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Monday, December 11, 2017

"Friendly" Punishment

As I mentioned in a past post, I actually did have some interesting 'adventures' around the time of my birthday at the beginning of the month. I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to write about them. My mood has improved and so I will now relate a true incident that happened between me and my dear friend (and other person with punishment authority) Nickki. 

Just before my birthday I got this playful text from Nickki:

I think someone is going to be turning a year older soon. Who could that be? ME? Who knows? We'll just have to wait and see. Lolololo

I found the note to be cute and was thinking she was going to follow it up with something on my birthday itself, but I was also in a kind of odd and distant mood when I got it, and just chose to not respond to it. I just figured I'd respond when her actual birthday greeting came. Obviously, given the spirit of the note, I should have texted back something.

When I got no follow-up on my birthday, I figured maybe my non-response was taken more dismissively than I intended and I sent a note of my own. The following is a very lightly edited transcript of what ensued. I started by trying to test the waters:

Me: Hey my love.....didn't you figure out whose birthday yet? (wink emoji)

Nickki: You turkey, you didn't respond to me for two days. Jean said she sent my boyfriend birthday wishes through messenger. I told her my boyfriend ignored me.

Obviously I had underestimated Nickki's feelings on the matter. I tried to just explain my lack of response as something innocent and then added a tease about being naughty.

Me: I was waiting for the follow-up! Sorry my honey.

Well you can always tell Rosa I was naughty. (wink emoji + kiss emoji)

Nickki's response was blunt, immediate, and a bit unexpected. 

Nickki:  I will !!!!!!!!

I'll text her today

As interesting as her reaction was, I truly thought she'd reply with a teasing, "I should" not a determined "I will" with multiple exclamation points.

Me: But you never actually did send me an actual birthday greeting. (sad emoji)

Nickki: I know!!!!! And now you're going to have to wait until I get over my pain and then I'll shower you with love and affection.

Me: I see. Well what can I say?

Nickki: Text me when Rosa is done with you. I just called her and left a text.

Me: Ok

She said she "is cutting fucking pork, not pork. 'Fucking pork' for breakfast" and she will call you when she can. (tears of laughter emoji)

Nickki: Lololol  I anticipate her call.

Me: (blue heart emoji)

Nickki: No no no, don't try to love me now.

Me: Isn't that what all guilty boys try to do? (kiss emoji)

Nckki: Yes. Lololol Suckup

Me: Well now I am not sure if I love you in spite of being 'in trouble' or more BECAUSE I am in trouble? (wink emoji)

You are sexy when you get tough.(wink emoji)

Nickki: Hahaha I think more for the latter.

You made my morning, Thank u, 'KDP'. Should I reduce your number? Nah

Me: (scream emoji)

After the call, I informed Rosa on why Nickki was trying to get ahold of her and Rosa reminded me that she had told me that I should have responded to the initial text and that it was both mean and a bit stupid not to. So Rosa was firmly on Nickki's side. When they did finally communicate through a couple of texts, Rosa showed me Nickki's recommendation for me:  "Please give him 75 lashes".  Rosa however, had some thoughts of her own......especially since she had also told me to text Nickki back and I didn't. 

So Rosa told me that I would get a punishment spanking wherein both Nickki's and her own added amount would be combined into a pretty substantial punishment. Later when I was across Rosa's lap she asked me if I had anything to say and I sheepishly admitted my fault in the situation and even confessed that I felt guilty that there was indeed some inexplicable spite in my not sending a reply right away.

The spanking itself was hard, lengthy and very difficult to take. Despite the teasing undertone to Nickki's texts, the end result was a pretty genuine punishment spanking. Rosa added A LOT MORE to Nickki's '75' and I was a sad, sore, sorry puppy by the time it ended! (Just like a spanked, naughty boy should be!)

I should add that in the midst of our birthday discussion, Nickki was also preparing to dress as Santa for a Christmas Party that evening and she even texted me a picture of herself in the Santa suit. She looked adorable! In fact, I kind of had the image of her smiling self in that festive outfit in my head during my punishment. It added a sense of embarrassed contrition to my mindset.

Immediately after my roasting, Rosa texted Nickki to tell her we were "all done". Rosa said Nickki replied with a "good"

Then I texted Nickki, even though I knew she was probably at her party. I was feeling really humbled, contrite, and subby and as I wrote it.

Me: Rosa told me to send you a formal apology for hurting your feelings. I am really sorry honey. I can promise you it won't happen again. (blue heart emoji)

Enjoy your party, Ms. Santa. I would offer to sit on your lap but right now I don't want to sit on anything! (sad cry emoji)

(smile emoji + kiss emoji)
Here's my adorable little punishment-giver dressed as Santa! The impish smile she is sporting in this shot is PRICELESS, and that smirk with the 'hands-on-her-hips' pose is the image that taunted me while Rosa was roasting my bottom! Tell me she doesn't look pretty darned pleased with herself.

Nickki responded that she was indeed at her party but told us she loved us both and now with my punishment complete, finally wished me a "Happy Birthday"!

I am now interested to see what sort of teasing might come my way the next time we all get together?

[edited to add this: After I put this up, I thought more about how this affected me and when I considered that since Nickki does occasionally visit this blog, there was one more thing I felt worth adding...... feedback.  So, Nickki, if you end up seeing this, here's something I probably would have difficulty saying in person: Thank you for having the confidence to take your own hurt feelings and my admission of guilt and using the authority Rosa and I have assured you of having to address the issue as you did. Regardless of what ratio of seriousness to playfulness there was in your thinking, I hope you realize that I am very much wired to respond to such correction in a very positive way. And while there is a fun aspect to you having this kind of power, there is also a very real benefit to your using it. I for one am very glad that behind having you as a friend, I also know that you have the ability to also keep me in line. Both Rosa and I have not only great affection, but also the utmost trust in you and your judgement. As such, I believe each one of us derived something positive out of what could have just lingered as a random act of inconsideration and everyone eventually got what they deserved.......whether it was an apology  or a punishment.

I hope you continue to feel comfortable and confident knowing you never have to accept hurt feelings or questionable behavior from me without recourse. And be assured, Rosa and I BOTH enjoy having you as a dear friend.....with very unique benefits! ]


  1. Glad to know somebody got a good spanking in December.
    Not me, so far.

    1. Are you still in an unreceptive frame of mind? I hope you can shake off whatever is holding you back. Life is too short to miss out on whatever adventures we can have. I'm sure Merry will be a willing playmate as soon as you are ready. All the best, my friend! Be happy!

    2. I honestly don't think I've ever been "happy". The best I've managed is some high level of contentedness. Which is NOT my frame of mind, lately.

    3. Merry and I are now at least talking about.
      So maybe today...

    4. Great news! I wish you both the best!

  2. Hi sweetie this is Nickki I love this blog who wouldn’t love to read about themselves. Thank you for sharing it with your readers. I don’t mind people seeing my face. I enjoyed my day knowing that one Rosa finished your spanking I could forget my pain but you could not . I love you all. You make me laugh and that’s a power gift thank u

    1. Hey my dear! I'm glad you visited and very glad you liked the post. So is Rosa.

      And you are right about that pain! I certainly didn't forget it that day and well into the next! ;-)

      (I also switched the photo to the unmasked original, since you said you didn't mind being shown for the adorable cutie you are! Now my visitors can see that devilish smile of yours.)