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Friday, October 6, 2017

Slips accepted

So last night Marta called and said she was stopping by with a snack. Rosa and I were otherwise alone and despite Marta saying she would meet with me today, I asked her if she'd just like to have the talk right then with Rosa present as well. (Having Rosa around for these things is a huge bonus since she has enormous influence with Marta.) Marta agreed and I gave her the slips along with a printed "instruction sheet", sample slip,and personal note reiterating what the slips are all about. We then explained what we were proposing.

When Marta understood that while she had the option to personally administer a punishment, the default protocol would be for Rosa to do it, she seemed very interested. That layer of distance was enough to make her more comfortable with indulging her bossy side.

Rosa was great and kept teasing and making Marta laugh with her suggestions for all the things Marta could write a slip for and all the ways she could deliver one once it was filled out. The best was when she said she could always use me as a proxy for Marta's own husband, Wally, and leave it in the mailbox since Marta was saying how he sometimes makes her nuts. "I love him.....but he drives me crazy!" she said, adding that those proxy spankings would probably be the worst punishments from her to me. That prompted me to explain my own feelings on proxy spankings and how for me to feel right about being a proxy, I have to feel like what I'm getting is exactly what the actual miscreant would get if they were being spanked.....which she found interesting because it runs counter to one's intuition that perhaps an innocent proxy should have an easier time of it.

With the issue of severity now out on the table, Marta then asked some procedural questions about appropriate amounts and stuff like that, which started a whole side conversation on the usual level of severity Rosa uses with me. We have discussed this several times before and it always surprises me when Marta brings it up, because she herself has issued significant punishments and has seen me in my chaps afterwards. She has to know by now what kinds of spankings take place here and even began the conversation by turning to Rosa and saying something like, "now I know when you spank KD you aren't fooling around and you really give it to him, so what kinds of amounts are we talking?" And while she has said she fully understands that in our type of DD relationship the spankings need to be punitive rather than playful roleplay, she always seems surprised at what that means in the moment. I think she brings this up as a way to get another green light from us because when Rosa answered her question on amounts and severity, Marta turned to me and asked, "so what does a spanking like that mean for you? I mean after all that, don't you end up really sore?" I just laughed and said, "you've seen me in my chaps after!" Rosa then reassured her that everything I get is appropriate for someone of my experience and tolerance level and for all concerned......and I agreed.

Once Marta seemed to have an idea on what sorts of numbers she could feel free to suggest, things lightened up again with more teasing. At one point I sort of said something about Rosa and Marta waved her envelope of slips at me saying she could fill one out right now if I was disrespectful to my Honey. Then we chatted until she said she had to go home. Taking her slips with her, she gave me a cute warning about behaving now that she had these slips in her arsenal. Now it's just a matter of 'wait and see'.


  1. It may take a little time but I'm betting she will use the slips. A question with that slips could that also mean that both Marta and Rosa could or would be spanking you at the same time? I can see you across both their laps as they sit on chairs facing each other with you naked bottom positioned and ready for them.

    1. The slips, and more importantly Rosa's approval, would certainly allow for a "double" but unfortunately I would not feel free to blog about such a thing for privacy reasons.

      I do hope she uses the slips but people never fail to surprise me both in not doing what I would expect and also doing things I don't expect. We will see.