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Monday, October 16, 2017


In my last post, "Icebreaker", I told of our return to discipline via a bit of pre-conditioning. (One might say 'tenderizing'?) So it should be of no surprise that Saturday Rosa took the opportunity of some in-house privacy to get down to some more serious spanking.

I got the full experience as a result and had a fairly difficult time enduring it. At one point I even emitted one of my 'unhappy grunts' which is a noise I make when I REALLY hate how the spanking is going. Rosa asked me what was wrong and I told her, and to her credit she just continued along until she was satisfied.

Afterwards, we decided to take advantage of the rare privacy and add some 'extras' to the post-spanking me wearing a particular pair of pouch panties that, instead of a thong strap up the back, are more like a very lacy jock strap. 

A bit like this but pink and with a shorter 'skirt'.

The open rear and lack of a strip of material going up the buttcrack allowed for full view of my spanked cheeks and the glass butt plug I would also be wearing. 

THIS be precise.

Finishing off the look was a black & white polka-dotted apron I wear when I am in "servant mode".......which I was.  BUT.......before 'dressing up', it was over Rosa's lap for one more spanking! This one was a very short but VERY hard. The two punishments combined were more than enough to leave me very contrite and sore......and in a very subby, mushball mood. And after dressing, plugging, and getting everything Rosa wanted, I just hung out at her feet while she relaxed, smooching her tootsies while hot-bottomed and plugged.

Not a bad place to be!

Saturday left us both in a mood and Sunday morning became the perfect time for a little mutual romance......concluding with a one-sided orgasm for Rosa (as readers may recall, I am to remain chaste until the 27th) and just some frustrating teasing for me.......along with more foot kissing. Not a bad weekend.....even if my hinder was fairly stingy for most of it.


  1. NOT to get into a contest, but it is possible that my bottom was as sore as yours Saturday night or Sunday morning(mine still is,Monday afternoon)as we attended a party, and Merry had opportunity to use i-dont-really-know-how-many of our implements on my bottom while I was naked and straddling a Spanking bench.
    Spectators? Yes. Never bothers me.

    1. I'm not bothered by comparisons. And if this was a contest, I would probably say you won. Play sessions oddly have the potential to do far more damage than disciplinary ones for some reason.

      The witness issue is an odd one for me. A lot of whether it bothers me or not has to do more with who they are and why I'm getting whacked than merely having someone else present. Given a situation like the one you described, I'd probably be fine with it as well and have been in similar situations.....though not frequently as very few of my past partners were scene people.

      All the best!