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Thursday, October 19, 2017

I dare you.... look at this and not laugh:

I suppose this is the proposed solution for a woman with a bestiality fetish who lives in a "no pets" apartment? Whatever it's fucking hysterical!

Some of the things that get me are:

What's with the giant bell on the collar? Who puts a bell on a dog? .....especially a fake dog? It's not going to run away or chase cats.

The girl......who looks a lot like Emma Roberts.....has THE goofiest 'getting fucked' expression I've seen.

She's also wearing stockings and 'fuck me' heels. Is she trying to look sexy for the fake dog? Honey, he can't see you. Not only is he fake.....but he doesn't even have eyes!

And just look at that dog! Even if the dazed bimbo wasn't in the picture, that thing would still crack me up all by itself. It looks like a robot dog wearing a cat costume. And how do you explain that thing to guests?

No, say what you will, but this is some priceless shit!