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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

So what's on the menu?

Today I am going to be busy 'prepping' .....though not actually cooking for both of our Thanksgivings. ( We do one on Thursday and another on Saturday.) As some of you may recall, we like to do a mix of tried-and-true traditional dishes along with several 'historical recipes'. But that's just us*. In my experience,  I have seen, and been to many variations of the "Thanksgiving Dinner" .....often with strong ethnic influence.

But what about other influences? What would being a somewhat kinky person mean for a Thanksgiving? Take this guy for example. He's obviously leaning towards his own personal tastes:

I can't say I blame him on this one!

And here are a lady and a gentleman both offering themselves up as part of the feast:

A veritable cornucopia of deliciousness.

And this guy seems to have a secret agenda.

Of course, as we know from our past Halloween post, offering oneself up as the main dish can end up being a bit less enjoyable.............especially when it comes time for the stuffing:
The cook seems to be enjoying this way more than Ms. Turkey.

And here we have a 'live' take on the notion, only here Ms. Turkey seems a bit more accepting of the process.

I must be a real sicko, because despite the rigors of being stuffed, gagged, basted, and bound, as long as I wouldn't be cooked and eaten, but just serve as a very kinky centerpiece..............there's an exhibitionist part of me that envies theses young ladies:

Call me incorrigible, but I LOVE this shot!

Tell me those white turkey frills aren't adorable!

However, in looking around for images, I did come across a bunch where the dinner prep does not end with mere presentation:

As a gag photo, it's a bit cute.....but the thought of a person being cooked for real has always upset me very much. It is one of my main phobias of sorts.

So when it comes to the actual cooking and dining, I think it's best if we stick with turkeys. It seems some of them are downright eager:

Who could resist an invitation like that?

*For a look at our exact menu for both days, just read on:

Thursday will actually be the simpler of the two feasts, with the traditional turkey, stuffing, corn & clam chowder, sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, mashed potatoes, and fresh bread.

But Saturday is the more 'historical' meal which will repeat all of the above plus: rare duck breast medallions with a raspberry chipotle sauce and a venison stew. Game meats and seafood were a huge part of early Colonial diets although I do like to put a couple of modern spins on some of these traditional staples. I am toying with an idea of my own using some venison sausage as the base for a meat stuffing with dried cranberries, but I'm not 100% certain I will do it yet.

The authentic Colonial dishes from the late 1700's will include mussels in a spiced cream sauce, East India soup (made with consomme, apples, and curry), iron skillet baked cranberries, and mulled cider. 

Going back a bit further, we will have stewed pumpkin......a simple dish from the 1600's. 

And there you have it! 


  1. Some nice pictures , but some are going to require therapy. I gained weight just reading your menus - Have fun!

    1. Thanks, Dave, yeah the pictures run the gamut don't they? Ever since I saw "The Naked Prey" (with Cornell Wilde in Africa), I have always gotten almost physically sick over anyone being cooked alive. I can handle it easily if the picture is obviously intended to be joke, but not if it is intended to seem real.

      You have a good Thanksgiving as well!

  2. I cancelled the idea of guests because I'm recovering from whatever it was that Shilo brought home to me. Just the 4 of us (Shilo, Stitch, myself, and child #4 AKA "Babyman")plus Donna Dawg-Lass.

    Turkey, stuffing(with olives and other goodies in it), gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry orange sauce (made last night) peanut butter pie, and apple crisp, which is a new addition this year. I wanted Brussels sprouts, but realized that I'm the only one who likes them, so no green veggies.

    1. That sounds like a nice menu. I particularly like the idea of including olives in the stuffing. I also like your blending of orange with your cranberries.

      (And I would happily eat your Brussels sprouts. I like them steamed, then basted with butter and seasoned bread crumbs then gently broiled until nicely browned.)

  3. You can have all of your own specific menu items in the bedroom but thank god for the items you made those two days because they were to die for! I don't even care I ate for weeks but it was totally worth it.

    1. Thanks my Little Monster! You know I make sure to have stuff that I know you'll like! (And I'm glad you did!)

    2. It makes me feel special :)