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Sunday, November 26, 2017

C 5

I have not written a story in about a year. However, about a month ago the LSF (linked in the margin) which also houses a lot of my work, ran another of their writing challenges. This time around the theme was "Revenge". As soon as I saw it, I rolled my eyes at the probable result: story after story of some slight that prompts retaliation directed at a woman's bottom.

I know that the vast audience of the LSF consists of mostly men....but a fair amount of women too, who are M/f in their leanings, often have no actual experience or outlet for their desires, and read spanking stories as a means to kinky satisfaction. Put more bluntly: guys go there to pull up a story and jerk off.

Given these conditions, my mischievous mind immediately began to ponder how I might write a story that satisfied all of the conditions of the contest in such a way as to end up as a work of some quality and yet offer no such sexual gratification and perhaps even piss off those who came looking for it. If you look at the poor showing, (I did not even place in the top 6 out of 49) and read some of the comments it garnered, you will see I succeeded.

The story is now available to read at my main website, but for convenience I have linked it here as well. It is called "C 5" (click to read) and it is essentially a M/f piece set in Victorian times. I also wrote it just around Halloween......but that is the only hint you're 
getting LOL.

I hope you choose to give it a try......unless you too are just looking for something to jerk off to. 


  1. Nah, I prefer jerking off to videos. Must have over 40 stored on my phone.
    Or F/m spanking pix on tumblr.
    Or the throbbing in my bottom after a hard spanking from Merry.
    Prose doesn't do it for me.
    I like to write my own (spanking fiction), but it's usually just to exorcise the demons of fantasy bouncing through my head, never really intending to share it with anyone.

    1. So if you don't read prose for that reason you might well enjoy the story.

  2. I enjoyed the story, but obviously not for prurient reasons.

    1. Thank you, Merry. It is admittedly not intended as a masturbatory aid.

      Much like this blog.