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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Stupid Spellchecks

Pet peeve time!
Yes, but who spanks Spell-check ?*

I appreciate Spell-check features...............most of the time. But for a long while now I have been silently grumbling to myself about the growing number of times that an accusing and glaring red underline pops up, and I scratch my head at the indication that what I thought I spelled correctly is wrong................only to search the word and discover to both my relief and annoyance, that I spelled it correctly the first time!

I like having spell-check on because I am fully willing to admit that I'm not perfect. Sometimes I make a spelling error and more often I make a typo that spell-check will point out to me. But what the heck is up with these false accusations of mistakes where there aren't any? 

I have noticed that they most frequently occur with scientific, technical, or other terminologies common to a particular discipline, but seemingly alien to spell-check. However, I have on occasion noticed that even words of a slightly more obscure bent, or just indicative of a higher than Trump-level vocabulary also prompt spell-check to assume an error when there isn't one. Essentially it seems that Spell-check is a lot like those meticulous but pedestrian people who often end up being inspectors........thorough and relentless, but not too bright.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not about to turn off the feature......but I have learned to not take it as seriously as I used to. I DO wish there was a way to have a little disciplinary retaliation whenever I am falsely accused of making a spelling error. 

* [ edited to add that while I chose this cartoon because of its connection to Spell-check & also spanking......I should admit that cartoons like this are NOT my cup of tea. I have seen SO MANY "boss spanking secretary" cartoons over the years and they all make me want to scream. I used to be an HR Manager. Anything even remotely like the situations depicted in these cartoons would result in these secretaries practically owning the company! And even if I tried to forgive the older ones, THIS one mentions "Spell-check" which puts the time frame well within 'lawsuit territory'. ]


  1. I simply add the words to my personal dictionary on the spell check to avoid that problem

    1. Oh that's just too much work. I use spell-check to save time and help myself out, not to use my time to teach it new words. And it's rarely the same word anyway. I just think a program that has been around as long as Spell-check should be smarter by now.

    2. Spell-check gets smarter via the user (I'm looking at you, kd) teaching it. So, if you think that is too much work, who really deserves discipline?

    3. If every time Spell-check got a vocabulary lesson from me I got a check from "Spell-check" for my services, I'd consider it. As it is, if it was just a word or two that it kept happening to repeatedly, I'd do it. But this is more like random words at random times, so its not worth it to me.