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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas- no stockings

After couple of good days of fun....with no release, I was feeling really horny, so what do you think Rosa surprised me with this morning before leaving for work? A nice, satisfying quickie? NAH!

No, I saw my Honey getting dressed and around her neck was her locket/key to my CB. (Which at that time I was not wearing..................but I'm wearing it now!) The look on her face when she clicked the lock shut was priceless! I'm sure mine was too!


Anyway......onto today's theme. Back at Halloween Ana had agreed to be a model for some very adorable Halloween-themed foot photos. I liked the way they came out and so did she, so at the time I asked her if she'd be willing to do another session for Christmas.....and she said, 'yes'. However, after posting the Halloween shots, only a small handful of readers....out of the hundreds that visit here.............. said anything nice or encouraging. It really took the wind out of our sails. When a person, especially a young one, puts themselves out in view and gets little reassurance, it shakes their confidence and because I'm very protective of my Little Monster, I decided not to do the second Holiday-themed photo session and go through that again. Instead, I think Ana and I will use that time to go for a nice lunch or something once she's done with school.

Anyway, I looked online, and found quite a few images that will serve my purpose just as well. And if they get ignored, it won't bother me as much. Here they are:

As someone who has had their own 'balls' in this precarious position, I can imagine these ornaments could be feeling a tad apprehensive.

A lovely Holiday Gift and a great use of contrasts.

Festive-feet. (Reminds me of my fishing line after a tangle.)

Awwww, come on.......I think the two little cuties on the end deserve stars too!

It seems like that candle is there to keep the model's foot at the desired angle.

You rarely see cute foot photos featuring unpolished nails, so THIS shot really appealed to me! Despite my posts with painted toenails, personally I prefer the natural look.

This has to be my personal favorite!

I'll choose the toes over the candy as my preferred treat.

I love the playfulness of this scene, but I would have slid the house over to the left and centered it under the canopy of toes.

I wonder if the tinsel is scratchy or if it tickles?

Ahhh, warming one's toe-captured balls by the fire.......such a quaint Holiday tradition!......or should be!


  1. Hello!

    I actually enjoyed Ana's Halloween feet! Did I miss her Christmas feet?

    1. Hi my dear. Good to see you back!

      Ana's Halloween feet got 200 views and comments from just you, Shilo, and Tomy.......all of which were appreciated. Dan chimed in later to explain that "feet just aren't his thing".....which I fully understand as well.

      But out of 200 views, there had to be more than 3 people who did like what they saw? But, since without comments, we'll never know, I elected to NOT do another round of pictures with my Monster. (I picked her up from school today and informed her of my decision and why....and how we'd do a buddy-lunch in place of a photo shoot and she agreed.)

      If visitors don't respect the feelings of the people who voluntarily do nice things for this blog, they're going to have to realize that future efforts are going to suffer.

    2. Thank you Merry!! You just warmed my heart :)

  2. Replies
    1. ;-) My guess is with this crowd, they'd enjoy it......and continue not to comment to invite more paddlings in the future.

  3. My apologies I read your blog regularly but do not post much for a couple of reasons. I enjoy many of your posts but get turned off when politics are mentioned. I am sorry for not letting Ana how much I enjoyed the photos and would have liked to kiss her beautiful feet. Please accept and pass on my apologies. Thank you for your great blog.

    1. Hi, Joe. Apology accepted.....and I will certainly tell Ana that you commented. She's home now, (but still asleep right now I think) and my guess is that she will respond.

      As for the politics issue.......on one hand I fully understand. Really. (Especially if I am perhaps voicing a view that runs counter to yours.) But if you saw my November post "More to Life" you can read exactly why I sometimes write about political or social topics.

      But if you like what I do here other than those occasional posts, just avoid them. No sense getting yourself aggravated.....and I won't be offended that your read and commented on a post about a discipline session but didn't comment on one concerning some recent legislation or whatever. I just feel I like having an outlet for all sorts of topics here, and to me politics is a part of life.....and while I love to debate issues....even vigorously.......unless someone espouses some hateful viewpoint, I have been around long enough to know how to 'argue' and still remain friends. (But that does require that the other person has that same desire.) Hell.....I have my uncle over a lot.....and we get along pretty well......but politically? LOL You couldn't GET more opposite!

      (Actually your comment has given me an idea for a future post!)

      Anyway....thanks for commenting. ALL views and opinions are welcome when expressed as sincerely as yours was.

    2. I too enjoy a good debate and can disagree while remaining friends. I will at some point do so with you.For now thank you for your many great posts which given much enjoyment.

    3. Aw Joe! Thank you!!! Maybe in the future, there will be another chance for a feet showcase!