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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

No fabric or mask needed

Today is going to be a bit of a visual treat of how some enterprising folks managed to use body paint to create some interesting 'costumes'. I tried to avoid purely professional shots of models and looked for more of what everyday people might end up with.....even if the person who did the painting was a pro at a festival.

We'll start with this 'nude but crude' example. I guess they didn't want to tear up any of their clothes for their costumes. But.....while a bit works. And you have to love their expressions. These two are definitely having fun....while also being a little scary.

But for a more artistic zombie rendering, just look at this petite vixen! She could easily condition a person to NOT fear zombies.

And here's a bold young lady. I like the insinuation of kink and even chastity-play. A little kinky, a little creepy.......and heavens! what a body!

But not all body painting has to be about zombies.........or rely on talented renderings. Sometimes all you need is a good idea, dedication, and a LOT of paint!

These clever cuties reminded me of my Little "chemistry-loving"  Monster. I even sent Ana this picture and she said she'd never feel comfortable like this.....but honestly? Except for bare arms and midriff, the girls are fully clothed and covered and Ana is every bit as adorable, so I think she could definitely pull it off. And it's so.......elemental!

But while zombies and clever costumes are great.......what's Halloween without some pumpkins? These last four ladies show what can be done with that one simple idea. The first three chose to use the shape of what nature gave them to mimic Jack-o-lanterns:

I feel like her look is saying: "So which ones do you prefer?" But honestly? These are way too big for my tastes. I prefer much smaller 'pumpkins'.

Here we go! Much better. You can see how this gal earned all of those Mardi Gras beads. I do find the crude, grassy field a bit distracting though.

And here's a young lady proving that one does not need to be a talented artist for this costume idea to be effective. Sometimes a good 'canvas' can elevate the questionable art on it. And is it me, or does she just have a 'look' that promises trouble?

And lastly, we have this public beauty, opting to forgo the 'one pumpkin per breast' pattern for something more dramatic and grand.


  1. Some beautiful painting jobs wish I could see them in person but that would probably earn me a good hard spanking.
    A side question would you mind if I told you some of the ways Robyn uses me? You could post it or not your choice.

    1. You never know what jealousies could arise from some innocent gazing!

      As for your side question..... I have an idea of how something suitable could be arranged. Please contact me via e-mail......through my Blogger profile......and we'll take it from there.