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Thursday, October 26, 2017


Given my long focus on Halloween topics, I need to point out: they can't ALL be about sexy Dommes and painted boobies. Just like with chocolate.....sometimes you gotta go DARK. But to be honest, there IS a reason this topic came up. I was searching around for images for Halloween and came across a bizarre, but well drawn Hentai comic called "The Dark Witch of Westbrook" (link) . And while definitely adult and kinky in content, it had recurring themes of capture, spanking, orifice stuffing, impalement, and cannibalism.

I guess this is so cunnilinguists and analinguists can enjoy a balanced diet?

I know this seems so why is it so hot?

Gagged with an apple, coated in caramel, and impaled on a stick, this image reminds me of an old joke my father once told me about a one-legged man trying to buy a cheap Halloween costume.

This reminded me of the disturbing scene in "The Naked Prey". I wish they hadn't had to fully penetrate and cook the victim. It took the 'fun' out of it.

It was then that I recalled the intense impalement scenes in American Horror Story's  "Roanoke" season. 
Who says Taissa Farmiga doesn't take it up the ass?

And in researching that, I came across a reference to a 1980 cult-classic movie that still has the horror junkies talking: "Cannibal Holocaust"  (link)

This coincidental chain of relatively contemporary impalement references got me thinking. Normally impalement and cannibalism are not subjects I cover......but with Halloween coming? Hmmmmm. So sit back and clench your buttholes tight, and let's have a little look at this practice.

Naturally you can't talk about impalement without mentioning the guy for whom impalement was such a kick.....that it became part of his name:

Vlad Tepes, aka: Vlad Dracula and "Vlad the Impaler" ( Impy to his friends......if he had any .)

Vlad was the ruler of Wallachia (link) and really had a hard time getting along with the Ottoman Turks. He kind of saw them, and his other enemies, as a real stick up his ass.......and so, whenever he had the chance.....which was often, he returned the favor:

Vlad enjoying a nice dinner al fresco.

But old Vlad wasn't the only one to employ a nice sharp pole up the shaft, nor was he the first. It seems to be a time-honored tradition for punishing people in an exceptionally cruel way.  There were even techniques used to prolong the death of the victim.....which could last from hours to days. (more on impalement through history). But enough of all that! This IS an adult, sexually-themed blog after all, so lets look at some other less deadly, but still pretty invasive takes on impalement:

Now this guy is not having a good day......or maybe he is? 

The idea of sexual, (non-lethal)  BDSM 'impalement' has a definite appeal for me. And in looking for images for this post, I was a little disappointed by how little I found. But I did not devote a ton of time to the search, so maybe more is out there? But the overwhelming majority of impalement photos are of women stuck on various poles, chairs, and even bedposts.....BUT with their vaginas being the targeted area of penetration. That is probably more sexy to some, but for me it ruins the idea of impalement.....which historically is associated with the the guy above. Though I did find two ladies who mounted themselves on their bedposts:

This brave lass managed to take in this impressive shown in the subsequent shot.

And this also brought back memories LOL!

Long before I met Rosa, I had a sort of on-line D/s 'fling' with a female switch who had a 'thing' about impalement. She always teased me that she would love to have an impalement post on her mantlepiece, have me mounted on it......and then have guests over for a party. (I liked the idea). We discussed various possibilities and with the boldness that comes from frustration, I offered to impale myself for her, much like this lady above, only on a railing post I had at the top of my staircase. The idea was to end up 'stuck' and standing upright with something pretty uncomfortable stuffed into me. The post was capped with a substantial ball and the challenge was to 'take' that ball and then photograph myself thus impaled......and send it to her for her gratification.

Being no stranger to anal penetration, with time, care, and no small amount of effort, I managed to do it. Once 'in', the narrow neck below the ball held me very effectively. (It was just like being fisted by someone with a small wrist.) I got the shots and she LOVED them! I still have them somewhere on a disk, but I am not sure where they are. The thing is, although done as a solo venture with my 'tormentor' many miles away and waiting for compliance, it was still very intense.

I often imagined how it would be to be similarly impaled in the presence of my tormentor and bound. And THAT was what I was looking for little avail. I did find this one though.....which came under a search for a commercially available combination spreader bar and impaler:

Her expression and a close-up search led me to believe that it wasn't her foremost orifice being penetrated.... but I could be wrong. 

My last image is a drawing that again should arouse sympathy, but doesn't. In fact, if given the chance, I wouldn't mind having her turn the tables on ME! 

I do think the pose is a bit hard to believe, but I like the idea behind it.

If anyone thinks I'm being callous by enjoying this young lady's predicament, let me assure you that I have been in a similar if not exact situation.....and that's where my fascination is rooted. I like the idea of a bondage situation where gravity and fatigue result in a slow descent onto an ever-widening dildo/plug, call it what you will. I can imagine the old 'back against the wall, in a sitting position, with a similarly flared cone partially inserted' and waiting for fatigue to send burning waves through ones thighs until you had no choice but to slide down a bit more and have your bottom stretched wider and wider. Or maybe an angled table with a plug below and legs shackled to a spreader? Of course I think safety is also important because no one wants to be injured.....and injury during intense play is always a possibility. The main precaution would be to ensure through other devices (rope, a stop at a particular depth, etc.) that a slip or spasm would not result in a quick and damaging descent. Otherwise, the idea of predicament bondage with anal impalement as the main 'torture' is sort Far sexier than the real thing!


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    1. I hope you mean something in the latter half of this post. LOL!

  2. are you familiar with the femdom art of Augustine (augustine95 on Tumblr)?

    1. I wasn't by name, but when I checked out the site they looked familiar.