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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


That's what I'll be starting today, but before I do, here are a few kinky-themed Thanksgiving images to amuse. (They are far too goofy to titillate!)  First, into the stocks with you!

Cute, but silly vintage nonsense. The only way the captive would be stuck in these stocks would be if she was holding her coffee cup and didn't want to spill any.

Only slightly better, the art here is well done but the lady's outfit is totally inaccurate. She looks more like a French Maid in a long skirt.

And now for an example of the oppression of Native Americans by whites. But wait....they are BOTH white! Hey!
Obviously being spanked for insensitive "cultural appropriation"....and for getting one's cheesy costume at "Party City".

Something for the M/f-lovers out there. Perhaps it was the swapping of partners that led to the tensions between colonists and natives later on? (Oh and I LOVE the "WTF? Turkeys" in the background and foreground.)

While you would think I'd love the bi-cultural, Femdom aspect to this, I have a personal dislike of the whole "gigantic Amazon/miniature male" fetish genre. I don't know why. I'm cool with other people enjoying these pictures of course, but I find myself actually feeling annoyed when I see one. The only artist that manages to pull it off really well is Namio Harukawa and I think it's because his size discrepancies are within the realm of believability.

Now off to start prepping! 


  1. Thanks for the pics! And happy cooking. Hope u have a great thanksgiving!

    1. You're welcome. You too. I am already making progress.....except I now have to run out for brown sugar because I can't find what I was sure I had anywhere! ARGHHHH! ;-)

  2. Obviously the two women in pic #3 aren't both white. The girl getting spanked is definitely a "redskin". At least part of her is... ;-)