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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fun with Trick-or-Treaters

Yesterday Rosa and I both dressed up so we could sit outside and 'greet' the various Trick-or-Treaters roaming the streets. When our clans were younger we would dress and accompany them, but now that everyone is grown, we find that this is a good way to have some Halloween fun on the day itself.

I reprised my role as the "Grave-robber" (who everyone complimented as "Great pirate!" until I jokingly pointed out that I was carrying a shovel and a bag of bones instead of a cutlass or pistol.) I was happier with the make-up this time around, I guess having learned a bit from my first attempt with latex on Saturday.

"Trick or what?"

But the BEST was Rosa's gorilla! She did this costume several years ago and decided to use it again to mess with the kids. She is so fucking ADORABLE in it!

Awww. just look at that face!

As you might guess, we had a lot of fun. People took pictures with us and chatted about all sorts of things, and a couple of young kids gave Rosa hugs. Rosa is very playful as the gorilla. She dances and does that fist bump (PIB) thing with the kids. They love her!

The only downside was a couple of kids took advantage of Rosa's limited visibility to take multiple handfuls of candy causing us to run out later. I caught the one kid grabbing repeated handfuls and even after I said something to front of his parents.....he still tried to grab more. So despite the usual jovial flavor of the day, I did reprimand him for real and his parents seemed embarrassed and said stuff to him too. But after that we just monitored things more closely and everyone was very nice. 

At one point after Rosa went inside, I even filled one of my capped pewter tankards with a nice porter and enjoyed the evening until the curfew hit. Kids ARE allowed out after the curfew with parents, but not too many come around after that. 

But my plan for today's post was not to discuss Trick-or-Treating.......but to offer the next installment of "Halloween Feet". Yesterday we looked at nail polish, but today we will check out some more elaborate 'decoration'......both temporary AND permanent!

Jack-o-Lantern & Bats!

Maybe not fully "ghoulish", but I still found this creepy......and she had particularly nice feet too!

Zombie cupcake? Not as appetizing as those toes!

Happy pumpkins.....they get to hang around a pretty foot all day.

And we end with this one which is just BADASS!

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that I have STILL not had an 'O'! As you recall from a past post, I was technically eligible for one on the 27th.......and, when I asked Rosa about it, she said I would get one. hasn't happened......AND I'M REALLY FEELING IT! It has been over a month.


  1. Everybody together:
    We so feel your pain!
    (Way to keep him waiting, Rosa!)

    1. LOL!!! Like I would look to you of all people for sympathy.


    2. Just doin' what comes naturally!

    3. It's OK, I think it's different when a fellow sub teases another sub, because everyone knows it's just a matter of time and circumstance before the situation is reversed. ;-)

  2. Wonderful way to dress-up. The children of the neighborhood must have loved it. I was in my Tigger costume giving out chocolate bars (Real ones only), and potato chips. and Loot... Our neighborhood is quite old, but young people are moving in, so we had about 25 visitors... (I also taped two $1 bills to a index card, with Happy Halloween, and wrote a family friendly joke on it... I always loved getting coins when I was trick or treating...
    bottoms up

    1. Thanks, Red. Tigger sounds like fun and a lot more 'kid-friendly'! You sound like a destination household for Trick-or-Treaters.