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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

I am really looking forward to the new year in the naive way people look to any calendar event as the magic door to a change for the better. And in that spirit, I am gong to borrow a tradition from the Chinese who assign animals to their years and label the outgoing one with a symbol of my own choosing.

According to this, 2017 was the Year of the Rooster

The Chinese know in advance what sign each year will be. I, however, needed to live through the year to see what 'sign' was most appropriate. And so with 2017 nearly spent, I hereby declare the past year as "The Year of the Idiot". And by that I do not mean any one idiot in particular.....but rather a pervasive idiocy, an idiocy nurtured by a society that has grown to disdain thinking, reason, and factual information. 

John Cleese's infamous "Village Idiot".

The unfortunate thing is that with my system, unlike the Chinese who can rely on the following year having a different sign, it IS possible that 365 days from now, I could be declaring that 2018 was also the Year of the Idiot. But I hope not. It's too cruel, and New Year's Eve should be filled with optimism. So as we usher out the old and bring in the new tonight, let's all hope that a collective light bulb clicks on as the ball drops and 2018 is filled with the logic, reason, cooperation, compassion, and moderation that only comes with a wisdom and intelligence that ......while it need not be genius level, does need to rank somewhere above idiocy.

Ah, if only the change on a clock or calendar could bring about real change in people.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Belated B-Day Spanks

One of the interesting tidbits that I did not get around to writing about was from the beginning of the month when Marta saw me getting into my car and waved me over to her house. I followed her in as she hastily scrambled to quickly find something and then she presented it to me:

The check mark was added after the slip was properly executed.

As you can see, Marta did not fill in the tops section with humorous details the way Ana does, but rather went straight to her intention. But the spanking itself got postponed for so long that Rosa finally told me last night that it was time, and that she wanted to get this checked off her list. Even Marta asked about a week ago if I got her 'present' yet and I had to tell her 'no'.........but that it was definitely coming......and appreciated! This morning I texted Marta that her "add-on present had finally been delivered" and she was as amused as one would expect, responding with a "ha ha" and question as to how it was. 

So anyway, last night Rosa gave me a stingy but mild play spanking for Marta's slip, then took a break to tell me that she was now going to add on another "fun one" as her reward for all the cooking and decorating I did for the 24th & 25th......and how ......while not attitude was much improved over last year.  

This second one was a lot longer than Marta's and got a bit challenging at times, but still was not dreadful in the way a punishment would be. Interestingly, it put me in a very good....and subby..... mood and I ended up afterwards snuggling and smooching at Rosa's feet again while she teased me. (No, I have still not had an O since around the 9th of November.) 

Tonight the flirtatious duo of Nickki and Jean will be coming over for dinner, drinks, and an exchange of presents. (They stopped by and surprised us on Christmas Day for a quick toast and some chat, but had to run out to other destinations. Heck I was still in my PJs!) You never know what's going to happen with those two. So by tomorrow I could have another adventure to write about my freezing, night-time skinny-dip with Jean, and their impromptu pool visit the next day that ended up with all 4 of us swimming naked in broad daylight! (see "3 Coins in a Fountain" post from August)

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Being open......

........means being able to do little things for every occasion that have pretty clear implications. As you know from past posts, Rosa and I are very into our dinners having themes that are expressed through both the menu and table setting. 

For this Christmas, Rosa wanted to go a bit more contemporary than traditional and we again collaborated to that end. However, one of the the things that have always amused our guests are little printed vintage photos we use as place setting markers. At Easter, we use images of scary Easter Bunnies, and other bizarre photo themes, and so we decided to do something similar for Christmas. So Rosa found some pictures she liked and Ana printed them. I made special stands for them......half were painted photo holders and the other half were three candy canes attached to one another. As an example, one of the photos was this one:

The overall table theme was "Cardinals and Holly" with a splash of apple-green ornaments and ribbon for a color accent. Here's the end result:

You can see the photos in each soup bowl.

Part of the fun is matching the photo to the personality of the guest who'll be sitting there. And Rosa picked this one for me:

Since we are open, having this out on the table for my setting was not shocking to anyone.....except perhaps my aunt and uncle......but they didn't say anything.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A "Gift" from my Monster

I got some nice stuff for Christmas, but mostly.......because they are what I asked for.....I got gift cards. I like getting gift cards. But My son got me the best "toy" since he combined both my birthday and Christmas gifts and got me a Museum Replicas German mace! Oh how I would love to carry it around and use it when the mood strikes!

But one of the more 'lifestyle-oriented" gifts......besides Rosa's agreement to the "5 Fantasies" was this card from Ana......and the accompanying slip to go with it:

The front.

The inside.

The card is pretty foreboding and is now sitting among all our other Christmas cards in our living room for anyone to see. And to ensure this prediction comes true, rolled into a scroll and tied with a ribbon came this:

I edited out our real names but otherwise left the slip as it was when given to me.

Between being busy and then very tired and having a bit of crazy indigestion yesterday, Rosa and I did not get to do any playing even though she offered. This was one of those rare times where I simply was not feeling up to it. But we made a pact that perhaps later today when she comes home, that we may begin to deal with some "spanking backlog". Since none of these are 'serious' my mood was more of a factor than it would be if these were real punishments.

Naturally, I will keep you all updated on this and other little tidbits as the week progresses.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


It's the 26th. Rosa took the day off......and I'm shot! I also have the worst indigestion and bloating from eating and drinking an array of goodies. It all went pretty well, with just a couple of annoyances......but that's life.......especially around the holidays. Still, the good far outweighed the rest.

I still have a few cute cute anecdotes to share from before Christmas.....along with some new ones. So just relax today and maybe tomorrow I'll post something a bit more substantial.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas!

I probably won't have time to post tomorrow or Monday, so I figured I'd drag these oldies out for a "KDPierre Christmas Greeting":

I hope you all have a great holiday!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Moocho glassy-ass

Lately my Rosa has really stepped things up in the 'mood-management' area.....most specifically keeping me an eager, fawning puppy-boy! Most of this has centered around the fact that I have not had an O in several weeks. (I could be wrong but I think my last O was the one I described in my November 10th post  "O-Update"......anyway it sure feels like that was my last one!) And given my state, Rosa's daily teasing has wrapped me around her little toe.

Last night for example, she had me remove just the cage portion of my CB and let me kiss her feet and toes while she watched TV and teased me with her hand. What made it even crazier though that it wasn't until just before she had me put the cage portion back on, that she even touched my penis. She just kept fondling and even slapping my scrotum for the entire time.....sending enough sensation through my groin to titillate, but not really over-excite. She intentionally avoided any direct contact with the part of me that most desired it. Then, after a long while of this, for just a few intense seconds, she focused on my hopeful penis and vigorously teased it before abruptly ceasing and locking me back up. 

But, besides the teasing episodes, Rosa has also had me wear a plug during part of my day at home. This also has had a very mood-altering effect on me. When I haven't had an O in a while, the presence of a plug seems to accentuate the full feeling in my prostate. Combine this sensation with the eventual tenderness of my bottom-hole after wearing a sizable plug for an extended length of time......and the result is a very horny and humble sub!

We have several plugs in our 'ARSEnal' divided by shape, size, and material.  There are the  wooden 'bullet-shaped' plugs that require a harness and the glass, tapered types. We have about three sizes in each category. (We also have some commercial, plastic ones, including one that is penis-shaped.....but they are rarely used.)

The most challenging ones are the wooden 'bullets' since they do not taper down but remain at full diameter, thereby keeping me truly stretched back there ......especially the largest, which we call "the squid". The Squid is a true punishment plug that is about the diameter of a soda can at its widest point. When initially inserted it is very challenging, then I sort of get used to it for a bit and it isn't too bad, but if I am to keep wearing it, eventually it again starts to get very uncomfortable. That's when the 'punishment' aspect kicks in.

Not a butt plug, but a real bullet.......but a VERY accurate depiction of the shape of our wooden plugs. The only difference among the three we have is their diameter.

The thing about bullet plugs is that, unlike the teardrop & neck style of plug that sort of lock in place once inside, the only thing keeping the bullet in is the harness. 

As I go about my day, gravity and my body slowly squeeze the bullet out a bit......but only as far as the harness permits. But then, if I bend or sit, the plug is forced all the way back in. Overall we are probably only talking about an inch of movement, but over the course of several hours, that 'back & forth'......even over just a short enough to make me feel like I'm being marathon butt-fucked by a lethargic giant.

But bullet plugs aside, the ease of using glass tear drops makes them the 'go to' plug for most occasions. We have one in each size from relatively small one to a medium one that looks kind of like this....except the cone is more pronounced:

 to a pretty hefty one that looks just like this:

Personally I love the aesthetic of these glass plugs. I find the clear 'window/portal' effect to be very humbling as well. While going about serving Rosa with an opaque plug is a bit humbling, these plugs still seem like they are helping preserve a bit of modesty by obscuring the area in question with their bases.

Cute girl and fancy plug......but you can see what I mean about not being able to see the orifice being penetrated.

Now compare that to this:

A window to the netherworld.

See what I mean? I love shots like this. And when I am wearing one of these I feel very doubly exposed. The width at which one is being impaled is also as clear as the glass doing the impaling. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be sporting one of our intruders in the not-too-distant future, but in the meantime...... here are a few more images to close out today's post. Enjoy:

She seems so happy.

Done correctly, a glass plug in the right bottom can even seem like a work of art!

I'm not sure if her look of discomfort is due to the plug, those heels, or the photographer?

I love the visual irony of this image. The young lady is wearing a thong........which while exposing cheek, usually do a fair job of covering vulvas and anuses.........but not here! In fact I think the thin strap over that glass portal accentuates her exposure.

And here's one for the ladies.........though unfortunately not glass. I have to admit  I am envious of how smoothly shaved this guy is. Wow!

And here's a guy who has a lot going on. 

When writing this post I forgot to mention that we also have one of these piggy-tails.......but anyone seeing all the piggy imagery around here must have figured we would. This oiled lass doesn't seem very happy with her tail though. Oh well, I think even her pout is kind of cute. Besides being a plugged sub isn't all sunshine and lollipops. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas- no stockings

After couple of good days of fun....with no release, I was feeling really horny, so what do you think Rosa surprised me with this morning before leaving for work? A nice, satisfying quickie? NAH!

No, I saw my Honey getting dressed and around her neck was her locket/key to my CB. (Which at that time I was not wearing..................but I'm wearing it now!) The look on her face when she clicked the lock shut was priceless! I'm sure mine was too!


Anyway......onto today's theme. Back at Halloween Ana had agreed to be a model for some very adorable Halloween-themed foot photos. I liked the way they came out and so did she, so at the time I asked her if she'd be willing to do another session for Christmas.....and she said, 'yes'. However, after posting the Halloween shots, only a small handful of readers....out of the hundreds that visit here.............. said anything nice or encouraging. It really took the wind out of our sails. When a person, especially a young one, puts themselves out in view and gets little reassurance, it shakes their confidence and because I'm very protective of my Little Monster, I decided not to do the second Holiday-themed photo session and go through that again. Instead, I think Ana and I will use that time to go for a nice lunch or something once she's done with school.

Anyway, I looked online, and found quite a few images that will serve my purpose just as well. And if they get ignored, it won't bother me as much. Here they are:

As someone who has had their own 'balls' in this precarious position, I can imagine these ornaments could be feeling a tad apprehensive.

A lovely Holiday Gift and a great use of contrasts.

Festive-feet. (Reminds me of my fishing line after a tangle.)

Awwww, come on.......I think the two little cuties on the end deserve stars too!

It seems like that candle is there to keep the model's foot at the desired angle.

You rarely see cute foot photos featuring unpolished nails, so THIS shot really appealed to me! Despite my posts with painted toenails, personally I prefer the natural look.

This has to be my personal favorite!

I'll choose the toes over the candy as my preferred treat.

I love the playfulness of this scene, but I would have slid the house over to the left and centered it under the canopy of toes.

I wonder if the tinsel is scratchy or if it tickles?

Ahhh, warming one's toe-captured balls by the fire.......such a quaint Holiday tradition!......or should be!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Pre-Christmas treats

Rosa and I finally had a day where we got to spend some quality time together.It was much needed. It began in the morning with a nice "O" for Rosa and some extended teasing for me.......all while enjoying my Honey's warm, wiggly toes and captivating backside.

After some teasing, I was feeling very close to an O myself, and as per our rules, I informed Rosa of this..........more than half expecting her to say, "it's OK, you can have one," only to hear her say that she wanted me to remain O-less........and mushy, compliant, and attentive instead of all contented and distant. And then she promised me more 'treats' later......IF I behaved like a calm, good, boy all day. Well, that strategy certainly worked!

We had one of our best days in recent weeks, and she remained true to her promise. I got to spend some more quality time with her charming assets before going to sleep.......even though Os for me were still not on the menu.


Rosa and I also talked about presents for everyone and after we had settled things for family and friends, I got up the nerve to share my request for the "5 Fantasy Adventures" from her. (I discussed this in a recent post) At first she thought I wanted her to come up with the ideas, and since she prefers to pick and choose from the ideas and suggestions I come up with, she was reluctant to agree, but once I explained that the ideas would be mine........pending her approval..... Rosa teased me about it, but agreed with an evil smile.

The thing is, at this point in my life, I want to have memorable, exciting EXPERIENCES more than accumulating more 'stuff'. And sexy gifts have the advantage of being much more personal.........and a lot less expensive!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Nativity naivete

At about this time most Metro East Coasters embark on a traffic-laden pilgrimage up or down 49th or 50th Streets to 45 Rockefeller Plaza to behold with childlike wonder the glitzy glory of the Rockefeller Center Tree. The multi-colored radiance of the evergreen behemoth seems to energize (or re-energize) their Holiday Spirits. But not me.

Atheist that I am, I am a sucker for this angel-bedecked Christmas Tree.......

........and most especially for the collection of baroque Nativity figures surrounding its base.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Neapolitan Christmas Tree" and creche figurines.

But don't take this as some sign that I am on the verge of conversion. Remember I have also admitted being a great lover of religious music. And nothing beats the ales made by Trappist Monks! So no, I just love the beauty of this ornate layout in the same way I love the layout of Tim Burton's 'Christmas Town'......

...which, if you have read up on the current findings by Bible scholars, is probably just as authentic as those rustic stables, trumpeting angels, and adoring monarchs. Don't gasp, it's true. You can look it up if you like. The whole traditional Nativity scene as we know it is the result of centuries of embellishment upon an incorrect translation of what a 0 BCE/CE "inn" was and where the resulting "manger" would have been. (Hint: It wasn't an outdoor stable, but probably the basement area of an already-full relative's home where animals were brought in for the evening.) But where's the charm in that? Something like this is much nicer:

Not 100%, but VERY close to the nativity I grew up with.

And as an artist, the notion of taking liberties with the truth to tell a more interesting or pleasing tale, is not completely reprehensible. So it isn't surprising that other ethnicities have taken the "classical" misrepresentation of the Nativity and misrepresented it even fit their cultures. In Peru for example you can find 'retablo' Nativities:

I mean if Europeans can have a lily-white blonde Jesus, why can't South Americans have an Andean one?

The question then becomes 'how far are you willing to go?' In the case of this Irish Nativity, the answer is......pretty far:

I have to admit that this Gaelic gathering made me so ethnically jealous that I searched hard to find a Polish equivalent. (Of course my fear was that a Polish Nativity would feature Jesus wrapped in a bowling shirt, and contain no shepherds or Magi.....since they would have no doubt gotten lost along the way.) But ultimately I did find something very Polish .........................and probably quite tasty:

And as long as we're taking liberties, why limit the alterations to ethnicity? Why can't monsters have a nice manger scene?

To be honest, about 9 years ago I had this idea to make a "Zombie Nativity" but had difficulty in finding the right base figurines to work from. Time went by and then? Someone else had the same idea and got famous for putting it out on their lawn:

I'm so fucking jealous!

Of course, one need not be elaborate to be original. Consider the simplicity of this Nativity:

Too austere for you? No can always dress things up a bit:

Not a soda drinker? Still no problem:

But for a true Nativity buff, what could be better than being your own Nativity.......and in the buff?

It looks like these boys have "un-donned their gay apparel". 
 (Oh come on....don't be so shocked.......even the bible indicates that Jesus had two daddies.)

Still maybe a more hetero approach is in order? And so I leave you all with this:

Here's to getting a little piece on Earth and good will towards everybody!
(But hey gang.......take that party down to the basement where it belongs, OK?)