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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

It's officially here! And this year I am going to celebrate with several days of posts dedicated to Halloween feet of one kind or another. So with apologies to those readers who think feet are yucky, let's begin with festive Halloween toenails! 

Pumpkins and toe rings, how cute.

Black with spiderwebs takes things in a creepier direction.

This is cute and creative.

Candy corn? I'll have some!

This person couldn't decide on a single theme. Good thing she has ten toes.

Day of the Dead is fashionable right now. 

Shades of Jack & Sally.

Trick or better pick the right toe to eat!

Ghosts and pumpkins to celebrate the day.

Here's hoping your day has some wiggly treats mixed in among the candy! Or your toes are treated like candy!

Oooops! Almost forgot to add a 'party picture'. How about more decor? Here's one of a new candelabra I made this year.....from a real skull and bones, and one of our pool table 'vignettes':

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