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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Natural switches

It has been a very long time since I've twisted and turned under a stingy switch cut from the wild. In fact, I don't recall Rosa and I ever engaging in this. However, this Friday Rosa and I are heading off on a short, one-overnight camping trip and have already discussed finding an appropriate time and place to give this a try.

One thing about plans though, is they never can be counted on, and any number of things could prevent this from happening.......but I'm hoping it does. We have a short list of activities we want to indulge in while out in the woods, mostly vanilla in nature, but happily the otherwise normal agenda DOES feature a mutually-desired switching as something of a priority. 

Since I am familiar with this campground, I have a plan that should allow us to discreetly get in a few good licks, but I also know that the place is very solidly booked for this weekend. I know of a trail that is not as popular as some of the others, and since Rosa wants to get some nature photography in, I thought we could combine the two. So as she takes her shots, I will be scouting out switch material ( I tend to look for black birch trees with a bunch of 'suckers' sprouting from its base ) and a good spot to use them. Thankfully switches......while very stingy AND very effective at leaving plump, livid welts.....are also very quiet.

Absolute WORST case? I'll cut some before we leave on Saturday and soak them in some water so Rosa can try them out on me on Sunday in the privacy of our home.

No switches in this shot, but I liked it anyway. Besides, that guy's butt looks pretty tender even if it wasn't a whippy branch that did the damage!

On a side note, I did notice that in looking for an appropriate image to accompany this post, that the paucity of outdoor F/m switching photos is staggering! The ratio of these to M/f, F/f, and even M/m dynamics is incomprehensible. I simply cannot believe this simple act, while popular enough when the woman is bent over, occurs so infrequently with men on the receiving end. I found dozens of M/f switching shots......maybe more, and only about two (shown here) with a guy getting it from a lady. What's up with that?

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