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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dear Santa:

It's the time for Christmas lists and given the nature of this blog, mine is divided into three categories of wishes: reasonable wishes, feasible though perhaps unlikely wishes,and just for fun, utterly impossible though interesting fantasy wishes.

Realistically, I intend to ask Rosa if she would give me 5 fantasy vouchers for adventures through the upcoming year. I'm hoping she likes the idea.

As for things that I would rather not ask for, but would love to get would be a promise to ramp up our FLR/DD, perhaps with a repeat of last year's committee close-out/warning punishment that included input from Ana, Nickki, and Marta?

Perhaps another part of that intensified regimen would be a more frequent offer of this.....

......or these........

......... to keep me in a subby mindset?

And what better way to keep me in the right frame of mind  to appreciate my Honey than a rather long imposed period of......

......? A really lengthy period of denial.......of say between 3 to 6 months..... is probably something Rosa would quite happily do if I asked, but it would be so much better if it was her idea and decision. A long period like that is difficult, and a bit scary, but I think I could benefit from it. The thing is, it makes a huge difference knowing that the party imposing the denial thinks so too, and has the confidence to do it. 

As for wishes that could come true but easily might not, I would love if my co-disciplinarians (again, Ana, Nickki, & Marta) all took greater advantage of their authority through the year. The recent incident with Nickki, as simple as it was, reminded me of how much I appreciate trusted, loving, but genuine discipline from certain key people whose personal confidence and strength I admire. 

This past year has seen great strides in this area. Ana has always been pretty confident as you all know from reading her comments here. But even my Little Monster would be welcome to step up her strictness a bit. She still seems to need a nudge or suggestion from me to take full advantage of her authority and on one hand that's a good thing, but she is no kid anymore, and I know she has been upset with me more times than she's ever issued a slip. Maybe Santa will whisper some encouragement in her ear this Christmas?

The same is true for Nickki and Marta.......both seem to like knowing they have real authority, but each also seems to respond best with a suggestion from Rosa or me. The thing is that both Rosa and I would BOTH welcome more involvement from them. The green light is on. Just a more frequent and casual dispensing of these.......or a text....... all it would take.....even if direct 'hands-on' involvement isn't their thing.

We also have a standing offer of 'witness privileges' with a special birthday offer to Nickki in particular. I'd hope that it gets to happen since the idea came from a comment Nickki made here a while back. 

Of course on a fun side, how cool would a 'Girls Night' be with the right guests (Ana would not be on this guest list obviously) and a CFNM me as server? LOL

Even better with me locked in my CB!

With this inevitable conclusion.

As for pure magical fantasy, too bad Santa's elves didn't invent an instant but temporary 'age regressor'! 

When Rosa calls me for a real punishment, mentally I often feel like I have been transformed back to a naughty boy. But my physical size and appearance remains that of a 58 year old man. Imagine being called in and have this 'age regressor' pointed at you and 'poof'! instant naughty boy.

Somehow I find the idea of retaining my adult mind while my body youthens to be oddly appealing. I am so much bigger than Rosa......and older. And my butt has been toughened by years of spanking.To have her press some button that would allow her to hoist me easily over her lap and spank a much more tender least on certain occasions........might be very interesting.

And while we are at it........hey Santa, I know it's not kinky, about this?


  1. here's hoping that some of your wishes come true at least.. and i can hope for that last one too, altho i must say i'm not as invested seeing as how i'm on the other side of the globe.

    1. Thank you my new friend! I hope your wishes come true as well. I'm sincerely very glad you joined our little group here.

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    1. Previous comment deleted for not following either of the two little rules for commenting.