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Friday, November 24, 2017

Fair is fair

In light of all the allegations of sexual misconduct flying around, the question of resignation seem to continually pop up. It's a valid question, especially when weighing the severity of the accusations, the believability (why does spellcheck think I keep misspelling this word?) of the accusers, and the record of the accused. One disappointing addition to the fold has been Senator (and former comedian) Al Franken. As a professed Independent, I suppose it is only fair that I address my feelings on whether Franken should resign.

For me, there are several issues at play here. One of course, is consistency. So I suppose that if we are going to adopt a "zero tolerance" policy towards any sort of sexual misconduct, then Franken, should consider resignation. But remember I did say this needs to be consistent, and given this: (link) I would suggest Franken submit his resignation no more than 24 hours after Trump tenders his own. 

But if Trump stays put? Well then I be fair.......Franken should stay put as well. (Besides, his effective grilling of people like Jeff Sessions has made me almost forgive him for doing that Stuart Smalley character years ago.......almost. Maybe if we give him more time, he can actually erase those painful memories?)


  1. I admit to being bowled over by the sheer volume of sexual harassment accusations. I'm apparently in a boring part of a boring profession. I don't personally think Franken should resign, and I don't think Trump should either. The issue to me is why 50% of the electorate voted for trump *in spite of* not only such allegations but in spite of his own words. My guess is Franken also will ride this out. Then there are the Joe Bartons and Roy Moores of the world, for whom I really do reserve a special place in hell. The hypocrisy of their moral preachiness just makes want to hurl.

    While I could be wrong, I think the fact that Trump *did* get elected makes it doubtful that this will be a watershed moment in the way some are predicting. Those doing the predicting are basically the media and liberal politicians, i.e. the exact same people who predicted Trump was toast after the Access Hollywood recording leaked. I think people just massively under-estimate the extent to which many people, including a majority of women, just dismiss this stuff with a "boys will be boys" shrug.

    Which brings us to the one that I admit does challenge my own sense of hypocrisy -- Bill Clinton. I've always been a fan, even if I did see his out-of-control libido as a black mark. Yet, as much as I do admire a lot about him, I think it's hard for any objective assessment not to include the title "sexual predator."

    1. All good points, and I don't think Franken should resign either. Trump? Well, yeah. But maybe not totally because of the accusations against him but just because he's incompetent, obnoxious, and divisive to the point of menace.

      Moore is a separate case, which is why I didn't mention him in this post.

      Clinton is another good example of a great topic that begins to head in a slightly different direction. One that I plan to delve into one day. I also didn't go into the Hollywood people because that too will be a topic for another day, and I believe one I will probably catch some shit for. LOL

      This post was just meant to be one of those snarky snippets directed at the hypocrisy of someone like Trump calling out Franken while ignoring his own, far worse, actions.

    2. I totally agree Trump should resign, just not for something that was well-known at the time he was elected, yet people marked the box for him anyway. And when I say he should "resign," I mean "resign" then report to jail!

  2. It seems anyone with half a mind would see that if Franken goes down, it's only right that Trump and Moore go down too. But... well, you know.

    And speaking of half a mind, I applaud you for speaking up on that deplorable blogger's conservative drivel. Even though he doesn't like hearing from anyone other than his two followers. :-)

    1. Welcome, Erica. Thanks for mentioning the recent post that got such a loud non-answer. ;-)

      I traced your name back to your own blog. Very cool. I'm going to have to give it a good looking over. Meanwhile, take a look around and check out some past posts. You might find some topics that interest you.

      I also see you are a writer, so by all means, please check out my work and let me know what you think. My website is linked at the top right margin if you are in web view.

      Hopefully we will be hearing more from you.