrated pin-up girl I've ever seen......and that has been true for many others, because Hilda remained popular for decades. (for more on Hilda)

And naturally such an intrepid go-getter had to make her way through more than a couple of Halloween's in her day, and here are the pictures:

Scouting out the local fields, she finds the ideal pumpkin patch.....along with the ideal pumpkin.

But after all that lugging and carving, who wouldn't need a nap?

In her dreams, Hilda  becomes one of our sexy witches from yesterday's post.

But when warm days turn to cool nights, and you're only wearing flowers, it's time to head home to a warm fire.......even if it means passing a haunted farmhouse.

And what better way to relax on the night before Halloween than in a warm union suit, with a good ghost story?


And as promised, here is today's image from Saturday's party:
one of the contestants in our "Mummy-wrap Contest"!


  1. fun drawings of Hilda.
    bottoms up

  2. Hilda looks like my type of gal KD!
    So naughty and spankable.
    Thanks for introducing her and hoping to see more of her.

    1. I will probably post more of her now and then. And I agree about her 'look'. Even as a switch who leans mostly towards F/m dynamics, there is something about her that brings out the Top in me. She's one lady that if it came to it, she'd end up over my lap instead me over hers.