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Friday, November 10, 2017

"O" Update

As I said in my previous post, my series on Juvenilization is not going to run uninterrupted. I will be posting other things in-between. And today I'm just going to share a quick update on the interesting conclusion to my long period of denial. 

A few days ago I confessed to Rosa that I was really hoping for some attention and we agreed that I could have some fun.............directed specifically in a certain favored location:

The catch was I would have to stay locked. Well, it was a very intense experience and given my state at the time, I felt like I was getting close to orgasm even without any stimulation to my locked-up parts. I asked for permission and seeing my very real frustration, she relented.......provided I was able to orgasm with the CB on!

The funny thing is.................I was!

Then about a day or so later, I was still feeling pretty horny. (One stimulation-free 'O' while in a CB, after well over a month of denial, just didn't fully satisfy. It was more like an emergency venting of a pressure valve.)  I asked Rosa if we could play a game where I kissed her feet while she edged me repeatedly with an electric vibrator we have. She agreed. I lost count of how many times she stopped without me reaching orgasm before I asked when she was finally going to let me have one. Her answer surprised me, "you're not getting one."

Rosa's pretty (and tasty) feet.

I was stunned because I thought we had previously agreed that was how our game was to end, so I did something I rarely do...........I begged her for an 'O'. Seeing how desperate and serious I was, she mercifully agreed. After all that edging, I was super-ready and when she finally kept the vibrator in place long enough for me to orgasm? Well, all I can say is:

Definitely a "Top 10" experience. I felt drunk and dizzy afterwards.  And now I have been in what we jokingly refer to as 'lumberjack mode' .....where I just get extremely productive and project-driven. The long wait was worth it......both times!


  1. Mmmm... I'm happy for you! Rosa is a sweet wife to allow you two orgasms in less than a week. I wonder how long till the next one?

    1. Yes, she was pretty happy keeping me denied, but I think even she saw that i was getting a bit crazed.

      As for when I'll get so lucky again? I never know. We don't really plan these things in advance.

    2. Since Chastity is a fetish for us, AND I really enjoy intercourse with him, I've never kept Shilo locked more than 3 weeks at a time.

    3. Sounds like you have a workable plan.

    4. It sounds like you have a workable plan as well. 😋