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Thursday, November 2, 2017

More feet

Today is the next-to-last installment of my "Halloween Feet" series. With luck I should have something special for you all tomorrow.......but I also know  'the best laid plans....', so just be patient. And if you have been hating this foot excursion, your wait is almost at an end. (Just be glad I don't have a scat fetish, because then you'd really be thinking that the series was we are going to look at some pictures of Halloween feet with props. 

Very simple, yet cute & creepy shot. Nice composition too.

Here's the same model being a little more playful.

That's either a gourd or the wartiest penis I've ever seen!

Here's  another combination of  both themed nail polish & props.

And here as well, though a little hazy. I guess that's what happens when your eye is on your foot.

And this last photo shows that your feet don't need to be scaly and beclawed .....or enhanced with a Halloween prop to be scary. Boo!


And now that I'm already taking things down at home, here's a shot of what our front lawn looked like this year:
A shot of everything but the graveyard on the opposite end.

Skeletons seem less scary when they are enjoying a beer and making S'mores instead of cooking human flesh. (Every year, in the midst of the overall macabre themes, I ALWAYS include ONE vignette that is tongue-in-cheek. last year I had the skeleton changing a faulty light bulb, the year before admonishing his skeleton cat to not eat his skeleton bird........I even had a UPS Delivery skeleton carrying a package that was ripped with a hand poking out, and ringing my bell.)

The Headless Horseman and creepy scarecrow.

[ The trick to effective skeleton use  is GESTURE! Even the poseable skeletons don't have full to have an effective set-up, do what you need to in order to get them doing what you want. Remove some of the set screws, especially in the wrist, or even break and rewire the joints. Use picture wire to hold limbs in position. One time-consuming but CRUCIAL trick is making the the hands poseable. I do this by cutting all the finger joints, drilling the ends and inserting copper grounding wire into the holes. It takes some work, but once done, the fingers can be bent and re-bent to do whatever you want. And let me say, a simple turn of the head and use of expressive hands with the fingers wrapped around something, or pointing, maybe with the pinkie elevated, ALL sell the pose! Skeletons don't have eyes, so the next most expressive thing on them is their hands. If you leave them as solid, molded 'fans', your skeleton will never seem alive. Just my inside advice to my loyal readers. ]


  1. What?!
    NO scat fetish?
    I just assumed that series would be next!
    Rosa! Another week, minimum!

    1. Tell you what, why don't you do a scat feature on your blog to beat me to it? Then if I end up doing one later, you can say I copied your idea! ;-)

    2. I'm (hopefully) assuming you mean jazz scat, and not poop!

    3. BOTH! I have a huge, hidden photo collection of Mel Torme defecating.


  2. Hey, I wonder if we got our Mel Torme collections from the same source.
    Anyway, I have posted my "scat" entry.